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9 Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money When Playing Poker

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9 Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money When Playing Poker

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Poker is one of the most complicated gambling games around. Even with great effort and dedication, it will take you a lifetime to master the game and all of its nuances.

But, you can never become a poker master if you’re subconsciously subverting your efforts with bad habits. Here are the top nine bad habits that are potentially costing you a lot of money when playing poker games.

1. Playing In Over Your Head

This bad habit can mean two things. You’re in over your head because you’re either betting more money than you can afford or because you’re always playing against poker players who are significantly more experienced than you.

Both of these bad habits can cost you quite a bit of money.

If you want to be a successful poker player, you should play in the ranges you’re comfortable with. Ideally, start at tables below your bankroll and skill level and move up as you build up your skills and confidence.

2. Not Understanding Your Pot Odds

Poker is a complex game, and you should understand as much of it as you can if you want to be successful. Betting without a solid understanding of pot odds is a prevalent lousy habit among many losing poker players.

Those who don’t understand pot odds most often chase their draws. This is a poor tactic if you want to grow your poker bankroll over time.

It’s crucial to understand and know how to play to your odds on the flop, turn, and river. This one is similar to sports betting. You always check betting stats beforehand. In poker, you must always consider pot odds before making a decision to bet, call, raise, or fold.

Importance of learning poker pot odds

3. Limping Too Much

If you’re regularly limping with a weak hand and playing aggressively when you have a good one, your opponents won’t have much trouble reading through your tactics.

Preflop limping can produce great results, but limping every couple of hands is just telegraphing your cards to everyone at the table.

There are exceptions in which you can limp in every hand, but the general rule of thumb is to avoid resorting to this strategy too often. Don’t play out of position voluntarily, and you’ll be surprised how much your results will improve.

4. Playing in a Bad Mood

Poker is a fun game, and you should always look at it as such. One of the main reasons you might be losing money is because you’re playing when you’re in a bad mood. Luckily, this bad habit is relatively simple to get rid of.

Simply stop playing when you’re tired, in a bad mood, hungry, angry, or troubled by any issues that will impact your decision-making.

If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to continue playing, it’s always best to walk away and save the money for when you’re in the right state of mind.

5. Playing Too Much Without Taking Breaks

Poker is insanely addictive and incredibly immersive. It’s easy to get caught up in the game and forget about everything else around you. If you have such a habit, try to fix it without delay.

Unlike some bad habits on our list, this one is quite simple to fix.

All you need to do is develop a routine where you’ll take a break and have something to drink or eat every hour or two. Take five to ten minutes off. Just walk around and try to clear your mind so that you can get back to the table with full concentration.

6. Multi-Tabling

Multi-tabling is a popular trend in online poker in which players simultaneously play several tables at once. While this does sound both cool and practical to get as many poker hands in as possible, it’s not for everyone.

If you’re struggling with your results and are multi-tabling at the same time, consider cutting down on the number of tables you play. Focusing on just one or two tables when playing online is a great way to analyze your skills and work on the most glaring weaknesses in your game.

7. Allowing Distractions

Every tiny bit of information you can get on your opponents can help you have the edge and win. If you have a terrible habit of allowing yourself to get distracted, you’re likely not paying attention to everything that goes on at the felt table.

Stop playing music, looking at your phone, or talking to other people around the table. You don’t have to be the nice guy and accept conversation when someone tries to start it up.

Always remember, everyone is looking out for themselves while the game’s going on. When it stops, you can be as warm and friendly as you want.

If you’re playing online poker at home, don’t have the TV blasting right next to you. Additionally, if you’re surrounded by family members, you’ll have a more challenging time focusing on the game, especially if they’re watching over your shoulder and rooting for you.

Avoid distractions when playing poker

8. Not Knowing When to Quit

One of the most financially damaging things you can do when playing poker is to chase your losses. If you’re had a bad session and lost some money, it’s better to stop as soon as you can.

The worst thing you can do is develop a bad habit of putting more money into the game, thinking you’re due a win every time you have a nasty session. Walking away when you have money on the table is a tough decision, but undoubtedly the right one to protect your poker bankroll.

9. Quitting When You Shouldn’t

Oppositely to the previous routine, a smaller number of poker players have a bad habit of quitting when they shouldn’t be doing so.

Although it’s always great to know when to stop, sometimes you should pay attention to your form, mood, and the overall situation, and try to capitalize on it if you feel you’re gaining momentum as the session progresses.

If you’re on a roll, there’s no reason to stop playing. Moreover, if there are any fish in the game, you should stay and try to squeeze out as much profit as possible.

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