3 Casino Games That You Can Master in 5 Minutes

Easy casino games to master

5 minutes

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Unfortunately, it will take a lot of your time if you want to be a blackjack master. Experts say it takes at least 100 hours, while some other games take even longer than that.

For this reason, more people are scouring the Internet to find quick tips on what is the best casino game to play and master in the shortest time possible.

Several games are easy to master. However, just because they're easy to learn, it doesn't necessarily mean they're boring games.

Two of the three games on this list offer the lowest house edges for every punter who knows the right bets to make.

So, what are the best online casino games that you can quickly learn today? Worry not because we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of three casino games you can master in 5 minutes or less. You can use this information if you're looking for easy games to play, or you can utilize this to help a new player in their online gambling journey.

Small Table Baccarat

Baccarat - easy casino games

Baccarat is on this list not just because it’s the most straightforward game to play. The game also has good odds for punters.

If baccarat were hard to learn, it would not make this list. You can master an effective baccarat strategy in five minutes or less.

Real money baccarat is so easy to learn in 5 minutes or less because there are only three betting choices, and a dealer facilitates the game just like in blackjack, so all a player needs to do is place bets.

Before discussing the three wagers, know the difference between a “big table” baccarat and a “small table” baccarat. The size of the table is not the same, but that’s not the most significant distinction.

Big table baccarat has rules like small table baccarat, but the players are more involved at the big table version. The bigger table games are much like craps tables, where the casino personnel let the players themselves deal the cards.

On the other hand, small table baccarat is on an average table like blackjack and most other casino table games. One dealer facilitates the game, and the players merely place their bets.

Big table baccarat is the version of the game commonly found in the high roller area of the casino.

However, small table baccarat, sometimes called “mini-baccarat,” is accessible where the regular table games are in most casinos.

You can learn either big table or small table baccarat for new players in five minutes or less. Still, we recommend learning small table baccarat first because there are fewer things to remember.

The betting limits are typically much smaller at the mini tables than the bigger ones.

The basic principle of how you can master mini-baccarat in 5 minutes or less is that you can make a wager on the dealer’s hand every time you play.

That’s the only strategy you need to learn and master small table baccarat. This bet has a casino edge of 1.06%, and it's one of the most accessible games to play in any casino today.


Roulette - simple casino games

Roulette may look too complex for those who never played the game. However, once you place a few bets, you immediately learn everything there is to know about this popular game.

The casino's edge is the same on every bet on the table, so it doesn’t matter what you choose to wager on.

The only difference that players need to remember about the roulette game is that a table with a 00 or double zeros has a more significant casino edge than a table with a 0 or a single zero.

Players should only consider playing on a roulette table with 37 numbers and never play on tables with 38 numbers.

You can make any available bet you want when you play roulette, but the simplest way to start is to use the even money opportunities.

Players can choose one of six even-money options. Each choice has 18 ways to win and 19 ways to lose when you decide to play on a single 0 wheel.

Here’s a shortlist of the even-money wager options. They each pay 1 to 1 when a player wins.

  • Numbers 1 to 18
  • Numbers 19 to 36
  • Even numbers
  • Odd numbers
  • Red spaces
  • Black spaces

It would be best if you made a small bet on the space for the even-money wager. Then, players will wait for the ball to land in a specific area. Waiting and wishing for luck is the only strategy you need to know about roulette.

When you’re comfortable enough playing roulette, then you can try some of the other advanced options. But for now, a new player like you should stick with the even money bets if you prefer.

Slot Machines

Slots - the simplest casino game

Perhaps the most popular and most accessible game to master in any casino, slot machines are number one on this list.

If you want a game that you can learn in less than 5 minutes, you can never go wrong with slots. But remember that even though they’re easy to play, slot games don’t offer the best value among all the accessible games to master.

Slot machines have the worst odds of the three games on this list. But it’s not possible to have a list of accessible games you can master in 5 minutes or less and not include slots.

If you want to play slots, all you need to do is to find a slot machine; put cash in the device, and make sure that you're betting enough to unlock all the pay lines and game bonuses.

Then you spin the reels and cross your fingers for a lucky draw.

There is no real strategy to use for mastering slot machines, so these are the only things you need to know. Congratulations. You’re now a slot machine guru.

If you'd still like to know more about the tech behind slots, or you are interested in the latest tech news and tutorials, make sure to visit Technicalforweb.com.

It’s good for new players to learn a little more about slots before playing them, but no additional information will change the eventual results of the spin.

There are many different versions of slot machines as well as many different features associated with them. Newbies should learn every single detail of these features. The more you know about slots, the higher the chances of finding slot games that you enjoy playing.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you can master the three games on this list in 5 minutes or less. We also recommend the game of craps as it offers some of the best odds you can find in a casino.

But if you’re someone who wants to play as quickly as possible, any of the three games will work for you.

These games don’t look easy to master right off the bat, but now that you know some of their secrets, you understand that playing them is not as complicated or complex as it may have seemed.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or someone completely new to the world of online gambling, you can use this list and master these games in five minutes or less!

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