Crucial Tips when Transitioning to Live Games

transitioning live games

Poker is an ever-popular game and probably the most fun one (if you can handle the stress). Its popularity has seen a massive surge in online sites all around the world, like Betsafe poker, that allow you to play the game online from the comfort of your own home, with your free hand in a bowl of Cheetos. Now while this is fine for some, many people need the thrill of the real-life experience and so leave their homes and seek out the local casino (or even start their own live poker home game with friends). The problem with going from online to live poker is that it’s easy to make mistakes and embarrass yourself. Luckily, I am here to ensure that these mistakes never happen and that you’ll look like a regular James Bond in no time.

String Betting

The major difference between online and live is that you will be facing real people, while holding real cards, with real chips in lined up in front of you. Now instead of selecting your bets and the computer handling the rest, you need to move your chips psychically. One of the most visible and annoying mistakes newbies make is moving the chips one stack at a time, which can infuriate other players as they don’t know when you’ve finished. One should always announce their bet fist before moving their chips to avoid what is known as string betting.

Showing Your Real Face

When you’re staring at your tablet, phone, or computer, you don’t need to contain your emotions; your frustrations and elations, as no one can see you. This point may seem obvious to most, however, you may be amazed to know how many players commit this deadly faux pas. When you get a hand, please don’t let everyone else at the table see whether it’s good or not, it makes it way too easy to tear you apart. Learn how to bluff, and you’ll go far.

Cards on the Table at all Times

I’m sure you aren’t the cheating type. However, your fellow players aren’t to know this and probably won’t simply take your good-natured disposition at face value. You must always keep the back of your cards on show at all times and don’t take them to your lap. Otherwise, your opponents may suspect cheating, and you may even be asked to leave the table.

Wait Your Turn

With online betting, you never run the risk of playing before it’s your time. With live betting, however, you must ensure you are paying attention and know exactly when to make your move. The last thing you want to do is to show everyone you have a good hand by being too eager to play it.

Control Your Emotions

To end, let’s look at something that even seasoned players sometimes overlook. If you’re playing in a casino environment, never berate other players no matter what they do. Even if you think they played the hand in the wrong way, or hit one out on the river to take down the pot, be nice and let the game continue.

Obviously, you still need to learn the strategy based on the game that you play and the list of advanced poker training options will help you choose the best approach. Just follow these tips, and you will be good next time you sit down to play!

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