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Why You Should Choose a Poker App Over a Casino Visit

Poker apps vs local casino

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Posted by: Ivan

The gambling industry has changed almost beyond recognition in just a few short years. Most bets on live sports and casinos are played online through user-friendly mobile apps and modern websites.

The days of visiting a land-based bookmaker are slowly becoming the thing of the past, and technology now has its sights set on how we play poker.

As the old saying goes, you can’t halt progress. The leading poker providers aren’t trying to, either. In fact, they are embracing change, moving with the times, and investing heavily in their online presence, including websites and mobile apps.

The online gambling sector has always been quick to accept changes. The industry insiders understand that players' needs and expectations are changing, and they try their best to accommodate.

Online poker has changed a lot over the years. The first poker platforms were very crude and basic, but new technologies paved the way for the birth of modern, very polished, and user-friendly software.

Advantages of poker apps over live games

You can now play poker from the comfort of your own home at The play is real, the competition is genuine, and there’s certainly nothing virtual about the huge pots available to the winners in the high-stakes games.

How does playing poker online compare to playing poker at a casino? What are the benefits of playing on your desktop computer at home or mobile app when on the move?

In this article, we have enlisted the help of a gambling industry insider who explains how playing poker online can make you a better, more profitable gambler.

Poker Apps & Convenience

The most obvious benefit of playing Texas Hold’em online as opposed to visiting a land-based casino is the convenience of it all.

You can gamble from the comfort of your own home, enjoying the thrill of poker play when it suits you. Create an account with a respected poker betting site or app and bet with the click of a button. It puts you in complete control.

There's no need to get dressed up, catch a taxi, and get to your local casino to play the poker games you love most.

Simply add your username and password to your betting account, deposit funds, and choose the poker variant that catches your eye.

When betting on a mobile app using the latest smartphones, you can often log in with face recognition or fingerprint technology. Spend less time accessing your account and more time enjoying your account.

You can stay for as long as you like and, when you’re finished, you’re already home. You can easily switch to doing whatever else you feel like doing.

Log off your account, close the app, and you’re done. It’s as easy as that. You can do this by downloading a poker player app, visiting the website, or using a mobile-optimized site. There’s nothing to download with the latter, so it takes up no storage space on your devices.


Although some land-based casinos and local poker rooms offer bonuses and special offers, the range of promotions is usually limited.

Most venues pedal the tired old loyalty or VIP program where you build points each time you visit the casino and play poker, table games, or slots.

Most gamblers don’t understand how the points system works. They never know how many points are on their card, and they aren’t aware of what to do with them even when they amass many points.

Why play poker on mobile apps

It’s all a different set-up at the top online poker sites. Each betting app gives new customers a welcome bonus just for creating an account.

The online betting industry has become so competitive over the years that sites must compete for your business. They do this by offering free bets, free spins, comped poker tournament entries, and just about everything else they can tempt you with for free.

The best deals are reserved for new customers, but there’s also a long list of enticing offers for existing members who already have an account.

It’s worth clicking the promotions tab each time you log in to your online poker account to check what deals are available. There’s often something there that’ll catch your eye.

Other Benefits of Online Poker Apps

There are many other benefits to using an online poker account. You can deposit cash with a single click using a debit or e-wallet account. Deposits are instant, which means you can top-up your wallet and bet without delay.

When you have landed a winner, you can access your profits quickly. Transfer times apply, but it usually takes less than 24 hours for withdrawals to show in your e-wallet account.

The likes of PayPal, Skrill, and NETELLER rank as the quickest. The latest online security measures protect all transactions in both directions. This allows you to bet with complete peace of mind using the poker payment method of your choice.

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