Blackjack and Poker: Which Is Better to Make Money?

Profitability of blackjack and poker

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There's no doubt that blackjack and poker are loved by many. They have been an absolute fav of players for many years now. Like many casino games, players think blackjack and Poker require an equal amount of strategy and skill.

Contrary to many players' beliefs, blackjack and poker have their share of differences. This article reviews both games to address some of these questions and come up with some important answers.

In the passages to follow, we’ll discuss which game is better if you want to make money long-term. We’ll also look at strategic aspects of both poker and blackjack to figure out how hard they are to master.

Poker Winning Odds

Poker is indeed a probability game. By this, we mean that you are required to have the needed cards to make a poker hand.

In that light, to be successful, you need to understand the chances of acquiring the cards you need in any given situation. You will use this number (or percentage) to make all important decisions during a hand.

That said, odds of making certain hands like straights are flushes aren't the only thing you should worry about, which is where poker differs significantly from a game like blackjack.

Unlike most other casino games, you aren't playing against the house in poker.

Instead, you’re up against other people present at the table. In the game of poker, you have a higher chance of winning when the people at your table are inexperienced.

Furthermore, because poker is played against other people, not the house, only experienced players have an edge. The only cut the house gets is the rake.

This means that you can beat the game in the long run, provided you’re better than most other players you play against regularly, which made the game so popular in the first place. The casino doesn’t care about who wins or loses as long as they get the rake.

Finding edge in poker

Blackjack Odds

In comparison to poker, blackjack odds differ slightly. Unlike poker, in blackjack, you are playing against the casino and not other players at your table.

This means the house has an edge because the game was designed to make a profit for casino owners. No matter what you do, the house will always keep its advantage.

Typically, in blackjack, an average player deals with about 2% house edge when they play. Blackjack can be risky, especially when you don't know much about the game strategy.

In blackjack, there are fundamentals you need to understand to win. There are several platforms that provide games, including casino games at Novibet, with great odds.

However, even in a perfect scenario, where you find the most favorable blackjack game for a player and play the flawless basic strategy, you'll still be at a disadvantage.

The house will have a 0.5% edge, which certainly isn’t huge compared to many other casino games, but it’s still substantial. Over the long run, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose money.

Advantages of blackjack

Blackjack and Poker: Which Has Better Odds?

It's possible to make a lot of money playing both games. From a purely mathematical standpoint, poker is a better choice because you have actual chances of winning in the long run, which isn't the case with blackjack.

On the flip side, blackjack has some important advantages that make it appealing to many players. These are some of them to keep in mind when making your choice.

More Accessibility for the Players

Blackjack relies more on luck than skills as opposed to poker. Owing to this reason, if you're lucky, you can begin playing blackjack and hit the jackpot.

You only need to know the basic blackjack rules to get started. Also, you don't necessarily have to be the most experienced player in the room to win.

This makes the game much more accessible. You can learn the rules and even some basic strategy guidelines in a matter of minutes and have a decent shot at a good session. This isn’t necessarily the case for poker.

It's Just You Against the Dealer

In poker, you're playing against a table full of other players. However, in blackjack, your only worry is the dealer, as it's just you against them.

Usually, the dealer has a certain number of moves and follows an already-defined set of actions.

Because the dealer's actions are predefined, you can easily predict their moves. The predictability of blackjack allows players to win more when they are on a lucky streak.


Comparing long-term profit in blackjack and poker, it’s clear poker gives you better returns. Aside from long-term profit, poker offers you more bankroll control than blackjack.

However, your poker skills have to be top-notch to succeed in the game, while even a completely new player can get lucky at blackjack.

You can decide to improve your skills in poker, which takes time, or rely on your luck to play blackjack. Ultimately, it’s your choice, but both games offer a lot of excitement and opportunities to make money.

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