Popular Design Features Used by Online Casinos

Online casino design features

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Popular Design Features Used by Online Casinos

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From Las Vegas in the West to Egypt in the East, casinos have captivated people around the world since their creation.

Gambling has been a part of human civilization for millennia. In one way or another, official casinos and gambling halls have been around for hundreds of years as well.

Interestingly, the popularity of casinos cannot be solely attributed to the games they have on offer, despite them playing a huge role.

It is also the design of casinos that has long driven their global success.

People go to casinos to gamble, but they don't go there just to gamble. It's the overall atmosphere of a casino that attracts customers and keeps them coming back whether they win or lose. A casino wanting to succeed needs to create an environment where people feel good and enjoy their time, whatever the games and stakes they might be playing.

When you think of products and services, what usually comes to mind are their practical benefits. For example, when you go to watch a basketball game, you aren't typically concerned with the design of the stadium or what the seats look like. You mostly care about watching the players.

With casinos, this isn't the case. Of course, you care about winning whether you prefer video slots, roulette, or whatever else. But what keeps you animated and coming back isn't necessarily just the game. It's the design and the environment.

From the bright lights to the luxurious tables, casinos are a visual experience like no other. You've seen many Hollywood movies that feature casinos – it's not fiction. Casinos truly look and feel the way they are portrayed. In fact, many of these gambling and poker movies are recorded inside actual venues in cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Online Casinos Replicating the Live Experience

In the modern era, online casinos have largely taken over the gambling culture. This trend has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, which has caused physical casinos worldwide to shut down for a year.

Even those players that preferred the sight, smell, and feel of physical casinos had to turn to online venues. With no brick-and-mortar options anywhere in sight, the only way to gamble was via electronic devices.

Allure of modern online casinos

Thanks to the talent of web designers, most online casinos have managed to successfully transfer the magical design and feel of physical casinos over to the digital world. Thus, when people play on their phones and laptops, it's almost like they're really in a casino.

Of course, replicating a live casino experience is no easy task. It entails many challenges that are difficult to tackle. That said, the arrival of new technologies has opened up the world of new possibilities for developers. Modern-day online casinos exceed the expectations of even the boldest and most imaginative of visionaries from just a decade ago.

Animated Characters & Gamification

Online casinos – like luckynuggetcasino.com – now have a variety of fun and adventurous games that offer players something a little different (in addition to the classics like blackjack and slots).

These adventure-type games often come with amazing 3D characters, which are then used as design features throughout the casino's website and app. The animations help draw new players in and get them excited about the creative games on offer.

This phenomenon has been very popular in recent years and has been dubbed “gamification.”

Targeting a new breed of players, casinos are trying to offer them something beyond gambling. Playing on a casino site turns into a proper adventure filled with missions to complete and secrets to reveal, all in order to continue developing your avatar.

Modern casino desgin and gamification

If numbers are any indicator, this novel approach works very well. Players are developing a different kind of connection to casinos. It’s the one where they are invested in what happens beyond just the financial results. They also care about what happens to their character and how they can help it move forward in the adventure.

Luxurious & Inviting Aesthetics

Online casinos are focused on showcasing the luxury and glamour of traditional casinos (dating back hundreds of years ago). To do this, they focus on a luxury aesthetic throughout their website, achieved through gold animations, bright lights, and the inclusion of classic casino items like poker chips.

Luxurious designs assist in making bonuses and promotions more noticeable and enticing for players.

If you're a beginner, you'll notice that when you sign up for an online casino, you'll be met with expertly designed messages regarding bonuses and promotions, such as ‘100 free spins for newly registered players.'

Most online casinos offer these types of bonuses. So, the real competition is in who gets to present them in a better, more appealing way.

Nice graphics, bright colors, and animated banners all serve one sole purpose: pique the player’s interest and have them stick around.

Since the iGaming industry is very competitive, this is no easy task. Hence, casinos have to constantly come up with better, more innovative, and more attractive solutions. In the end, it's the players who get to profit from this, as they get to enjoy all the perks.


Due to the massive growth in online gambling, the best online casinos have ensured their websites are mobile-friendly. Some even have downloadable apps. This way, players can enjoy their favorite games while on the move and have access to their casino accounts around the clock.

These days, no self-respecting online casino will try to battle for their share of the market without a good mobile platform.

The number of players who choose to spend most of their time (and money) playing via mobile devices has been on the rise for the past several years, and this trend will likely continue. So, launching an online casino without a mobile platform is pretty much a non-starter.

Mobile casino design

In fact, technology has come so far along that you can enjoy the full scope of games on phones and tablets. Mobile casinos feature designs that allow access to their entire gaming library, including even live dealer games such as roulette, baccarat, and even live craps.

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