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If you’re a new poker player, then you may be struggling to win money or even breakeven. First off, don’t beat yourself too much because you’re not alone.

What you’re experiencing is consistent with the results of most poker players. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Just a few minor strategy adjustments can transform your gameplay from second-rate to remarkable and get you back into the green.

Now, these tips won’t get you to win all the time—even the best professional players can’t achieve such results. But they’ll help you step up your game, whether you play in tournaments, cash games, or live online poker rooms.

The best place to practice is, of course, online: zero distractions, zero embarrassments, you won't feel like the awkward new addition to the table.

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With time, the results will come, and these top 10 quick poker tips will help you reach success much faster than you think. Let’s dive in!

Quick Poker Tips #1: Aggressively Play Fewer Hands

Even the world’s most talented poker players have a limit on the number of starting hands they can play before the flop.

Unless luck is on your side, trying to play too many hands will whittle down your chip stack.

By developing a solid pre-flop strategy, you can significantly improve your bottom line. To disguise your actual hand, you need to play a tight range of playable hands aggressively.

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Quick Poker Tips #2: Don’t Limp First

If you’re the first player to enter a pot, limping is a complete no-no.

Firstly, you can only win the pot if you raise before the flop. Also, if you limp first, you give other players better odds.

You’ll likely play against multiple opponents as well, which makes it challenging to win the pot. Only limp when another player has already done so, and you have a specific situation that makes this play reasonable.

Quick Poker Tips #3: Play Your Strong Hands Quicker

Newbies are often too afraid to play their strong Texas Holdem poker hands fast to chase opponents out of the pot, but that is irrational thinking.

It’s better to build the pot using your strong hands then to play it slow to keep others in.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should always raise your strong hands. You can check some of your strong hands if there aren’t enough scare cards to thwart your payday later, or it’s unlikely that you’ll be outdrawn.

Quick Poker Tips #4: When you’re Unsure — Fold 

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The difference between an average player and a pro is their ability to lay down a good hand when they think their opponent has an even stronger one.

While it may sound simple, it’s hard in practice.

Our minds are naturally curious and optimistically want to win. Folding, therefore, denies us the chance to find out what an opponent has and win the pot, but that is not a good enough reason to play.

Calling too often is the quickest way to lose, so whenever you feel unsure, it’s much better to fold then play your hand and hope for the best.

Quick Poker Tips #5: Aggressively Semi-Bluff on Your Draws

If you want to play like a pro, then you need to learn the art of effective bluffing.

To keep your bluffing frequency in check, let the cards guide you on whether to bluff or not.

Semi-bluffs are hands that offer you an out, such as an overcard or flush draw if your bluff gets called. So even if the bluff does not work, you still have a chance to improve and take down a massive pot, which is a huge added benefit for nay hand.

Quick Poker Tips #6: Use the Right Hands to Defend Your Big Blind

When you’re sitting on a big blind, you can raise with better odds to call than other positions. You can think of a big blind as a discount.

As you’re the last player to act pre-flop, you can call many hands profitably because you are getting great odds.

Depending on the number of players in the hand and the stack sizes, you can choose how widely to defend. You may also consider the position of the raiser and the size of the raise.

Quick Poker Tips #7: When your Opponent Shows Weakness — Attack 

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Most players don’t check if they have hands that can call multiple bets. When they do check, it usually means that they have significantly weak hands that’ll eventually fold.

If an opponent shows weakness, such as checking on the flop of turn in a heads-up flop, you can hit them with aggressive bluffing. You should ideally use semi-bluffs, but also add some nothing hands with blockers effects.

Many recreational players will simply fold when they miss, so take advantage of that.

Quick Poker Tips #8: Don’t Worry About Tournament Survival

The beginning of a poker tournament isn’t the time or place to preserve your stack. Most new players don’t understand this aspect of poker tournament strategy, and that can cost a lot of poker chips from their stack.

To finish in the money, you’ll usually have at least double or triple your initial stack.

It, therefore, makes more sense to play aggressively and build up your stack for a deep run. If you get short-stacked, then you can start playing to survive, but this way, you will give yourself a better chance of finishing high.

Quick Poker Tips #9: Only Play When It’s Fun

Playing poker should always be a fun experience, whether you’re a recreational or professional player.

You’ll perform at your very best when you’re happy and should quit when anger or frustration starts seeping in.

You’ll most likely save yourself a ton of money as well by doing so. Before you start playing, try to imagine yourself losing your entire stack on your very first hand. Does that bother you? Could you keep playing you’re A-Game after that?

If such a prospect doesn’t bother you, then you’re ready to have fun and will likely play much better in all regards of your game.

Quick Poker Tips #10: Only Play in Good Games

You should be able to spot the sucker within your first 30 minutes at a poker table. If you haven’t, then you’re probably the sucker. It’s as true now as it was when Mike McDermott said it in the poker movie Rounders.

If you want to play poker successfully, you need to play against weaker opponents.

Think of it this way—if you’re the 5th best poker player in the world, you’re likely to be the best at any table. But if you sit with the other four better players, you become the sucker.

Always go for positions that boost your winning chances to their optimum levels. That's why it's vital to shed off your ego if you want to win at poker. To maximize your win-rate, you need to play against the worst opponents you can find.

These tips will surely help you have better results, but if you want to take one step further, you can check the advanced Texas Holdem strategy and build your game from there.

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