Can Live Casino Games Ever Replace Real Land-Based Casinos?

Can live dealers replace real casino

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Can Live Casino Games Ever Replace Real Land-Based Casinos?

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Online live casino technology is only getting better and more immersive. Even today, the realism and immersion it can offer surpass anything we could’ve predicted and hoped for in the industry’s early days.

This poses the question – as the quality of live casino experiences improves with each passing year, will this branch of the gambling industry ever surpass and replace real land-based casino games? To answer this question, we should weigh in many important factors.

Why Live Casino Games Are Taking Over

Live casinos are quickly gaining popularity even among old-school gamblers. These offer advantages traditional land-based venues and local poker rooms simply can’t match. Some of the most significant benefits live casinos can provide you with include:

Convenience and Availability

When online live casinos first popped up, they captivated the attention of gamblers by offering them the most convenient way to enjoy their favorite games.

They no longer have to drive to the nearest casino, walk through crowded rooms, and lose hours in transit. With live casinos, you can start playing your favorite game seconds after the thought comes up in your head.

The live casino is always available, no matter where you are. Plus, even though the dealers are always sharply dressed, you don’t have to worry about any dress code on your part.

You don’t have to worry about any part of your appearance at all. Sit back, load up your favorite live casino game, and enjoy playing in maximum comfort.

Advantages of live dealer games

Wider Selection of Games

Like those in Las Vegas or Macau, large-scale land-based casinos offer hundreds of thousand feet of gaming space. That said, no matter how big these venues are, they are still limited by their physical size.

This means that they can only fit a certain number of games in their casino rooms.

Online live casinos, like the ones listed on this page, don’t have this problem. Although live casino games are more expensive to host than regular online games, they still have much lower overhead costs than games in land-based casinos.

As they aren’t limited by space, live casinos can constantly add new live dealer games without ever running out of room on their sites.

Moreover, since you’re playing online, you don’t have to walk between tables if you want to switch games during your session. It’s readily available at the tip of your fingers, and you never have to wait for your turn or endure someone’s impolite behavior.

Bonuses and Free Betting Money for Live Players

Live casinos have always had the upper hand in terms of overall value for money. While land-based casinos offer you complimentary drinks and certain other amenities depending on how much you bet, this is not nearly as close to what you can get with live casino games.

When playing live casino games such as blackjack or craps, you can claim free bonus money to bet with, rack up VIP points, and enjoy many other perks and rewards.

Over the past few years, some land-based casinos have tried to introduce similar promotions. But, they still need to go a long way to match what online live casinos are offering.

What the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic Taught Us

The convenience and practicality of live casino games have come into full perspective with the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the virus outbreak, many land-based casinos worldwide were forced to close their doors.

Casino tournaments were canceled, and tens of thousands of casino workers were left without a job. However, the situation was completely different in the online live casino landscape.

Tournaments could still be played using a live casino format, and all of the live casino games were readily available for players to enjoy around the clock.

In such circumstances, it’s much easier to rule in favor of live casino games as the future of gambling. With that said, the conditions will hopefully get back to normal soon and be as they were before the pandemic.

In normal circumstances, land-based casinos still have many characteristics that simply can’t be replicated by live casino games. The level of interaction at a live Texas Hold’em table, for example, can hardly be replicated in the virtual environment.

Live dealer vs real casino games

What to Expect in the Future

Considering everything we’ve discussed, live casinos will undoubtedly have a huge role in shaping the future of the entire gambling industry.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that traditional land-based casinos should worry about their future. The industry has survived through many crises, including the most recent one, and has recovered after each one.

Brick and mortar casinos are still the best way to experience the authentic casino atmosphere. And, although inventions like VR casinos are quickly gaining traction in the industry, it will still be a while until the technology can offer an equally realistic and immersive experience.

The best part of being a casino player nowadays is that you can take advantage of the healthy market and enjoy everything both live casino sites and land-based casinos have to offer.

So, the next time you feel like playing a few hands of Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you know you have the options. It’s up to you to choose between the traditional casino atmosphere and the virtual gaming environment offered by live dealer games online.

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