How to Make Online Gambling More Social

Making online gambling social

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How to Make Online Gambling More Social

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Online gambling is undoubtedly more convenient than traditional gambling in land-based casinos. You can open up an online casino and start playing your favorite games within seconds whenever you feel like it.

There’s no driving, waiting in line, or walking all over the place when you want to switch up the games. All you need to do is sit back in your comfy chair and enjoy the journey.

But, there’s also the other side of the coin when it comes to online gambling as it’s not a very sociable activity.

An online casino can never replace the bustling atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar venue. There is no real substitute for noisy slot machines and dozens of buzzing and energetic players who all share the same passion.

Still, there are ways you can make online gambling more social, and we're bringing you some tips on how to make it happen.

1. Play With Your Friends

The first and most obvious way to make online gambling more social is to invite your friends to play the games you love and enjoy.

Today’s online casinos and gambling sites are so sophisticated that there are practically no limits to meet your gaming demands. You can almost emulate the real casino experience with the added comfort of playing from home.

All your friends will need to do is sign up with the same site you’re playing on, and you can start playing together.

If it’s an online casino, you could all join the same live dealer blackjack table, for example. In just a few steps, you can easily invite many friends and enjoy a great online gambling experience.

Moreover, online gambling with your friends can even have financial perks. You can all sign up for great welcome bonuses and enjoy having extra money in the bankroll you can play with.

Of course, if you wish to play with your friends, you will have to do some research to find the best site to play at. Not all sites can offer you the same quality of service.

In the past few years, we’ve also seen the rise of online social gambling sites. These sites focus more on the social aspect and interactivity than on winning real money.

Social gambling sites are free to play and available to everyone. A well-known example of a social gambling network is Zynga Poker. It's available on Facebook and lets you enjoy a variety of casino games and Texas Hold’em poker, all for free.

2. Play Live Casino Games

Even if your friends aren’t too much into gambling, you can always find players online who share the same interests.

Load up a live casino site on your mobile or PC device, and you’re bound to meet other interesting characters that will love to play with you online.

Live casino dealer games are the closest thing you’ll get to a real gambling experience in a land-based casino.

These days, there is a great variety of live casino sites all over the shot, from newly regulated US online casinos to more niche venues such as 188BET catering to Vietnamese players. Wherever you are and whatever happens to be your preference, you won’t be short for options.

A majority of these live platforms allow for some kind of interaction between players and dealers via online chat.  The fact you can interact with real, live dealers who will respond to your comments and talk to you makes this form of online gambling super immersive and social.

Make gambling more social with live dealer games

It won’t take too much effort to find live dealer variations of casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. There’s even a good selection of live dealer Ultimate Texas Hold’em tables.

What’s more, if you play a certain type of game regularly, you can develop a rapport with the dealer, much like in your favorite casino, restaurant, or bar. This element of interactivity can certainly make online gambling more social and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

3. Play Online Poker

Poker is arguably one of the most popular casino games globally and, as such, is well represented in the online gambling industry.

This is another option you can try out either with your friends or against other online players.

If you’re playing with your friends, you can take it a step further. You can connect a web camera and split-screen the game when playing against other players in remote locations. That way, you'll feel like all of you are around the same felt table.

Play online poker with friends

Online poker platforms are some of the most popular sites for gamblers, featuring tens of millions of players every month across several major sites.

Most poker rooms also regularly organize large-scale tournaments with very rewarding prizes. This leads us to another activity we want to talk about – online tournaments.

4. Sign Up for Online Casino Tournaments

If you like playing online casino games that enjoy a reasonably large player base, you will be able to find organized tournaments every now and then.

Nothing spells social interaction as a dynamic online tournament with thousands or tens of thousands of participants.

Plus, since these online tournaments can last for days, you’ll have more than enough time to socialize and make friends with other players.

These online events often lead to real-world competitions, too. You could also win some lucrative prizes like concert tickets, vacations, and many other exciting rewards.

Additionally, there are many online gambling tournaments you play alone but still compete with other players. For example, you can play a game by yourself and try to climb the rankings leaderboard to top other online gamblers and claim more rewarding prizes.

Social gambling competitions

This is a surprisingly social way of online gambling. It brings arcade-like elements into the mix and gives you a great sense of achievement as you climb the ranks.

Summing it Up

The lack of sociability is often quoted as one of the main disadvantages of online gambling, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you. The simple truth is that online gambling can be as social or unsociable as you want it to be.

With the tips we’ve shared with you on this page, you won’t have any problems setting the right online gambling atmosphere to best suit your mood.

With the technology that supports today's online casinos, your gambling possibilities are unlimited whether you enjoy playing slots or table games like blackjack and Pai Gow Poker.

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