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Casino Games In Your Pocket: How To Relax After A Poker Session

casino games to relax

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Posted by: MPC Team

It is not a surprise that poker players like to relax by watching the best poker movies, firing up some video games, or even hitting a casino. Basically, doing anything that helps them relax and take thoughts away from the game.

These days, all of this is only a button click away. If you want to fir an online casino, you can easily do that, and you will find even more games than in conventional brick and mortar places.

Most importantly, online sites come with higher payback percentages than traditional casinos can offer.

That is not a surprise, since online operators do not need to pay rent for huge floor space, has way fewer employees and other overheads, so they can give back more to the players.

So if you ever feel the need to try casino games, you can easily do that online, and you actually have a lot of different options, so today, I want to cover those.

Table Games

table games blackjack

Standard table games are one of the most popular options, so you can also play these classic games online, the ones you play with cards, dice, and that big wheel.

Moreover, you can get the flavor of a genuine casino atmosphere by playing in live dealer tables where you get to interact with the dealer and can even ask for advice if you need one.


Baccarat is popular with a large percentage of gambling enthusiasts. This is a classic card game played between 2 hands – the Player and the Banke. If you do not know anything about it but want to learn the rules, make sure to read this article about how to play baccarat.

It is basically a comparing card game, where you must guess who has a better hand at the end of each round. There are three probable outcomes for each Baccarat hand – Player wins, Banker wins, or you have a Tie, and you have to guess that.


You probably know quite well what is a Blackjack and that your goal is to beat the dealer trying to score as close to 21 points as possible in any given hand. That is surely one of my favorite games in the casino.

However, to reach success in this game, you need to understand the rules, as well as the probabilities, if you want to take is serious. Often referred to as the world’s favorite casino game, Blackjack is played at almost all casinos, and this OLBG guide shows which ones have the most Blackjack varieties available and review the casinos that offer them.

Casino Poker

Differently from standard poke variations, casino poker is a card game in which the players may win cash prizes according to the best ranking of the hands.

There are many poker variants in internet casinos, and all of those are played against the house.

The most popular variants are Pai Gow Poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, 3 Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. These varieties of poker games are based on the different number of cards in the game, numbers shared by the players, deck configuration, number of face-up, or face down cards distributed by the dealer, and so on.

Also, video poker attracts thousands of players since it offers one of the best odds in the casino when played correctly, and that is something everyone wants.


The French word “Roulette” means ‘a little wheel.’ This is probably the most popular table game, with the main variants of which are available in French, European, and American versions with slightly different rules.

For example, in American Roulette, you have not only “0” and “00” fields, which reduce your odds of winning.

A constant innovative process is always on, basically due to the current craze for online gambling. During the game, the participants bet on either various groupings of numbers or a single number if they want to go for a higher payout.

It is also possible to bet bet on Black or Red, pick odd or even numbers, and choose low (1-18) or high (19-36) fields, so eventually, it is up to you.


slots after poker

There are countless of slot options that you can choose from, but let's cover the main ones.

The standard layout of a slot machine presents a monitor that displays a few reels (3 or above), which spin when the game begins.

Nowadays, virtual gaming has resulted in advanced software and well-animated video graphics, with plenty of engaging games on offer. Actually, most casinos concentrate exactly on this.

Video Slots

The video slots do not use mechanical reels. They are all about awe-inspiring graphics, varieties of themes, and special innovatory functions.

In video slots, at least five reels are used by each game because there are no mechanical restrictions. Non-standard layouts are also used quite often.

Classic Slots

Some gaming slots are ageless, such as fruit machines, poker machines, puggy. Some online gaming stations are designing classic slots with a contemporary twist by putting in more functions, but you can find these games in almost all casinos.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Everything that relates to the stories or news about online slot millionaires begin from these jackpot slot games. These virtual jackpot slots are keenly observed and participated by thousands of admirers, allowing the gaming site owners to make millions of profits.

Final Thought

As you see, there is almost an unlimited number of games to choose from, so it is up to you what you are going to try.

If you want to give a shot at passive payouts, then jackpot slots might be the best option.

On the other hand, if you want to get better odds and spend more time playing, games like video poker or blackjack can be a better fit.

Either way, when you want to rest from the grind or even studying at one of the poker training sites, these games gave give you a well-deserved break and help you take your mind away from serious strategy.

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