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Popular Poker Games For Beginners: Get Yourself Started In Poker and Have Some Fun

popular poker games

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Poker has been a popular game for many years now, both online and in the casino. But with its sharp increase in popularity, there has since been the development of game variants to cater to those looking to learn poker rules quickly.

Whether it is a quick game of three-card poker or Texas hold’em with friends, various formats have increased its popularity and led to more and more people playing the game.

These days, you can easily get started with many different games, and we have listed some of our top choices below.

The Game Of Poker

For many, the game of poker is already a long-time favorite option to relax and have some fun. With several options available both online and in brick and mortar casinos, this game is finding many fans all over the world.

However, while some still not understanding the rules of poker to the fullest extent, there has been a development of multiple variations to cater to those that are just starting out learning the rules.

If you are new to the game and simply want to have some fun without breaking your brains, you do have some options to follow.

Popular Poker Games For Beginner

If you are looking to refresh your memory, or you are new to card games, there are many variations you can pick from to help you learn the rules and practice poker.

Whether you are playing online or on your mobile phone, these options have helped hundreds of people to learn the rules and fall in love with this game. Below, we have listed some of these options for you to choose from.

Three Card Poker

If you never heard about 3 Card Poker, then you should give this game a try.

It is a casino game played against the dealer, so it is a bit different than standard poker options, yet very simple to learn and fun to play.

To begin a game of three card poker, you will be required to place an ante wager. You will then have three cards dealt face down for each player and the dealer.

The player will then look at their hand and determine whether or not it is worth placing a wager. If a player decides to fold, the dealer will then collect the ante wager and other bets placed. If the player chose to play the hand and place a bet, the cards will be turned over.

If your hand is better than the dealer, you will win. As simple as that.

This is by far one of the most popular poker variants in casinos since it is very straightforward, and you do not need to learn any advanced strategies to play it.

It has also led to the adoption of other leading poker variants such as Texas Hold’em seeing a vast amount of popularity online, paving the way for a brand-new wave of online games for poker players to enjoy.

Texas Hold’em

poker games for beginners

Texas Holdem is the most popular variant of poker and is one that can be found in many online casinos and mobile applications, so there is no way we can exclude it from such a list.

It can be played heads-up, with only two players or up to ten opponents sitting at the same table, so you can choose the format based on your needs.

When the game starts, two players to the left of the button put forward forced bets known as Blinds, and the hand begins. After 2 cards have been dealt to each player, the action starts with the player to the left of the blinds. Play then continues clockwise.

When the first betting round is completed, the dealer deals three community cards, known as the flop. All players can use these cards to make the best possible hand combination, and then the second betting round begins.

Then the play continues, and 4th and 5th cards are deals if needed. The person with the best 5-card hand or one who makes everyone else fold wins the pot and takes the money. As simple as that.


The goal in Razz is to make the worst possible poker hands combinations, so it is essentially the opposite version of traditional poker games.

When the game begins, everyone places an ante, and the player holding the lowest card starts betting action.

The player who makes the lowest 5 card combination wins the hand, so Ace is an extremely powerful card and one that you want to have.

Also, it is worth mentioning that straights and flushes do not count in this format, so the best possible hand you can have is the wheel – A 2 3 4 5.

Just like Stud, Razz is the perfect game to have some fun at the tables since it features different dynamics and is still quite easy to learn.


If you are a fan of Texas hold’em poker, then this is the perfect game for you to try. With each player receiving four-hole cards instead of two, this is the game for those looking to get more action.

Since hand equities run much closer, and you actually can have many more playable holdings with all kinds of draws, you do not need to sit and wait for good opportunities to play. It is probably one of the main reasons why this game is gaining popularity among various players.

There is also additional Omaha hi-lo variation, that can offer you even more fun if you are ready to put some effort into understanding the game. In this format, the pot could be split into two parts for the highest and lowest hand, so it creates a lot of action.

While it might not be as easy to learn as other games, it is well worth a try. Whether you decide to play it online or you are traveling to a brick and mortar casino, you can find a way to enjoy this game.

Short Deck

The final choice for the most popular poker variant is the Short deck. It is a variant of Hold’em that has become very popular during last years.

One of the most significant changes to this game is that it is played with just 36 cards. The reason for the short deck name is because all the cards from 2’s through 5’s have been removed from the deck.

In addition, a flush now beats a full house, giving you the perfect fun twist you need when playing this game. With fewer cards than a traditional poker game, there are better chances of having a strong hand, which is something many players enjoy.

You can see that there are many poker variations that you can try when you feel bored or just one to have some fun. It can provide you with the rush of the game while allowing you to learn the rules at your own pace. So pick your favorite, and enjoy your time at the table!

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