The Biggest Online Casino Wins – Can You Believe These Numbers?

Biggest online slot jackpots

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Online gambling is highly regarded among gamblers mainly because it’s simple, fun, and easily accessible.

But, as far as online casinos have come in the past few years, the online gambling industry is also responsible for some of the most mind-boggling casino wins of all time.

With that said, hold on to your chair as we explore some of the most unbelievable and staggering wins in the iGaming industry’s relatively short history.

6. $7 Million for Rawiri’s Family

Most online casino players that won such momentous prizes did so during sessions in which they weren’t trying to chase any wins. They just loaded up a site to relax.

Rawiri Pou’s story started precisely like this. Before starting his day, Rawiri wanted to log in a few spins on his favorite Mega Moolah slot.

Soon after one of his very first spins, Rawiri Pou’s screen lit up with jackpot symbols announcing he just won an overwhelming $7 million, an amount that would leave no one indifferent.

But, what makes this story even more heart-warming and pleasing to hear is that in multiple interviews, Rawiri stated that he would only use the money to better his family’s life and not splurge on unnecessary luxuries.

5. Casually Claiming $11.6 Million

In 2016, an online slots player from the UK, known by only his initials D.P, won a fantastic jackpot on his iPad device. He made a casual bet of $1.5 that won him $11.6 million in return.

Just like Rawiri Pou, D.P won this impressive amount on the famous Mega Moolah slot.

Although not much else is known about this lucky winner, this win is proof that you can score jaw-dropping wins even when betting small stakes.

If you’re not sure where to play, check out this website to find some recommendations for reputable and trustworthy online casinos.

4. $17 Million on Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights certainly isn’t the most popular or memorable online slot game in the industry, but it will stick in one player’s memory for the rest of his life.

An online casino gambler from Norway landed a $17.3 million main jackpot prize after a night of playing slot games.

Major slots jackpot wins

Admittedly, he loaded up his favorite gambling site one night because he wanted to relax during a stressful university course schedule.

After a session that lasted for several hours, he wagered all of the money he had in his casino account.

But, since he had activated a small online bonus previously, he had a few extra spins left to play with. He triggered the game’s progressive jackpot on one of his last few spins, winning a staggering $17.3 million main prize.

3. From Minimum Wage to $17 Million

British soldier Jon Heywood just returned from his Afghanistan service and struggled with a minimum wage job back in his home country.

One day after work, he was enjoying a relaxing online gambling session while watching a WWII documentary on TV.

During his gambling session, the documentary drew him in so much that he barely paid any attention to the game.

When he landed the main jackpot, it took him a little while to realize he won a life-changing win of over $17 million.

After collecting his jackpot money, Heywood took care of his family and invested a good portion of his winnings.

2. $22 Million on a Mega Moolah Online Slot

Based on the number of players it has made multi-millionaires over the years, Mega Moolah is undoubtedly the most rewarding online casino slot game around.

In this case, this machine was responsible for the second-largest online jackpot in history.

In September 2018, an anonymous gambler won $22.4 million playing Mega Moolah online. It was one of the fastest-won progressive jackpots by anyone, as it took the player less than 50 spins to trigger this massive win.

Top casino slots jackpots

Even more impressively, all of the wagers were just 75 cents each round, proving that you don’t need a massive bankroll or huge bets to win a big jackpot.

1. $24 Million from a 25-Cent Bet

If anyone ever told you that you have a chance of winning two dozen million dollars if you risk just one quarter on an online casino bet, you’d probably call them crazy.

But, this exact scenario happened to one unbelievably lucky online casino player from Finland.

Placing a 25-bet on the popular Mega Fortune progressive jackpot, he triggered the main prize, winning over 17 million Euros (equaling $24 million). This once-in-a-lifetime win occurred in 2013 and still stands as the largest ever online casino win.

The Key Takeaway

The lucky winners we’ve talked about are proof that life-changing wins can happen at any point in your life, often when you least expect it.

There’s no way to tell when this will happen to you. The next big win might have your name on it. Best of all, the only way to find this out is just to continue playing online casino games you love and enjoy.

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