Online Casino Red Flags You Should Know

Online casino red flags

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When online gambling first came around about three decades ago, it was more like the Wild West than a well-regulated industry.

Fortunately, as it evolved over the years, the industry started to improve, getting better governed and controlled.

Still, with online gambling being more popular than ever, some fake websites occasionally manage to slip through and trick unsuspecting players.

Because of this, you need to keep your eyes peeled for certain telltale signs.

If you don’t, you could make the mistake of signing up with a fake website that wants to scam you out of your money or steal your valuable information.

With that in mind, on this page, we’ll share with you the most important online casino red flags you should be aware of when choosing a gambling site.

5. Too Few or Mostly Negative Reviews

If there’s too little information available on the online casino, it could be a red flag that there’s something wrong with the site.

Of course, this doesn’t always be the case. With new online operators such as Gammix Casinos opening daily, some sites simply haven’t yet created a strong online presence.

Check out casino user reviews

However, if you can’t find any useful info on review sites or read up on comments from players who have tried the casino, it’s best to stay safe and avoid the site altogether.

Moreover, if you come across a noticeable number of negative reviews, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t give such an online casino a chance.

4. Unresponsive or Non-existent Customer Support

An easy way to tell whether or not a casino is worth your attention is to contact its customer support staff. If the staff takes too long to respond, is rude or unhelpful, you should avoid signing up.

If you join such a casino, and something goes wrong with your account, you’ll tear your hair out trying to resolve the issue.

For example, if the casino site only offers email customer support and lacks options like live chat and phone support, you can know that the response times are likely annoyingly slow.

Another red flag is the absence of social media contacts or channels where you can publicly reach out to the site.

3. Unrealistic Bonuses

It’s easy to get caught up in the online casino bonuses and rewards, especially if you’re a beginner online gambler.

That said, there’s a simple rule of thumb you should always keep in mind. If an online casino bonus sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Online casino bonuses across many gambling sites don’t tend to differ from one another very significantly.

In other words, you’ll mostly come across a deposit bonus up to a certain amount, a smaller no-deposit bonus, or free spins for a particular slot game, or a bundle of slot games.

Deposit match bonuses are usually worth a couple of hundred dollars, while no-deposit bonuses are seldom over a couple of dozen dollars.

So, if you find an online casino that offers thousands of dollars in bonus money or a 1000% deposit match offer, we recommend you move on to the next site, as there’s usually something fishy about such a deal.

2. Unclear Privacy Policy and Other Key Info

Transparency is the trademark of all licensed online casinos, meaning that players can easily find everything on the casino directly on the site.

If the casino is using vague language or is deliberately avoiding to state common information like RTP, bonus T&Cs, and others, it could be a red flag that it’s trying to hide something.

Unclear casino terms and conditions

In line with this, if the online casino is using obscure payment methods or only providing a couple of options, it might be malicious.

Winning money in an online casino can be hard on its own sometimes. The last thing you want is to run into roadblock after roadblock when trying to withdraw your winnings.

1. No Licenses

Without a doubt, the biggest red flag you should never disregard is the one pertaining to the online casino’s gambling license.

If the casino doesn’t have any gambling licenses or is licensed by a mysterious licensing authority, you should never sign up with it.

Ideally, it should have at least one or more licenses, preferably from reputable authorities like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

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