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PR Newswire reports that the gambling industry is on the growth trend. The revenue is expected to rise to $72.02 billion in 2021 from $64.13 billion in 2020. The slow growth is associated with the covid-19 but is also expected to rise further by 2025 to $112.09.

According to market watch, slots machines contributed a total of $3.23 billion in 2018, and the amount is projected to grow in 2025 to $4.99 billion. Amongst these revenues are popular pokies providers like Microgaming $154 million in 2019.

But, revenue isn't the only factor to look for when choosing the best ones. You also have to examine the features of the games while playing in one of the most rated casinos like TrueBlue casino AU. Other tips to help keep track and only play the best from top-notch providers include:

  • Lookout for favorite games with good RTPs and suitable volatility levels.
  • Check for fairness features and third party certifications.
  • Look for creativity in game design.
  • Ask yourself, Is the gameplay fun?
  • Always play any regular and new game releases.

Lookout for Favorite Games with Good RTPs and Suitable Volatility Levels

The online community is wide and varied in personality and game preferences. Some prefer pokies with multiple paylines, while others only require a suitable RTP. It is not impossible to find players that only play action or mystery / romance-themed games.

In some instances, players will only take up fruit-based pokies. Therefore, suitable providers will have a game portfolio that includes a variety of player preferences.

Favorite games for many punters vary depending on payouts and volatility levels. Players desire a game offering a winning chance. If the game volatility is too high in an online game, the winning chances become minute. In other words, you might win big, but the occurrences of such a feat are very minimal.

However, pokies with low volatility deliver smaller wins but at a higher frequency. It helps boost players' morale. Thus, software game providers with low-volatility games are more suitable for your casino or gaming platform.

RTP in pokies and table games

Check for Fairness Features and Third-Party Certifications

Reputation remains a priority for any business-oriented company or software provider. The same happens with game providers. If rumored to produce unworthy games, players would shun or boycott a provider reducing its sales.

In online casino games, fairness means equal chances to the casino and the player to win or lose in a game.

The game isn't fair if the casino has slightly higher leverage against a regular gambler. The outcome can go either way in an equal ratio, and the odds/probabilities are almost identical.

A reputable software provider will educate the players on specific software components that ensure a fair game. Most providers use the random number generator software if issuing their games to online casinos.

However, if playing in a Microgaming casino, all you need is to check the third-party auditing and accreditation certificates. For instance, most providers will partner with iTech labs or GLI.

These institutions test games before their release to determine the quality of the game, gameplay fairness, and random outcomes. With a certificate from such an organization, players can choose a software provider to deliver fair games!

Look for Creativity in Game Design

Players and other gamers should look for game providers that go out of their way to bring a game online that exceeds one's imaginations.

For instance, NetEnt exceeded expectations after introducing cascading reels on slots. Real-Time Gaming, another evolutionary provider, took the slots further by introducing the Megaways slots game.

But, all credit goes to Microgaming, a top-notch supplier and the pioneer of all things casino, including the slots game.

The software provider also made it possible for players to play mobile-based casino games. At the moment, you can play interactive slots of your choice in any live casino online.

Creativity in a game design makes the game launched to be attractive, fun, and entertaining. Also, it provides players with plenty of opportunities to bring home some fantastic wins. An exciting game with minimal winning chances will demotivate the players.

Thus, software providers with quality games must ensure better winning chances. At the same time, the game design must be a stand, including sound, graphics, and game storyline!

Ask Yourself, Is the Gameplay Fun?

Gameplay is another factor that players must consider before taking up a software provider. Pokies have the easiest gameplay method amongst all online casino games. However, some features, including wild symbols and free spins, can make the gameplay exciting.

For instance, a higher number of paylines in a pokie game determines the number of winning combinations that arise with a single spin.

If you are a new player, getting a provider with megaways slots can be your best bet. Megaways slots have multiple paylines improving your stakes and winning chances.

Choose entertaining pokie games

If you decide to play progressive slots from specific providers, you may stand a chance to win millions with a single bet. However, you cannot win without a significant deposit to your casino.

But, with some excellent free spin offers from some providers, you can put your luck to the test. If a provider ensures the players receive a boost when playing their games, it is an excellent choice to add to your game platform.

Always Play Any Regular and New Game Releases

Software providers with recent releases often take advantage of trending activities in the universe. Games have become an avenue for the treatment of medical conditions such as stress.

Educational institutions are teaching students using games to increase precision and stability. Plus, any business individual will understand that running a metropolitan isn't as easy, and you will find corporate professionals playing online games to improve their capabilities.

Therefore, every new release adds a particular feature or becomes the potential problem for individuals to solve or for students to use in learning.

Therefore, a software provider offering new and trendy game releases regularly is a smart choice. The provider becomes a reliable source for new titles and a stable source of revenue for a gaming site. Also, the provider can increase your site's appeal to novice players by increasing subscriptions.


Choosing an online pokies provider isn't a simple process. Numerous providers are offering exciting and quality games. When visiting an online casino, a new player can find it problematic to choose a single game or provider.

However, gaming becomes much simpler and more manageable with a few tips on choosing the best from the wide range on offer.

Some of the best tips include reviewing the payout percentages and game volatility levels. The provider must have exciting titles, exciting and fun gameplay, and the most creative game design.

Also, trendy and new releases from a provider can make it a popular and sought-after provider. Players must always choose providers and games that increase or maximize their winning odds online!

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