History of Andar Bahar from Earliest Days to Modern Times

Andar bahar history

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Having a deep and long passion for gambling, India brought to the world a lot of popular casino games.

Even though they started as games during several celebrations, people nowadays play them on a regular basis.

For instance, Andar Bahar has been for a long time part of the Indians' social life. With a simple set of rules and a deck of cards, Andar Bahar can be played by anyone.

This article will show you the story of Andar Bahar, the variations of the game, and how it became one of the most played casino online games in India.

Origins of Gambling and Andar Bahar

The game of Andar Bahar has its roots in Indian culture. Like other casino games, it has a long history in India. In the history chronicles, it is written that it started from Harappa Civilization times.

Being such an important activity, other chronicles note that playing with dice even led to wars in India.

Chess, which was known by the name of Ashtapada, and Ludo also came from India. In the past, they were played with dice and helped improve the competitive character of the players.

Andar Bahar being played with cloth pieces, named Krida-Patram, had decorative motifs on them. The models, Ramayana and Mahabharata, developed into the cards we know today with the four symbols.

The place of birth is supposed to be in Bengaluru, in the state of Karnataka, where it is known by the name of Ullae Veliyae. Due to the simplicity of Andar Bahar, it wasn't long until everyone started playing.

Origins of Andar Bahar

Also, the competitive aspect of it made the game a perfect activity even for family members or children. This effortless understanding of Andar Bahar has spread all over the country in no time.


Andar Bahar is a game purely based on chance, or luck. Played with a standard card pack with 52 cards, the dealer unfolds all the cards.

The minimum number of players is two, made of the player that places the bet and the dealer that deals the cards.

The first card is placed face-up, and the next cards are placed in two different piles. The pile Andar, which means the inside, and the pile Bahar, which means the outside, are the two betting alternatives.

All the player has to do is to guess in which pile the twin card -of the first card- will land on.

When it comes to variations of the game, there are several ones that need to be noted:

  • The Turkish version allows the players to only discard one card for every turn.
  • The Indian version has an extra rule that lets the players get rid of the entire hand if they don't feel happy with it;
  • Also, the Turkish version comes with a game over option, where players can be eliminated when they cannot play any other card from their own hands.

When it comes to online casinos, different platforms offer the player the chance to bet on the suit, color, or rank.

Evolution in Online Platforms

Even though everybody loves the game, there aren't many land-based casinos in which you can enter and play Andar Bahar.

Many casinos migrated to the online space, where they developed dedicated apps not only for casinos but also for specific games.

Nowadays, more and more Andar Bahar players prefer to hop on the trend and choose a safer alternative, such as an offshore online casino.

Online andar bahar

Now with instant access and without any hassle, Andar Bahar evolved so much on the internet. Being addressed to a large public, you can find the game translated into many languages, like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, or Marathi.

As for the ones who made the great atmosphere of Andar Bahar into a sophisticated mobile app, Ezugi and OneTouch are known for that.

As the biggest online casino games developers, they didn't disappoint with this one either. Also, many other developers saw the thriving expansion of this market and made modern variations.

Nowadays, you can also find on the internet Speed Andar Bahar, which tests your reactions and your reaction speed. And, if you want to play with other players at the same time, you can also try the Live Andar Bahar.


Without any doubt, the Andar Bahar game is the most beloved casino game in all India. And there is no way to not love this game when it's so simple and easy, with no complicated rules.

In the online community, Andar Bahar already has a fanbase that will support the game.

According to recent studies, more than 15 million people play Andar Bahar every day. So, don't wait any more time and start playing Andar Bahar, the most popular creative game on the sites.

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