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How Does a Coach Impact the Way Someone Develops in Sports and Poker?

Coaches in sports and poker

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Posted by: Ivan

In sports, it is not that hard to have the potential to be one of the top performers. The difficult part is harnessing that potential to allow someone to be the best they can be.

Whether this is in football, rugby, cricket, or even poker, having the right people behind you can be one of the biggest ways to head towards success. But how much of a role does a coach play in bringing out one’s potential?

What Does a Coach Do?

One of the key concepts in coaching is being able to help people learn and better themselves. Coaches can teach people the skills to push themselves to the next level and to see whether they have the drive to succeed.

However, without that inherent drive, it can be harder for some people to move beyond what they might consider their natural level.

In sports, this can see some players drop down levels and go semi-pro because they couldn’t find it in themselves to push forward.

A truly skilled coach will be able to tailor sessions for particular people to accentuate whatever strengths they have to try and paint over the weaknesses.

It’s About Discipline

Much of drawing out someone’s potential comes from their desire to improve and their discipline in getting every last thing they can from their bodies.

You will see examples in professional sports where some stars have taken it upon themselves to hire someone to help them get the most out of what ability they have. Cristiano Ronaldo is a prime example of someone who wants to excel in every possible way.

To help push himself on, he hired former British sprinter Samantha Clayton to help him stay in shape and improve his sharpness.

While he is no slouch by any means, the fact one of the best footballers on the planet and possibly of all time decided he needed someone to push him to improve himself further speaks volumes.

This is the drive coaches look for when trying to help people push on, although sometimes it isn’t as straightforward as that.

Coaching and discipline

Different Coaches Offer Different Things

Even if you look at professional sport nowadays, everyone looks at the notion of a head coach. Whereas a manager would dictate what needed to happen to see any improvements, many professional teams use several coaches to offer tailored training to their team.

Some coaches will focus on fitness, some on nutrition, and others on the more technical things, such as ball control and how players should manage themselves in a game.

The whole idea is based on the principles of encouraging and trying to understand where they might be lacking.

Even Poker Can Be Coached

It might surprise you, but someone can be coached to be better at casino games. Poker, in particular, is one of those where coaches are becoming more common, as people try to eliminate some of the sense of chance out of their game.

They can pass on their experience to newer players in the hopes that they improve while under their tutelage.

Much of the training with poker comes down to working out simple math formulae, and being able to pass this experience on can be life-changing for many inexperienced players.

Whether it is in live poker games or using online alternatives to finetune your skills, you can get a coach to advise you while playing, and they can help pick out any weaknesses in your game.

At, you have the chance to play online poker and work out how to tweak your game to get a better result for your next tournament.

Poker coach role

Self-improvement and Self-confidence

If you know you need to improve somewhere, then it might be worth speaking to a coach or a personal trainer, and they can sit down with you and help pinpoint whatever issues might be plaguing you.

It could be something as simple as a lack of confidence, and helping you get it back will give you the desire to push yourself forward.

With this, you can then focus on the technical side of your game as time goes on.

As far as teams go, a good coach can also help varying personalities mesh together and avoid any real conflict to run a well-oiled machine.

In a way, coaches do far more than just work on the skill. They arguably take the role of counselor and confidante to get the best out of people. Quite often, the best coaches connect with people on a human level rather than just a professional.

It is easy to forget that even the best poker players and top athletes are human, too. They can’t just run like machines all the time.

It is the people behind them that help them achieve those heights, and sometimes that gets forgotten!

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