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Traps When Playing Poker – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Traps in poker

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Posted by: Ivan

During a game, there are many traps that we want to set for our opponents in order to win. However, it also happens that we fall into a trap ourselves because there are some typical mistakes that are often made in a poker game.

In this article we explain what to watch out for and what players should avoid so that it doesn't cost them their victory.

Typical Beginner Mistakes

You should never play in limits that do not match your financial capabilities. This puts you at a disadvantage and simply doesn't give you the confidence to make rational decisions.

Another typical beginner's mistake is playing too aggressively. Although it makes sense to play combatively in poker, it all depends on the timing.

If you assume that your opponent has a passable to good hand, you shouldn't try to force him out by betting too much. At a full table of 8 to 10 players, you should be aware that one or more players usually have pretty good poker hands.

Typical poker beginner mistakes

Aggressive playing might become very expensive. A big problem for poker newbies is that their stakes are either way too low or way too high.

Next, it makes sense to base your bet size on the pot size. As a rough guideline, it often makes sense to bet half to two-thirds of the pot.

Those who still have problems keeping their poker face to the opponents can also test online casinos. There you have the opportunity to play and practice different poker variants.

There are quite a few providers from which you can choose the best.

Comparison portals like ArabianBetting help to find the best conditions such as bonus offers in a reputable online casino. The portals are free of charge and allow you to get all relevant information presented and choose the best online VIP casinos with just one click.

The Check-Raise Trap

Especially with this game decision, it happens that you yourself fall into the trap. This is because the board allows a lot of draws and makes better made hands possible.

Even if we have a very strong hand, it is possible that someone else’s cards are better. When you check-raise with your poker hand, it mostly makes sense with the nuts or a bluff like a weak draw.

It's rare to resort to a check-raise when you have a mediocre hand. Even with a good made hand, this is not the recommended solution.

The trap snaps shut because the opponent often only continues to play hands that are superior and gives up all hands that we’d ideally like them to continue with.

You maneuver yourself out of the game if your decision causes all the weaker hands to fold and all the stronger hands to stay in.

The important thing is to learn how to correctly gauge your own hand strength on the flop. You may not have the nuts, but you have a good hand – it's just mostly not the best.

So a check-raise is out of the question because we don't want to stumble over self-spun pitfalls. In our poker hands ranking, you can find out which positions are promising in order to win.

Choosing the Right Position

Initiative and position are crucial to success in poker. Initiative describes a situation where we raise before the flop and thus hold the betting lead.

Statistically it shows that playing without position is a significant disadvantage. You will win far more money if you have a position and are the last to act after the flop.

Importance of position in poker

Therefore, it is recommended to bet in early and middle position as well as in the blinds on a tight selection of starting hands. In the cutoff or on the button, the opposite is true.

If you are dealt a hand like A10 here, you should definitely raise with the hand. The reason for this is position.

On the cutoff and button, we are often last to act after the flop which can be advantageous. Therefore, we can play significantly more hands profitably!

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