Social Aspects of Poker & Bingo: Are They so Different?

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The only way bingo will probably come across your mind when talking about poker is when mentioning ‘bingo’ players, i.e., those players who play any two cards hoping for a miracle on the flop.

Other than that, there are really no visible similarities between these two games. Even in terms of logistics, one uses cards and chips, the other bingo cards, pens, and markers.

But despite these clear distinctions, for many players, bingo and poker aren’t all that different.

And no, I’m not talking about the bingo-like approach to poker rules and games. What I’m talking about has to do with the actual reason why some players come to poker rooms or bingo halls (or both in some cases), and that reason doesn’t have to have roots in a desire to gamble or win money.

Both games represent an opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and perhaps catch up with some of the old acquaintances.

The game they’ll be playing isn’t all that important as long as they get to have a nice conversation, have a good time, and have a shot at winning some money.

For many of these players, chances of winning at bingo or at the poker tables are about the same, but that’s not what they focus on.

Social Side of Poker and Bingo

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Whether you’re talking poker, bingo, or any other game found in a casino or other type of a gambling establishment, there will always be a certain number of people focusing on the social aspect of things.

You may find that hard to believe or think that’s just an excuse, but that might be because you have a different outlook on these activities.

For Example, provides detailed reviews so if you join games there or enroll in a poker tournament and your primary motive is to socialize and perhaps make new friends, then that’s where your focus will be, and you’ll be more likely to find and recognize those people with a similar agenda.

If you think about it, bingo halls and poker rooms aren’t at all bad places for socializing.

People inside have at least one common interest, so it’s much easier to start a conversation.

You can’t walk to a random stranger in a bar and start telling them how you’re shocked they don’t have your favorite beer. It’s simply not done, and the person you’re talking to would probably think you aren’t right in your head.

You might get lucky and run into a very friendly and open-minded human being but don’t count on it.

But go to a total stranger in a bingo hall to complain about your number coming out in nine rounds, and they won’t be shocked by you approaching them.

You can begin a conversation at a poker table by simply looking to your right or left and saying something about coolers, your bad run of cards, or suck outs. It’s perfectly normal and socially acceptable.

This isn’t to say that everyone you meet in this environment is looking to get friendly. You’ll still get some cross looks and dismissive comments, but you’ll also strike a few conversations along the way.

And for some people, that’s more than enough as all they want is to spend a few hours outside of the house mingling with other people and chatting about random things.

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Winning Always Feels Good

Everyone wants to feel good. It’s the ultimate goal in life for pretty much every person on the planet. But with all the pressure and problems our lives, these opportunities sometimes might feel hard to come by.

Winning in anything will make you feel good, and the monetary amount isn’t all that important for that feeling.

This is another social aspect that bingo and poker have in common. They have the power to make people feel good when they win.

You might say that winning in bingo is purely based on luck, while poker has a much bigger skill element attached to it – and you won’t be wrong. But even a very inexperienced player can get lucky and win a poker tournament or have a good run at cash tables.

So, every now and then, they’ll walk away winners and will feel good about it.

Some players would probably do better for themselves in a financial sense if they stuck to bingo and never played poker as they don’t know anything about the game. But they play it still for those rare moments when they manage to get into the money.

For a player who only plays for the thrill of winning and doesn’t care at all about Texas Holdem strategy or right plays, the excitement of hitting one of his two outs on the river or hearing his number being called out as he ecstatically shouts “bingo” is the same.

Both Bingo And Poker Give You Something to Talk About

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After all, both bingo and poker players will have something to talk about in the morning.

You may think that there isn’t much to talk about in terms of bingo – either you’d won or not. It’s not like you can influence the outcome in any way.

But that’s probably because you’ve never heard a bingo fan talking about the night he had.

There isn’t the way you can influence the balls that come out on any particular draw, but that’s not to say you can’t complain about it after the fact.

In fact, bingo players talking about how their last number just wouldn’t come in aren’t all that different from poker players telling their bad beat stories.

So, that’s another social aspect these two games share. When you meet your friends for a coffee tomorrow, you’ll have some exciting stories for them. Of course, it’s better if they play themselves as well, but it’s not crucial. They’ll still have to endure.

So there you have it. Bingo and poker may be two completely different games, but they aren’t all that different if you look at them from a more social perspective!

Just like sharing poker tips with your friend, you can do the same with your bingo story!

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