Gambling On Professional Sports – Should It Be Taken Off?

gambling in professional baseball and sports

2000-years ago. When the sun was hanging low, crowds cheered, while those who waged their coin anxiously watched there gladiatorial fighting, praying that they were to win to ensure a payday for them. Since then, sport’s gambling has been around almost as long as sports itself.

Originating in greek, migrating to Roman, surviving the ages to develop into what we know today as betting against the odds – the opposite of what Texas Holdem poker brings usSo, it’s been around for so long, what’s the big deal?

The problem with sports gambling is it leads what should be a fair competition open to corruption, and manipulation from those looking to fill there pockets with easy money. Let's take baseball as an example. 

Is Gambling On Baseball Really That Bad?

is gambling that bad

The problem behind sport’s gambling is the justification. The arguments in its favor are plentiful. From the accusation that the crooks running sports make enough money, it’s time for the community to get something from it.

Right down to my personal favorite…

“Investing in gambling is just like investing in your 401K.”

Do not listen to these individuals! They are likely going to be the same people telling you that betting on sports takes talent and an in-depth understanding of the game. The truth is? No one can predict how a game will go. It will always be tilted to the house…and could end up being even worse.

People betting more then they have and losing their entire lives over a 1-day game. Not exactly something we should be consenting to, now is it?

Gambling On Baseball In America Was Actually Illegal Until Recently

baseball gambling was illegal in USA

Believe it or not, barring Nevada, America was a strictly no-gambling on sports zone. This was thanks to a federal law constructed in 1992, which basically banned any type of gambling in most of the states.

But just because it was illegal, it does not mean there wasn’t some type of sports betting or gambling out there.

There was a survey done, which revealed a shockingly high estimate of $150 billion in the illegal gambling market yearly. Now, imagine what the numbers are going to be with gambling legalized throughout America?

Players Work Hard To Get To Where They Are Today – Gambling Shames Them

gambling view of professional players

People underestimate the hustle, the grind, the blood, sweat, and tears that players put in. Day in and day out they are constantly working on there craft. Honing their skills. Pushing through injuries and pain. All so that when their big day comes, they can shine. Prove there hard work paid off in the long run, and make their family proud.

But gambling opens up a new form of corruption in sports. One that takes out all the integrity of the game. If you are a serious baseball fan, you may have heard of the Chicago White Fox ScandalNo?

Basically, the team agreed to throw games, all to benefit gamblers that waged on their opponents. This may have been one of the more well-known scandals, but it certainly is not the only one. And with the coming legalization, it is presumed to only get worse.

Personally, I don’t quite get the point of watching a sport where the winner is decided on who gets paid out the most to throw a game. I prefer watching the battle of determination, and skills – what about you?

The Impact That Sports Betting Has On Society

impact of sports betting

The consequences of legalizing sports betting does extend to more than just the integrity of the sport itself. Gambling is known to be a huge problem in America. With an estimated average of almost 15% of America gambling almost once a week.

Of this 2-3% classified as gambling addicts, ready to sell their homes for a try at there luck to make the big bucks. We are talking about roughly 6 million adults, along with half a million teenagers. There are casinos to contend with, pyramid schemes to fall for. What we mean is they have enough to keep their wallets empty, and brains on the wire. Legalizing a new avenue of gambling, with new brokers is bound to only make the problem worse.

The problem with this form of gambling is that there is no need to face the broker in person. There are plenty of online gambling, and betting sites such as LottoGo.  Making it even easier to forge documents, and bet on your favorite team even if you are underage.

Considering, almost 40% of all addicts start the addiction process while under the age of 17, this is a really big problem, that we are only making worse.

At the end of the day, it is ridiculous to legalize gambling, while still keeping poker game an illegal activity. Contrary to betting, poker is a game of skill where you can gain an edge by improving your game with one of many advanced poker training options(a complete upswing poker lab review), so why not legalize this instead of pure gambling forms?

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