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Playing Poker In Thailand – From Grinding To Enjoying Your Time

Thai Poker Experience

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Playing Poker In Thailand – From Grinding To Enjoying Your Time

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In the recent few years, there has been a tremendous influx of foreign online professionals in Thailand. Most notably, many online poker players have chosen to make this country their place of residence.

But, what makes Thailand such a great country that so many online poker players are buying one-way tickets to this sunny destination?

If you’re a poker grinder who likes to spend his free time traveling and doing exciting activities, this page will help you find out the fascinating lifestyle of playing poker in Thailand.

Why Thailand is Ideal for Poker Players

There’s a lengthy list of reasons why Thailand is a perfect destination for poker players. Over the past couple of years, it has become a hotspot for poker players, travelers, and digital nomads. Here are some of the most notable reasons why Thailand is the ideal destination to play poker from:

The Weather

The weather in Thailand is dramatically different from most parts of the world. You’ll especially notice it if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere.

The country experiences high temperatures year-round and a reasonably tropical and humid climate. There’s a rainy season that lasts during summer and autumn, and it’s marked with short but heavy rainfall.

When talking about the weather and overall atmosphere in Thailand, it’s impossible not to mention the beautiful beaches that are some of the most stunning on Earth.

In the last few years, Thai beaches have become a top-rated destination for tourists worldwide. Plus, with so many beautiful places all over the country, you can always find hidden gems away from the crowds when taking a break from Texas Hold’em.

Chilling on Thai beaches

The Living Expenses

One of the most significant reasons why Thailand is so popular among westerners are the very low living expenses in this country compared to many first-world nations.

Just by moving to Thailand from a European or North American country, you can significantly increase your quality of life.

You can get a fully furnished apartment for a little over a couple of hundred bucks. Of course, if you’re looking for an apartment in a popular tourist destination like Phuket or some of Thai’s paradise islands, you’ll have to prepare a bit more cash. But even that is nowhere near as much as citizens from western countries are used to paying for rent.

National Dishes

If you’ve ever tried Thai food, even in a strip mall, you’ll know how delicious it is. Thai food is widely regarded as some of the most delicious.

And, when you try Pad Thai and curry dishes in the country they’ve originated from, you’ll be absolutely hooked.

Thai food in the country tends to cost much less than western food, so you’ll be saving money even on food while enjoying the tastes of different cuisine.

Big Thai cities do have US fast-food chains on almost every corner. But once you taste the different flavors of Thai cuisine, you’ll forget the usual junk food joints.

The People and Culture

Thai people are some of the warmest and welcoming in the world. Their kind and friendly stance towards foreigners has earned the country the nickname “The Land of the Smiles.”

These smiles aren’t just fake or pretending. Thai culture is inherently different from that of the western world. They are genuinely positive, happy, and have a very calm demeanor.

Negative Aspects of Playing Poker in Thailand

For complete objectivity, we also have to take a look at some of the most significant drawbacks of living in the country and playing on Thailand poker sites. There aren’t very many negatives, but you should still be aware of them if you’re thinking about moving.

The Internet

Most westerners get unpleasantly surprised by the Internet speeds in Thailand. If you’re from Europe or North America, you shouldn’t expect the lightning-fast network speeds most European and American cities can provide.

However, things aren’t so doom and gloom on this front, as Thailand is a developing country that’s been rising rapidly. This means if you live in any reasonably large city in Thailand, you can still rely on solid and reliable network connections.

Playing online poker in Thailand

That said, if you’re in Thailand to grind poker regularly, you should ideally try to get a dedicated connection from one of the major ISPs.

The Language

The Thai language is generally very challenging to learn. Some poker players commit to learning it. Others simply avoid making local friends and stick to hanging out with other expats.

But, in line with the previous point, this negative doesn’t have to be a significant issue. If you stay mainly in the cities and don’t spend too much time in rural areas, the language barrier won’t present a problem.

Most people in urban areas have a basic understanding of the English language and will treat you with kindness and enthusiasm.

Playing Poker in Thailand – What to Remember

Overall, the positives heavily outweigh any negatives that come with playing poker in Thailand. This country in the Southeast part of Asia is truly a magnificent destination for all poker players worldwide.

Playing poker in Thailand can be a memorable and very enjoyable experience. Grinding through sessions can get boring every so often, even for the most dedicated poker players.

When this happens, all you have to do is remind yourself where you're playing from and the freedom you're enjoying. Thailand is filled with great activities, sights, and locations that make the poker grind very worthwhile in this country.

Thai people are great and very friendly towards foreigners. The country itself offers you endless opportunities to pave your adventures the way you find the best. You can enjoy the endless Thai party scene, relax in remote tourist locations, or spend your free time exploring the country’s rich culture and tradition.

Whether you decide to visit Thailand just for a short while or move there to play poker for a living, experiencing this country should undoubtedly be on your list.

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