Will Live Dealer Roulette Replace the Standard Online Game Option?

Live dealer vs rng roulette

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With wider accessibility and better technology, live dealer casino games have become very popular over the past few years.

One of the best examples of this is live dealer roulette, which delivers the real casino feeling while providing maximum convenience.

That said, are these advancements enough to completely take out regular online roulette and make live dealer roulette the new standard?

Or, will the two casino game genres continue in a parallel symphony?

In this article, we’ll compare the differences between live dealer and standard online roulette to see if live dealer roulette has what it takes to replace its online counterpart.

Key Characteristics of Live Dealer Roulette Games

Live casino players would argue that live roulette, much like live baccarat and dragon tiger, is the best online roulette version.

While there’s no arguing that live roulette is superior in some aspects, let’s look a bit deeper into the key features of live casino games to see exactly how they differ from online roulette versions.

Here are some critical characteristics of live dealer roulette games you can find at popular gambling sites such as Thabet:

  • More Immersive – Live dealer roulette is currently the closest gambling experience you can have, apart from playing roulette in a real land-based casino. The presence of a real dealer significantly contributes to the overall immersion, as there’s no RNG software or algorithms running in the back of the scene.
  • More Social – Not only is live roulette more immersive than online roulette, but it’s also more social. You can engage in full conversation with the live dealer and even tip them if you want.
  • The Dealer Controls the Game – In a live roulette game, you’re not in control of the pace, and there are time limits for your actions. Moreover, you can’t take breaks so conveniently and return, as the game will go on without you.

Main Features of Online Casino Roulette

Standard online casino roulette games are the older gambling form of the two. So, it’s natural to think that they will get phased out over time in favor of the new variation.

Main features of electronic roulette

That said, to play devil’s advocate for a bit and argue against this point, there are many reasons why this doesn’t have to be the case.

More specifically, here are the key features that make online casino roulette different from the live dealer version:

  • Software-based – The main aspect that differentiates online casino roulette from live roulette is that it runs on software. In other words, there are no live dealers or physical components. Everything is based on RNG algorithms.
  • More Affordable – Online casino roulette games often have more favorable betting limits than live casino versions. The main reason for this is that online roulette is less expensive to maintain than live casino roulette, as there are not as many parts involved in the process.
  • You Set The Pace – Unlike live roulette games in which the live dealer controls the tempo of the game, in standard online roulette, you’re in complete control. This means that you can make your session as fast-paced or relaxing as you want it to be.
  • Quicker – In line with the previous characteristic, online roulette is generally already much faster than its live casino counterpart. This makes them a better choice if you don’t have a lot of time to play, but want to put in as many spins as possible.

Will Live Dealer Roulette Replace The Standard One at Sites Like Thabet Casino?

Live dealer roulette and online roulette provide a different experience, much like mobile roulette games differ from these two in their own right.

With this in mind, it’s unlikely that live dealer roulette will replace the standard online game option.

As they cater to different audiences, there will always be players on both sides.

Some online gamblers appreciate the presence of a live dealer when playing roulette. Others prefer playing on their own, whether they play roulette, slots, or lotto.

Live roulette becoming more popular

Still, this is not a knock against the future of live dealer roulette, as these games are becoming more popular each passing year.

So, while it’s difficult for anyone to say for sure that live roulette will ever replace the standard version in the future, the best thing to do now is to make the best out of both worlds to enjoy the most entertaining online experience available!

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