Simplest Casino Games That You Can Find Online

Simplest casino games

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Online casinos are incredibly convenient and advantageous. They offer you a great gambling experience with the added benefit of playing whenever you want, wherever you are.

Naturally, these benefits have attracted a lot of new players and made them sign up to try out everything these sites have to offer.

But, if you’re a beginner, it can be challenging to find a suitable casino game, as some can be difficult or complicated. That said, there’s no reason to avoid online casinos because of this, as there are still many options you can try out.

To help you find the best game for yourself, we’ve summed up the simplest casino games you can find online.


Slot games have always been the staple of the gambling world, long before online casinos have been a thing.

They are the most straightforward casino game you can play. All you need to do is set the size of your bet and spin the reels. In the online gambling world, slot games are equally as popular as in land-based casinos.

That said, playing online slots is much more advantageous than playing slot machines in your local casino. This is because online venues often include hundreds, sometimes thousands of different titles for you to enjoy.

Slots - simple casino games

As these games are virtual and run on servers, there are no actual machines that take up floor space like in land-based casinos. This allows internet operators to feature many diverse titles, covering all sorts of themes.

From the player’s perspective, this offers you a great combination of simplistic gameplay with a variety of choices. Add to this all sorts of casino bonuses like the ones listed here, and it’s easy to understand why slots continue to be so popular.

Video Poker

Based on five-card draw poker, video poker combines the simple gameplay mechanics of a slot game with the engagement of poker.

The house edge is good, meaning that you can expect a solid RTP if you stick with it the long run.

And, even if you’re looking for a quick and simple game to enjoy on a one-off occasion, video poker is so easy that you can learn it within minutes of loading up the game.

Online video poker games use standard 52-card decks powered by random and fair software. They have the same hand rankings as classic poker games, making it even easier to follow the action if you already know poker rules.

The gameplay is as straightforward as with any slot game. You just make your bets and press the deal button. The random algorithm will give you five cards.

After that, you can choose which cards you want to discard to get new cards in return. Once you complete this action, you get new cards, and if they help you form a winning hand, the game pays you out, and the new round starts.

This is basically the entire gameplay, making video poker one of the simplest casino games you can find online.


Roulette is one of the most recognizable casino games worldwide. More importantly, in the context of this page, it’s also one of the simplest games you can play.

Since it is entirely luck-based, you don’t need to study complex gameplay elements or examine different strategies to be more successful at it.

Roulette as one of the simplest casino games

Just pick what you want to bet on and relish in the thrill that comes with every spin of the virtual roulette wheel.

The only slightly challenging aspect of the game can be the extra announced bets available in French roulette.

But, if you stick to simple betting options such as numbers, red/black, inside and outside bets, you can learn the ropes and enjoy this wheel-based game right after you sign up with a casino site of your choice.


Blackjack is not only one of the coolest online casino games but also one of the easiest you can play. Even if you’ve never played it, you probably know enough basics to start right away.

The goal of blackjack is simple. You need to get as close to 21 as possible without going over this number while having a higher-valued hand than the dealer.

Even if you’re playing online live blackjack, you’re just going against the dealer and not anyone else playing at the same online table.

Just like the games we’ve previously discussed, blackjack is primarily a game of chance. It involves a bit more strategy than the other games we’ve talked about, as you can use different charts to ensure optimal decision-making.

However, aside from this, blackjack is extremely easy to follow and enjoy without too much concentration and effort.

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