Poker Players’ Favorite Pastimes: Online Betting Sites Accepting Bets on Boxing

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Poker Players’ Favorite Pastimes: Online Betting Sites Accepting Bets on Boxing

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When you think about poker players, it’s hard to think about them as an aggressive bunch. They mainly spend days sitting around the table, and their biggest battles are fought using poker chips and cards.

But, the truth is, quite a few poker players are crazy about fighting sports such as MMA and boxing. Some of them are no strangers to the ring, either.

Back in 2016, Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado, two popular high-stakes players, set up an MMA fight, with both of them putting $150,000 on the line. The fight drew a lot of attention from the public, clearly demonstrating that poker players do enjoy a good brawl.

Of course, things become that much more interesting when you also have some money riding on the outcome of a match.

With all that in mind, it’s hardly a surprise that poker players often find their home with online bookmakers that accept wagers on boxing.

Visitors to these betting websites can place bets online for sports boxing by placing a bet in prematch or live. Although this sports discipline has a special place in the world of betting, it is complicated to calculate the likely outcome of a fight.

Busquet Alvarado match

To get regular wins, you need to have the knowledge and choose your fights carefully. Here are some interesting features of betting on boxing that you’ll find on betting sites like lsm99.

Features of Betting on Boxing

Boxing can be professional or amateur. Bets are usually placed on professional fights – betting websites are reluctant to include amateur competitions in the line. There is a high risk of underestimating the fighters' strength and ending up on the wrong side of the betting line.

Main Betting Options for Boxing Matches

  • Betting on the outcome of a fight – when it is necessary to determine who will win the match or end in a draw.
  • Bet on the total of rounds – when you need to determine how many full rounds the battle will last (the exact number of rounds or the total of rounds in the match).
  • Bet on the type of victory – you need to choose how the fight will end, by points or by a win by knockout (early victory).
  • Betting the winner of the round – when it is necessary to determine who will win in a specific round.
  • Bet on knockdown – you need to predict whether one of the opponents will be knocked down (a powerful blow in which the boxer rests on the ring with his knee, hand, elbow, or another part of the body, that is, an additional point of support, except for the feet).
  • Bet on the number of points – when you need to select the total over points that the boxer of your choice will score for the fight.

You can bet on boxing in prematch and live. In the list of events, you can find different options: the fight's outcome, the total of rounds, and the method of ending the battle.

There is a category of “additional bets” in title fights. For example, you can bet on winning a particular round and on the last round in a fight. There may also be options for betting on knockdowns, for example, which fighters will be on the floor during the fight.

The odds for outsiders are often too high, so you can place bets on boxing using particular strategies that involve playing against underdogs over a long period. Dogon works well in such situations.

However, it is essential to manage your finances correctly to be in the black regularly, just like in Texas Hold’em. This is perhaps another reason why poker players enjoy betting on boxing so much.

Betting on box

Another key component is finding the right bookmaker. Different bookies offer different options and betting odds for the same outcomes. By “shopping” around, you can find the best odds and some interesting bonuses and promotions to further boost your edge.

If you're a poker player, you're probably familiar with all these ideas. It's all about extracting the maximum value from your bets, but instead of betting on your strong poker hands, you’re using your statistical skills to figure out the most valuable wagers.


Boxing betting is an exciting activity that requires a good knowledge of the discipline and current trends from the player to make a profit in the long run. Bettors can use unique strategies to help them achieve the desired profit level on a fairly consistent basis.

That said, just like different poker tips, these various betting strategies take time to understand and adopt. Stay patient, and don't expect the results to come overnight. Do your research, take the time making your picks, and you’ll eventually get where you want to be.

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