Most Complicated Casino Games That You Can Play Online

Most complicated casino games

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Most Complicated Casino Games That You Can Play Online

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Besides being more convenient than playing in land-based venues, playing in online casinos offers you an equal field of opportunity when it comes to choosing the games you want to experience.

With this in mind, you can play as simple or as complicated gambling games as you like. Focusing on the latter, there’s a good selection of complex and challenging casino games you can try out if you want to put your skills and brainpower to the test.

On this page, we’ve filtered out the most complicated casino games you can play online, so if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, you’ve come to the right place.


Poker is undoubtedly one of the most challenging online casino games you can play. What makes the game so complex is that it's not just about learning poker rules. It’s also about reading your opponents and taking advantage of even their slightest errors.

However, when playing online, this becomes very difficult, as you’re not actually physically near the players so that you can read their body language.

Poker is a game you can never fully learn, as there will always be different things you can improve and work on. Of course, this element doesn’t only make poker challenging but also means that this game will always keep you on your toes and provide you with fun and exciting sessions.

Plus, since it’s such a popular casino game, poker comes in many different variations, some more challenging than others. The two most prevalent variants of the game are Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker.

Both are complicated in their own right and equally entertaining. So, if you’re looking for a highly strategic and very challenging online casino game, poker can provide you with endless hours of entertainment.

If you're looking for something simpler but still challenging, you can always turn to video poker games offered by many of the safest betting sites out there. If you’re just starting out or don’t feel like playing against human opponents, this is a great option.


Blackjack is undoubtedly a unique and exhilarating casino game. This is because it can simultaneously be one of the simplest and most complicated online games you can play.

Blackjack is one of the most complicated casino games

The basic gameplay elements and easy-to-learn rules make it one of the simplest options out there. However, learning how to play blackjack and mastering it are two completely different things.

Your success in blackjack will always rely on luck to a certain degree. But, there are still tons of betting options you can choose from in each round.

You can hit, stand, split, double down, surrender, or take insurance. And, this is just the basic gameplay. On top of this, you can add different offensive or defensive tactics, betting systems, and strategies.

Essentially, you can make the game as complicated as you can handle.

What makes all of this a bit less complicated is that you can use a blackjack strategy chart to navigate your way through all of the possible betting options. These charts include all of the hand combinations and the best move for each one.

Luckily, when playing online, you can count on the aid of these charts, as you’re just gambling behind a screen, so no one can see whether or not you’re using a chart.


Baccarat is one of the most complicated online casino games for one simple reason. There are so many rules to keep track of that the game has a very steep learning curve and is not beginner-friendly in the slightest.

If you want to win at baccarat, you'll first need to read up on all game theory to understand everything going on at the table. That said, if you're willing to put in the effort, this complicated online casino game can be gratifying.

Casino games that require skill


Whether you’re playing it online or at a real, live casino table, craps is always exhilarating and highly entertaining. And, much like blackjack, it can be both very complicated and straightforward.

If you’re willing to stick to a couple of the most basic craps bets, you can enjoy a simple experience without too much studying.

On the other hand, if you want to experience the full thrill of the game, there are many things to learn. Craps allows you to make a long list of bets, each with specific rules and dice value requirements, meaning that you have to focus on remembering everything that goes into the game.

The Bottom Line

The four online casino games we’ve discussed above are undoubtedly the most complicated you can find online. They require you to put a lot of time and effort into learning them if you want to be successful.

With all of this said, one of the main benefits of playing online casino games is that you can try them out for free and practice them with no risk involved for as long as you like.

Once you get enough practice, you can jump in and enjoy the challenge these games come with and maybe win some money along the way. Just always make sure to stay within your bankroll and play for fun, not for profit.

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