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9 Tips for Crushing Real Money Games

Crushing real money games

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Posted by: Ivan

If you love online card games like poker, you will need to learn how to bluff, strategize, and more. Understanding these critical intricacies enables you to dominate cash games whenever you play.

However, adopting this understanding of real money games can be challenging – even a few experienced players find it daunting.

Here are some tips to help you crush every opponent you meet and start playing like a pro:

Understand the True Meaning of Cash Games

Cash games involve players wagering real money against other bettors or the house. For instance, chips represent real money in games like poker.

Since these games are critical and enable you to wager real money, it is best to ensure you are ready. It includes understanding the rules, reading up on common strategies, etc.

Having a thorough knowledge of the game you are participating in will make it more enjoyable and help you learn the critical intricacies involved in playing.

For instance, a simple poker guide will enable you to learn about table manners, tipping, playing the game, talking to the dealer, betting terms, poker jargon, etc.

Don't Bloat the Pot

If you have medium-strength hands, you'll find out soon that these are some of the most challenging cards to play.

You need to check if they'll work well in smaller pots. You could also try them as bluff-catchers.

That's an efficient way to use them. Since these cards lose much of their value when multiple bets or raises happen, you'll need to assess your opponents. You can improve this ability by learning more about player tells.

Bet Only with a Strong Hand

If you have a solid top pair or an even better hand, that's the best time to bet. Obviously, having such a hand will increase your chances of winning, but self-doubt often cages players from believing in the cards they hold.

However, it is critical to balance this approach, meaning bet only when you're reasonably or logically sure that you'll win.

Never bet if you're merely winging it unless you're only playing for a small amount of money or want to test the pool. But if you've got big money on the line, then make a move only when the odds favor you.

Know when to bet in cash games

Know When to Bluff

One of the best times to bluff is when you have a hand with good backdoor potential or runner-runner potential, including those you can turn into a strong draw.

However, bluffing is challenging. It requires experience, skill, and recognizing the correct timing. So, it is best to run through poker guides and learn about other players' bluffing methods.

Adjust Your Strategy

If you see one of the players raising a lot preflop only to follow up that move by rarely folding to 3-bets, then you need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Your 3-betting range should focus more on being value-heavy. Knowing how to adjust your planning at the right moment is also crucial to helping you win the pot.

Warm Up Before a Session 

Poker is a mental game, but it wouldn't hurt to warm up before you have a session. You can list down all the mistakes you have made or are likely to make.

Once identified, concentrate on fixing them. By focusing on specific areas, you can improve on each one until you've eliminated your weaknesses. Also, it is another way to improve your playing strategy even more.

Stick to Your Budget

Cash games cease to be fun when you're hip-deep in debt. That's why it's wise to know when to walk away. If you've gone through your entire budget, you should learn to call it a day. It would be best if you did not play to replenish the fund.

As a result, you should devise a plan and stick to the funds you originally planned to utilize.

Sticking to your budget may sound boring, but it keeps you from losing too much money and helps you make informed wagering decisions.

Dont chase your poker losses

Be Smart About Losing

Don't chase your losses. You'll win some, and you'll lose some. That's just how the game works. If you try to chase after every loss, you'll end up losing more.

Knowing when to quit and handle your losses properly is essential. That way, you'll enjoy playing poker for a long time because you know how to handle the game, especially mentally.

Pick the Right Site

There are plenty of online poker sites out there. It is advisable to set yourself up with a reliable room. Go through the website and the kind of gameplay they offer. You can also read the reviews online to know what to expect, including the payouts, payment options, etc.

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