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Working At BetterHelp As A Poker Player: How Much Do Online Counselors Make?

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Working At BetterHelp As A Poker Player: How Much Do Online Counselors Make?

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It should not come as a surprise that poker players are mentally tough and can control their emotions. Otherwise, there is no way to reach success in this game.

That’s why we are in a great position to help others who are struggling with these issues.

There is a lot of evidence to support that online counseling can be beneficial for a number of different conditions. This may lead you to wonder if it is good for you to consider working as an online counselor if you are ready to give back to the community.

Of course, this will require some training, but it can be a great experience for you and a lot of benefits for others if you take it seriously. Here is a look at how much online mental health counselors can make, specifically when they work for a resource such as BetterHelp. Keep reading for more information.

Who Can Be a Counselor?

You must be properly licensed to work for BetterHelp, although there are a number of licenses and certifications that are accepted. This includes people such as psychologists, social workers, or professional counselors that have advanced degrees. You should also have an appropriate level of training to work as one of their mental health counselors.

When people pay for online therapy, you must be sure they are getting the best care available.

This makes it especially important to have the correct training and experience to be able to work with clients that you aren’t interacting with face to face and still succeed in helping them as much as possible.

Set Your Hours

You can work the hours you are comfortable with, as well as with the number of clients that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that there is no hourly rate either. The services you offer as a counselor, and the frequency in which you choose to respond to your clients make up a counselor’s pay rate.

Generally speaking, when you offer a great amount of customer service to your clients and can take on more clients as you become more experienced through online counseling, you should be able to make a steady income. It is really up to each counselor to determine how much they will make.

One thing to remember is that you can always ask questions when you are going through the interview process, so you will be able to determine if you will be a good fit for a certain company.

Each company will have specific requirements for their mental health counselors, and you will need to be able to reach these goals to guarantee an income.

BetterHelp Advantages

One thing that makes BetterHelp different from working for yourself or for other mental health counselors is that it is the largest online counseling platform, and because of this, there are many tasks that a counselor doesn’t have to worry about.

For example, mental health counselors can devote their time to counseling. They don’t have to be concerned about billing, working with insurance companies, or even making sure that clients work with this company for many months or years. These things are not required.

You are asked to work around 15 hours a week and to be diligent about properly responding to your clients. The mental health counselors that they employ have to go through a probationary period to understand how the process works and what is expected of them before they are sent to work on their own.

This may help a counselor become more confident in the care their clients are given and will provide a proper foundation to be used while counseling. Mental health counselors are becoming more and more needed, as online therapy is becoming more popular, so it is certainly something to look into if you are looking for a meaningful task after your Texas Holdem sessions.

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