My Top Tips for Winning Real Money Playing Online Slots

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Online casino gaming has been on an upward trajectory over the last few years. Slots are perhaps the most popular casino games in the world.

Although millions of casino enthusiasts enjoy them, only a handful of these players know what slots entail and how to improve their chances of winning.

But slots are games of chance. This means that you can do little to turn your odds to your benefit.

However, there are proven ways to improve your chances when selecting games to play. These methods help you create tactics for playing online slots and increase your chances of winning real money.

They include the following:

1. Choose Between Progressive and Video Slots

If you are looking for an online slot game to play, check to see if it is progressive or regular.

This can affect your gaming experience and potential winnings. While jackpot amounts in progressive slots can reach any value, regular slots have a pre-determined amount that you can win.

Although wins are more frequent in regular slots since they have lower variance, they have typically smaller payouts.

On the other hand, highly volatile games such as progressive bets have significantly larger jackpots, and the winnings are usually few and infrequent.

What are the best places to play best online slots for real money? Choose a top-rated online casino. Also, ensure it offers bonuses. Learn more below.

2. Look Out for Bonuses

Although they only apply to online casinos, bonuses are one of the best methods for how to win at slots. Bonus games and other incentives present you with more opportunities to win money.

The most common bonus is free spins, but you can also find different offers such as wager multipliers and numerous jackpots in online slot games.

Online casino bonuses enhance your bankroll and provide more chances to play your favorite slot machines.

Best strategies for playing slots

If you win, you can place higher bets and receive a more significant payout amount. However, most online casino bonuses have some obligations you have to fulfill before enjoying the benefits.

In most instances, the wagering requirements demand that you play for some time. But this makes a minimal difference since very few players give up after just a few spins.

Apart from improving your balance, online casino bonuses can give you an edge over the gaming platform in some online slot games. However, this depends on the wagering obligations in place.

3. Understand the Pay Table

Slot machines have numerous symbols, ways to win, bonus games, and other special features.

Studying the pay table of your favorite online slot game only takes a few minutes, but it could be vital when you start playing.

Pay tables are designed to provide you with the breakdown of all bonuses, pay lines, and symbols that you will encounter throughout the game.

Therefore, dedicating your time to understanding them and how they are activated will aid you in identifying what to watch out for when gaming in an online casino.

Pay tables are illustrated and interactive to ensure you spend as little time as possible studying them before resuming your game.

In most cases, they feature particular guidelines or indicate any minimum bet obligations that you need to fulfill to qualify for any bonus offers.

Symbols and bonuses available vary depending on the game you are playing. The following are among the most common symbols in online slots:

  • Scatters – they trigger features such as free spins and bonus games when a pre-determined number of these symbols appear on the reels.
  • Wilds – it substitutes other symbols, therefore, improving your chances of landing a winning payline.
  • Sticky – once it appears on the reels, this symbol will remain there for a set number of spins, making your odds of landing a luck payline much better.
  • Multipliers – this symbol multiplies your initial bet increasing it to a pre-determined amount.
  • Stacked – these symbols pile in rows on the screen and trigger slot bonuses such as bonus games.

4. Choose High RTP Slot Machines

All slot games are not created equal. They have different RTPs, house edges, or slot payout percentages, all which require different strategies.

These terms indicate the level of advantage an online gaming platform has over a player winning. Therefore, choosing a game with the best slot machine odds is one of the most effective ways to win online slots.

The RTP is calculated by taking millions of reel spins into account to determine the average percentage of money the slot machine returns to gamers.

Understanding importance of RTP in slots

A game with an RTP of 98% means that for each $100 spent on slots, you will receive $98. Using this percentage as a guideline is vital since the average is calculated over a lengthy period.

You can easily find games with high RTPs by consulting the game’s software developer website. However, this can be challenging when it comes to live casinos.

In such a case, it would be best to consult local players but don’t forget that they can make mistakes sometimes. Always find online slots with the best theoretical RTP to enhance your winning chances.

5. Learn About Variance

Variance in online slot games indicates payout frequency or volatility. It shows the payout frequency of the game, including the amount it pays.

You will get wins more regularly with low variance online slots, although the payouts are typically smaller.

In contrast, highly volatile games have significantly larger payouts, but the wins are not frequent.

Variance plays a crucial role in determining a game suitable for your gaming budget and gameplay requirements. However, pay tables do not explicitly feature variance.

But you can quickly gather this information in popular slot game reviews found online. Also, deciphering the symbols on the pay table can help determine a game's variance.

For example, consider a slot game where the most significant payout for five symbols is below 3x the payout for four signs.

Therefore, this shows that the game has low variance and is most suitable for a player with a smaller betting budget.

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