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The Technology Evolutions That Made Online Poker Possible

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Posted by: Ivan

Even though it was suitable for the casino gaming manufacturing companies to launch the digital version of physical casino games, they faced huge roadblocks in the case of poker.

It’s one of the most played games in almost all casinos, and the demand is super high worldwide. This is why the online gambling industry ran a trial and error method to ensure that the physical poker games could be transformed into the online version.

The best part is that this transformation has been completed successfully.

This has allowed many players to enjoy their favorite casino game on their phone, laptop, or PC without any difficulty.

The technological advancement did not stop there, either. Now players can enjoy high definition video poker and live poker with real dealers from comfort of their homes.

With time, the popularity of the game increased to a vast extent. A study revealed that the number of active poker accounts in France was more than 249,000 per week in 2018.

So how was online poker launched and what triggered such a dynamic increase in the number of online poker players almost all across the globe?

The simple answer is technology.

Yes, it’s the implementation of different technologies that have made it possible for transforming physical poker games into their online counterparts.

You can read this upcoming discussion to know more about how the shift happened and discover the different technologies used.

Introduction of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The introduction of digital currencies or crypto has made online transactions much faster and cheaper.

Moreover, now it is possible for game developers to make their payment systems fair, secure, and faster using cryptocurrencies.

For example, depositing some value in the wallets or withdrawing the amount won can be done much quicker with cryptocurrencies.

Importance of crypto for online poker

Moreover, there’s a myriad of decentralized tokens available, making it easier for the players to connect all over the globe without worrying about currency differences.

With the rising popularity of blockchain technology, some of the new casino sites have started to integrate cryptocurrency payments.

Not only are cryptocurrency payments secure and offer anonymity, but players can also make online transactions within a fraction of time.

Artificial Intelligence Trackers And Head-ups

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the digital market in ways we can’t comprehend. But its contribution towards making online poker more dynamic and immersive is unparalleled.

AI-based head-ups will easily help you learn about poker while the game is ongoing. Besides, with the help of trackers, every single detail about the game can be recorded for understanding the gameplay and learning everything about poker.

The Introduction of The Metaverse

Metaverse is a unified term used for describing the two most used technologies in the gaming industry, AR and VR.

AR, or augmented reality, is the practice of introducing live or real-time based features in poker, like live dealers, players, live cards, and more.

VR, or virtual reality, has allowed the developers to replicate the same features that a physical poker game has into the online application. Combined, these technologies offer a highly immersive experience to all poker players.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Thanks to the introduction of cross-platform development frameworks, professionals can design and launch prototypes that will run across different OS like Android and iOS, Windows and macOS, and more.

Cross platform online poker

Moreover, the codes written for developing the features or including the front-end UI designs are lightweight and fantastic.

Therefore, players can enjoy the games without downloading different apps for different operating systems.

Online Poker Has Rekindled the Dying Spirits of Poker Lovers

The introduction of online poker games has rekindled the spirits of poker lovers by offering the same immersive experience a physical casino can provide.

In this way, it’s pretty easy to play the game and enjoy the excitement and adventure, with or without the involvement of other players.

Moreover, poker games are now available in several types across popular online gaming casinos, which is why you won’t have to wait for a seat at the table.

Now, players can play live dealer games, virtual table games, video poker, and much more real-life-like casino games at their own convenience at home.

All this and more is thanks to the evolution of online poker with the help of technology.

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