Top Five BlackJack Tips for Boosting Your Performance!

top blackjack tips

Blackjack has existed for hundreds of years. Over the decades, intelligent men and women have mulled over the intricacies of this game. During that time, all sorts of tips and basic Blackjack strategies have been developed, so let’s discuss five tips that you should keep in mind.
#1 Keep a strategy chart handy

Blackjack is one of the only casino games where you can employ an optimal betting strategy. In a game of roulette, you are at the mercy of the random wheel spin. In a slot game, it's RNG that can ruin your chances. But in blackjack, there are actually recommended moves based on the cards you have and what the dealer has. We recommend you always keep one of these guides handy if you want to enjoy some 21.

#2 Know the rules

Not all casinos have equal rules. Mayfair Casino, for example, will have a totally different set of blackjack rules than a rival casino. It's important you find out what rules you will be subject to if you decide to play at the establishment. One rule you should always pay attention to is the dealer's actions if they are dealt a soft or hard 17. If the casino stipulates they have to stand, then play away. But if they stipulate they can deal on these hands, we suggest making a run for it.

#3 Do double down

If the dealer deals a card value of anything between 3 – 6 – then there is a strong chance they will go bust. And you should take advantage of that. If you choose to double down on your hand, you will instantly double your bet. But the next card dealt will also be your last. In some cases, this is a risky move. But if the dealer deals one of those magic numbers and you hold a face card or a ten, then you could be on for a cheeky double your money win!

#4 Split those Aces

Splitting is a popular move in blackjack, allowing you to turn one hand into two. If you are dealt a pair of the same card, then you might have the option to split – depending on the casino rules. Some hands are better to spit then others, depending on dealers card. Aces, for example, should always be split. This is because either hand has a strong chance of landing a 21 win.

#5 Practice with demo mode

We advise never jumping straight into real money play with online blackjack. You should first learn the flow of the game and the various mechanics. Thankfully, getting practice is very simple. First of all, locate a reputable online casino. Once you have found one – see if their blackjack games allow you to play in a demo mode. The good thing about these demo games is that it will be like playing the real thing – but with no worries about losing your real cash.

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