What does it mean to be a professional poker player?

profesional poker player

Anyone who plays poker and wins, dreams of becoming a professional player. It looks easy to be a professional thanks to world championship tournaments and televised events on major cable stations. However, defining what it means to be a ‘professional poker player’ is a bit different than what many of us see on television or read about. Onlinepoker.se did an interview with NeverfoldQ5 to find out more about being a professional cards player.

Topping the poker ranks isn’t easy. It takes many tournaments wins to get to the top of the standings. Players may spend their entire careers fighting to become top ranked. Here are some ways to judge if you are a professional poker player.

Defining a professional poker player

It isn’t easy to define ‘what makes a professional poker player’. Yet, there is one factor that differentiates amateurs from professionals. That one factor is money. A professional poker player has to make his or her living strictly from poker playing. Or at the very least, poker has to be the main way a person makes their living.

Some professional poker players may not be successful at winning money. However, they can still be considered pros due to the sponsorship money they bring in. This can allow them to live the professional lifestyle. The only problem is, they better start winning money or their sponsorship may be taken away.

Other definitions of ‘pro’

According to some, to be a real professional, a player must be recognized within poker circles. This means others on the poker tournament circuit need to know who you are. Part of being recognized by others within the card playing realm, professionals earn sponsorships from various companies, casinos, and brands. A sponsorship means a player can have income outside of winnings as well as possible tournament fees paid.

The daily life of a professional poker players

Professional poker players experience a similar life to any person who is self-employed. According to one professional, players need to invest their time wisely and work hours that suit their lives. In addition, players need to practice to improve their skills, so finding the best time of day to do this is important.

Some pros state they change up their playing hours. Depending on the time of day, there are advantages. Of course, playing during the day gives you the chance to get outside during daylight hours and experience what many would call a ‘normal life’. However, others state nighttime is the best time to play because it can be far quieter to play poker than during the daytime. Players need to determine what time of day works best for them personally and professionally.

Moreover, if you are considering a life of online poker player, you will have to get some of the best poker software to compete with others. The first step for that is to choose tracking software, either Holdem Manager or Poker tracker and get a free trial to try it out.

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Amateurs vs. Professionals

Professional poker players need to have talent when it comes to the game. A mere interest in poker won’t make you a top earner. Entering a few small-time events and winning some money doesn’t make someone a professional. It can make them a good amateur, but players really need to be winning consistently and entering tournaments to make the step up. While there are ways to define what it means to be a professional poker player, there are some grey areas. Being a professional poker player can be lucrative and exciting, but getting to the top level can take years so getting some poker training or joining Lab(complete upswing poker lab review) and investing in your future is a wise bet.

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