Know Your Bonuses: A Guide To The Best Casino Promotions

best casino promotions

Whether you’re an active and regular casino user, or you simply dabble in the occasional spin from time to time, no one can turn down a promotion or deal to make the game that little bit sweeter. With the online gambling industry becoming increasingly popular over recent years, it can be a challenge to find best online casino ratings and promotions is to help you get better profits. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you find the best bonuses.

How Do You Get The Best Casino Promotions?

So, firstly how do you get the best casino promotions? Even though it sounds incredibly obvious, looking for casino promotions should be your first step in finding casino promotions. Regardless of the casino or gaming destination that you are visiting, it is important that you keep our eyes open for deals and promotions. Certain games, creators, and sites have their own dedicated groups and websites. These are often a key way to get your hands on some of the best, but also the most legitimate bonuses and promotions.

In some cases, you can source the best promotions for your game of choice, with dedicated websites and pages specifically for a game. For slots fans, for example, can offer a range of unique bonuses entirely for NetEnt games. Regardless of your chosen tipple, there’s usually a page that can make finding bonuses simple.

In a similar way to bricks and mortar casinos, online variations will utilize promotions to entice players to play and sign up for their services. Casinos will advertise promotions that you can only receive through a player’s card or membership and online casinos work in a similar way. With certain deposit limits, you can gain equal or double the deposit and, in some cases, even just signing up will provide you with a welcome gift.

online casino promotions

Monthly Promotions

In a similar way to supermarkets and big retailers, casinos promote deals monthly in order to draw new and returning players in. Within these monthly promotions, you can often find ‘promos of the week’, which allow players a weekly boost towards their spins on top of the monthly bonus. In order to receive promotions from online and mobile casinos to top up your winnings, typically you need to subscribe with an email address. This can result in free spins and mean that you don’t have to pay a deposit.

Special Occasion Deals

Casino’s take full advantage of special occasions with equally as special bonuses, particularly on Christmas, Valentine’s Day and New Year. Some will even extend the offer to the week, or even the month surrounding the event, to allow their players' free plays or money to play with. Usually, these deals will include no deposit bonuses and free spins, which have proven to be popular amongst players.

Casino Promotions vs Casino Bonuses

Despite usually being grouped together, bonuses and promotions within a casino are in fact different from one another. Bonuses refer to the extras that you receive when you sign up for the casino, which is normally considerably large. Casino promotions, on the other hand, are typically offered to existing players and customers. The promotion that you will receive will be in relation to your playing habits. If you regularly deposit £30 when you play slots, then the promo that you will receive will facilitate that.

Overall, the biggest difference between bonuses and promotions from any casino is simply when you are offered the benefit. Both offer similar positives in the long run, however, so while there are differences, these are arguably minimal.

What Are The Best Online Casino Promotions?

  • Match Bonus

Match bonuses are some of the most commonly found in the industry due to the value for both the player and the casino itself. These bonuses typically see the casino match the deposit that you play, which will be added as extra credit onto your account. In most cases, this bonus credit can be spent anywhere across the casino, but some promotions may restrict it’s use to particular games, such as poker, slots or roulette.

  • Giveaways And Prizes

Giveaways and competition prizes are typically a common favorite amongst players, usually because they don’t require any initial payment to enter. The opportunity to win a new gadget, a holiday or similar entices players to join a casino and in the cases where a small deposit or play may be necessary to enter, this is a great way for casinos to attract new members.

online casino giveaways and prizes

  • Free Spins

Having the ability to play your favorite slots games without having to use your own money, makes playing even more enticing. Depending on the casino promotion, you could get up to 150, 200 or even 300 free spins. This old trick from casinos works every time and tempts many players into getting started with some of their best games. The thrill of winning money, without risking losing your own is incredibly appealing to most players and a great way to try your hand at the game before investing seriously.

  • No Deposit

This final casino promotion on our guide is ‘no deposit’. If you are careful and take time searching for the right deal, you can source the casino promotions that don’t require a deposit. Even though these promotions are typically not as popular as free spins or winning a holiday, they are still beneficial when you want to try your hand at a new game without spending out.

So, hopefully, now you have a better understanding of casino bonuses and the best promotions. Of course, it can vary from casino to casino as to what the best promotions truly are, so make sure to do your research.