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7 Reasons to Join Play Money Games

Play money poker

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Posted by: Ivan

For many poker players, play money games were their first encounter with the game they have come to love through the years.

Play money poker is easily accessible to anyone, as social platforms and other sites offer such games without any downloads or registrations needed.

Of course, there are many differences between play money and real money poker games, and if you are a poker player, you may already be aware of those differences.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to join play money games on occasion. I went over the ones I could think of that make sense to me as an experienced player.

7. There is No Risk

In most cases, poker is a game in which you have to risk something to win something. In play money poker, you don’t need to risk anything at all, and while you can’t win much either, you can be very relaxed about the way you play your hands.

Unlike real money tables, there is absolutely no pressure here. If you make a mistake, you will lose some numbers on a screen, nothing more!

Play money is great for players who are just looking to have some fun and think the game of Texas Hol’dem itself is fascinating but don't have the intentions of ever moving to real money or gambling in any way.

Play money can also be a good pastime for real poker players going through a downswing, as it can still give you a little action while you are taking a break from the real deal. Feeding your ego by crushing some fish can be very thrilling at times!

6. Social Poker is Fun

While it may not be profitable at all and may not resemble the real game in too many things, playing poker for play money can be very fun, especially if you do it with your friends.

There are many poker apps out there these days that let you and your friends join the same tables, whether you want to play just with them or with other players as well. Many Canadian online casinos offer this feature as well.

This will give you a chance to go up against your closest friends, and that means winning will come with some bragging rights, if not a monetary prize.

Even if you play against people you have never met before, social poker apps give you a chance to chat with others, use emojis, and other fun social options. These may be great to fill up a boring Sunday afternoon.

5. Players are Terrible

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about online poker being “dead.” This refers to the fact that so many players who play online have become pretty good at the game.

While this is not completely true, and competent players can still have an edge across all stakes and game formats, real money games have indeed become a lot tougher.

Play money games, on the other hand, are still as soft as they ever were. Unlike real money tables, a ton of truly terrible players will play with you in these games.

If you just want the thrill of playing against players whose skill level is very low and beating them with some ease, then play money poker may just be right for you.

4. Real Prizes May Be Won

While it is not the norm, play money apps may offer some prizes with a real monetary value on occasion. For instance, there may be tournaments or contests where prizes of real monetary value are up for grabs.

What’s even more, if you play at the play money tables of real poker sites, they may offer you free tournament tickets or bonuses just for being around.

Real prizes in play money poker

Winning such prizes without any risk is always nice, and while you won't get any life-changing money, what you do get will be a reward that shows you are appreciated by the site.

3. There is Some Prestige in It

While you usually can’t win any prizes with real monetary value in play money games, you can win chips and trophies that may count for something with your friends and other players on the app.

Play money poker may require a different set of skills to win than real money tables, but, make no mistake: there is still skill involved.

The best players will still take away the majority of poker chips in play. If you can accumulate a huge bankroll, you will prove to yourself that you have the perseverance and attitude necessary in the real money games as well.

2. Leaning the Basics

If you are completely new to poker and don't even know the rules of the most basic variants like No-Limit Hold’em, play money may be the right place for you to make your first poker steps.

There may be differences between real and play money tables, but the rules of poker are always the same, and there is no reason why you couldn't learn how to play at these tables.

Reading poker rules online may help you a bit, but it's going to take more than that to actually understand them.

By playing poker in the play money games, you will be in actual action, and you will be able to learn how the rules of poker hand rankings, betting, and position actually work.

To be perfectly clear, you won’t be able to learn much more than that in play money games, as players tend to play very erratic and much different than those in real money games do.

Yet, when it comes to learning the most basic elements of poker, play money is a good starting point and a place to get your bearings.

Social aspects of play money poker

1. Play Money is Legal Everywhere

One of the biggest upsides of play money poker is the fact it’s legal practically everywhere. Many states these days have made online poker partially or completely illegal, but that only counts for real money games.

Play money poker is legal in all the American states, as well as other countries in which poker is only legal on a limited basis, such as Spain, Italy, France, and more.

Whether you want to play poker on a social platform or a real poker room, you will likely be able to do so, as long as you don’t try to play at the real money tables.

Major online poker sites allow registration, but not real money play, for players from many countries, while social poker apps will let you play from anywhere without any restrictions at all. You don’t need a bankroll to get started, so what’s stopping you?

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