The Biggest Poker Winnings in History

biggest poker prizes in history

The online gambling world is an extremely versatile place: you have hundreds of games form different categories that you can enjoy to your liking. You have slot games, a lot of different table and card games, and various unusual games that you can bet on.

Most people tend to go for slot games since they believe that this type of gambling requires minimal effort while awarding them with the highest jackpots.

That is especially true if you play slot games online since you can always use an outstanding amount of casino bonuses to increase your winnings even more.

However, playing card games such as Texas Holdem poker can be even a better way to earn substantial rewards without depending on luck. Although you have to take your time to learn the rules and perfect your gaming style, your effort will pay off eventually.

If you want to know what kind of prizes you can win while playing poker online or at live tournaments, take a look at how much cash people won in the past. Maybe you will see your name up on those lists sometime in the future as well, but even if you come up short from the best players in the world, you still can make a great living playing this game.

A Recap of the Biggest Poker Winnings

When you check out the biggest poker wins in recent history, you need to pay attention to two categories: online poker, and live tournament wins.

Although the prizes are quite lucrative no matter whether you play poker online or at land-based venues, there are still some differences between the two.

Let’s start with real-life poker tournaments. There are dozens of different tournaments being held all over the world, but the most popular of all is the WSOP, aka World Series of Poker. Unsurprisingly, those events usually award players with the biggest prizes.

In 2012, Antonio Esfandiari won the biggest prize ever – a total of $18,346,673.  Only two years later, Dan Colman won the second biggest prize of $15,306,668.

Multiple other winners won prizes ranging from $2,000,000 to $12,000,000 on different occasions. That is not a bad outcome if you consider the prize pool, which usually ranges from 14 million USD to more than 80 million USD in the big events.

Online poker games are not so much different. You can easily find plenty of players who made the fortune and continue to do so.

Phil Ivey is one of the biggest names in the online poker arena. He won a total of $19,242,743 from 2007 to 2011, playing for cash prizes on Full Tilt Poker. The second-best online poker player is Patrik Antonius, who won a total of $11,315,548 on Full Tilt as well.

Other players such as Jungleman12, Bttech86, and trex313 all won substantial prizes as well, ranging from 3 to 10 million USD, and there are many more that could be mentioned.

If you compare online and live poker tournaments, you will notice some differences. For example, winning big while playing online might take longer than the alternative. However, online poker games are alluring for other reasons.

You don’t have to leave your house to play, and you can do it at any time of the day while competing against players from all over the world without wasting any additional cash on travel arrangements.

Either way, you can win quite lucrative prizes for playing poker, you only need to practice!

In Conclusion

There is nothing that can motivate you to become a pro poker player more than looking at successful players that managed to snag the jackpot.

History shows that live tournaments and online poker games can award you with lucrative cash prizes, as long as you work hard to sharpen your poker skills.

Practice, practice, practice and add your name to the list of the biggest winners in history!

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