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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Poker Mindset Without Drilling the Strategy

Improve Poker Mindset Without Studying Strategy

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Posted by: Ivan

As argued by most players, poker is a game of skill, particularly in the long run. Unlike all the other casino games, where the biggest opponent is the house, in Texas Hold’em, the opponents are the other players.

This means that there will be mistakes, strategies, and emotions brought to the table. Being able to come into a game with a clear mind, observe the other peoples’ game, spot their mistakes, and read their intentions, will put you ahead of the opposition.

With so much information and educational material available, top players distinguish themselves, not just by developing a great strategy but also by learning how to develop the perfect poker mindset.

This mindset is something that requires constant work and an understanding that everything starts from the mind. Your thoughts and attitude affect your decisions, and acknowledging that is the first step towards success.


The first tip is probably something you have been hearing about everywhere you go nowadays,  and for a good reason. Meditation's biggest benefit for a poker player is its potential to wipe away everyday stress.

Stress causes anxiety, unnecessary worries, and a tense mind, and none of those things have a place in a winner's mindset.

Because it is impossible to avoid stress completely, the solution to that is to learn how to manage it and eliminate those factors that could potentially ruin what could have been a great game.

When you meditate, you are able to clear away the events of the day from your brain, calm yourself, and then visualize your goal.

Although it is best to allocate a certain amount of a day to meditation, the great thing about it is that it can be practiced from anywhere for as long as you want.

All you have to do is focus all your attention on the breathing process and then pay attention to what happens to different body parts while doing so. You could even walk and meditate at the same time or reflect on something you are reading.

Focus on the Present

Being able to focus on the present and not allow events from the outside to affect the game is something all top players have learned how to master.

Just like in any job, when you bring problems from home into work, you will not be able to give your best because your mind will not be in the game.

The best poker players seem to always be making the right moves at the right time. That is because their focus is there; on the stakes, on the poker positions, and the stack size.

Stay focused and in the present moment

Instead of stressing over things you can't change and wasting energy on that, work together with your brain to make optimal decisions. The information is there; all you have to do is improve on how to access it when you need it the most.

Of course, that is not to say that you shouldn't constantly be open to new information. Acquiring as much poker knowledge as possible and creating a strategy on how to apply it should be at the forefront of every player's mindset. However, if not preserved, those hard to acquire skills can go to waste.


This process is great for learning from your own mistakes. Reviewing your hands after a game is beneficial for improving your strategy, especially if you have just started to learn your way around poker.

This way, you can figure out what has worked for you in the past to reuse it in future sessions and what hasn't so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Reflection is key to developing the right poker mindset

By regularly doing this, it will become a habit, which will come in handy when playing against tougher competitors or when playing a higher number of games.

On top of helping with your strategy, learning how to analyze your own game will also teach you how to deal with setbacks.

Some of the best poker players out there have engaged in self-assessment and have shared with everyone how important it is for their poker mindset to allocate time for reflection after big sessions.

This is particularly important when it comes to setbacks, which are difficult to admit to and to look at from an objective perspective. So, if you haven’t done this before, start small to get yourself used to it until it comes naturally.

Give yourself some time to rest

Regardless of how much you might love and enjoy poker, it’s a physically and mentally tasking game. If you spend several hours every day playing and studying the game, the odds are, you’ll start to feel tired and overwhelmed.

This is perfectly natural, and it's something all poker players have to deal with. Don’t think that these feelings somehow indicate that you’re not up to the task.

Importance of resting to improve your poker mindset

Instead, give yourself some time to rest, doing other activities that you enjoy and that have nothing to do with poker. Take a full day or two off here and there and completely free your mind of poker-related thoughts.

Doing this will help rekindle your passion for the game and allow any negative emotions to reset. When you do come back, you’ll be ready once again to bring your best game and enjoy the time spent at the tables.

Finding the Best Rooms & Games

Last but not least, it is important to acknowledge that there are many platforms out there with equally as many games. In order to find the best games, you need to first look at the platform that provides them.

With Kalevala kasino, for example, players are offered top-notch services, including innovative features that reflect the high quality of their live poker tables, the latest technology for secure payment methods, and good customer support for all of their players. Other benefits include the provider’s payout rates and winnings, as well as welcome packages and bonus prizes.

Having all those services available ensures that the session runs smoothly, and therefore, you can enjoy the game without having to worry about anything.

Secure payment methods are a must for the best poker platforms, as you can easily deposit and withdraw money. A wide range of games is also important because everyone’s preferences differ.

Moreover, excellent customer service comes in handy for people who are new to poker and might run into issues or just need help to figure out the platform and its particularities.

Achieving the right balance between a thorough strategy and a positive mindset is key to improving your poker game.

Being a great poker player is not just about luck and odds; it is about many elements coming together to create the process that works best for you.

Ultimately, do not forget that although it is essential to work on your game as much as you can to reach long-term success, it is equally important to rest your body and relax your mind.

If you’d like to know more about this particular topic, check out the interview with Elliot Roe, the leading poker mindset coach, to learn how to build winning poker habits.

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