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Bingo Players In Poker – What Is It And How To Deal With These Opponents?

bingo players in poker

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Many names can be describing various types of poker players, from very tight NITS who only play premium holdings, to LAGS who are ready to take every chance to take down the pot and everyone in between.

You will find various players in almost all of your games, and learning how to play poker against a specific type of opponent is one of the most important things to reach long term success.

Sometimes, you will find extremely unpredictable players who seem not sure what they are doing themselves, and these guys or gals can be called bingo players in poker.

This means they are not following any strategies, and sometimes not even know some of the rules, so this sounds like an amazing opponent to have.

However, many players fail to make proper adjustments and manages to lose against “bingo players” in poker, so hopefully, this article will help you avoid such mistakes.

Don’t be angry – get better

bingo poker players

Most of your opponents will surely know the rules of the game and probably even some of the more advanced Texas Holdem strategies to back up their decisions. This learning this takes quite a bit of time, other players choose a much more direct approach – to learn on the way.

While it might be a bit frustrating to lose your stack to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, these opponents are the best ones to have.

So why do you see so many angry players steaming after losing a huge pot when their opponent called their three street bluff with an Ace-high?

For the most part, they are tilting because they are making mistakes themselves and are not able to adjust to these players.

When you are up against a bingo poker player, trying fancy moves or bluffs is just like lighting your money on fire.

If you are guilty of these sins, then you have no one to blame for your losses, and the best thing you can do is learn to observe your opponents and then change your strategy according to that.

How to recognize bingo players preflop

As we already discussed, these players purely rely on the luck factor of the game since they do not have other resources, so it is not too hard to recognize them at the tables. When you are playing online, Holdem Manager or other tracking software will instantly show you who these players are.

They are the ones who love to see the flop and will likely be paying a high price even with mediocre holdings.

When you notice this in your games, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and charge them with your premium holdings. Instead of going for a standard 2.5x raise, go to 4x, then 6x, and just see how far they are willing to go.

I have played in the game where I one player constantly called half of his stack preflop with absolutely random hands, so if you are lucky enough to be in this situation, do not stick with small sizing.

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What kind of mistakes they are making postflop

When we move to postflop situations, things do not change too much in their mindset, which is another great thing for you.

If they hit any piece of the flop, they are likely to continue in the hand no matter what.

You will see these players calling down huge bets with weak hands, chasing flush draws without proper odds, and even committing a huge part of their stack with an inside straight draw.

Remember, that time is on your side, and the worst thing you can do is rush to take them down.

If you stick to playing solid strategy, they will give you their money themselves, so always take enough time to think through your decisions. On top of that, do not force hands to happen since your impatience can cost you more than you can gain in the long run.

Do not chase these players and do not try to bluff them, since that is simply not going to work.

They actually are the ones calling down all kinds of bets because they rely on luck to save them, and are always looking for that magic card.

Bingo player play bingo

poker bingo players

If you find yourself in a poker game where you are not sure about the rules or strategies you should be using, you can effectively become a bingo player yourself.

Let’s say you sit down to play Stud without knowing 7-Card poker rules, and just keep playing even when you know you suck at it. Not the wise option.

Even if you managed to get lucky, the skill would surely prevail in a longer period, and your luck will eventually run out.

If you really just want to gamble, you can join casino games that are dedicated to that.

Knowing what you are playing and what is your goal is always a good idea, so if your want to play some games of luck, there is nothing wrong with it, but you should not try this approach on an actual poker table.

If you want to play bingo, choose a room from the list of bingo sites, and have some fun.

You will likely last much longer than in a poker game where you do not know how to play, and probably have more fun as a result.

Never try to change bingo players in poker

The worst thing you can do is try to teach them how to play. If they want to be all crazy and throw away money, leave them this option.

Sometimes it is actually what they want to do.

Maybe they do not care about the money and want to irritate other players, or get that adrenaline rush when playing, whatever that is, just let them do their thing.

If you start giving advice, you might upset these players, and they will decide to leave the game or start only playing solid hands to avoid further embarrassment, and both of these scenarios are extremely bad for you.

So just like playing against other recreational players, let them play as they want and enjoy their company at the table.

Summary: Poker Bingo Players

If you happen to find “bingo players” in your poker games, you should be happy about it.

Even if you happen to lose a huge pot to them in an unbelievable fashion, you are very likely to get your chips back.

Your job is to stick to a solid strategy and let them make the mistakes.

Instead of trying fancy moves and huge bluffs, just let these players donate their money to you. If you play your cards right, you can easily fill your pockets against players who rely only on luck.

If you are not sure what kind of strategies will win you the most, check one of the best poker training sites to build an advanced understanding, but against bingo players in poker, even the simplest approach will work.

Just pick solid starting hands, bet big when you have it, and avoid putting your money with weak holdings. This is your recipe for success.

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