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Do you know how many people around the globe enjoy gambling every once in a while? And out of all those people – how many of them are women?

Millions of people in various countries tend to visit land-based casinos or online gambling venues. Some gamblers visit them on a regular basis, while others rarely allow themselves to partake in this easy bet, fun activity.

It seems that the infatuation people have with gambling only keeps growing as the years go by, which you can see by the growth of the annual revenue at land-based casinos and online venues alike. In 2015, for example, online casinos made 2.2 billion dollars, and the numbers were supposed to rise to 3.4 billion in 2016.

That serves to shows that playing Vegas casino games never gets old, whether you visit a lavish resort or play at home. Lots of people around the globe consider this type of activity as a legitimate way to relax from time to time, both men and women.

In the not-so-distant past, people used to label gambling as a male activity, while women stayed in the background. However, women began to show initiative and the desire to be a part of the industry, which lead to a major change in how the gambling world works nowadays.

Are you curious about the statistics? How many women enjoy to gamble? What games do women prefer and which do they avoid? It is time to find out how women incorporated themselves into the industry.

5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. Back in the 18th century, not all forms of gambling were allowed in England – especially when it came to women. That didn’t stop the ‘Faro’s Daughters’ from participating in the fun activity, even though it was prohibited and they were portrayed as greedy women that represented all that was wrong with the society. Eventually, the ladies were caught and found guilty of playing Faro, and they had to pay a fine.
  2. Looking at UK statistics, we find that women tend to spend no more than £67 on a gambling deposit, but they have no problem with a £94 haircut. On the other hand, men won’t spend more than £6.7 on a haircut, but they are willing to put a deposit of up to £94.
  3. In a survey conducted by the BGO online casino regarding the difference between male and female gamblers, stats showed that about 40% of the players are women. Although they are a big part of the gambling community, women avoid live games and 98% of players who participate in live dealer games are male.
  4. According to various studies, men are more likely to participate in skill-based casino games such as blackjack and poker, while women are more attracted to non-strategic games such as bingo, etc.
  5. At the beginning of World War II, the majority of the male population in Nevada, US had to enlist, which meant that in 1943 the casinos in the region had to hire the first female employees for the first time out of necessity. Things didn’t change in Las Vegas until much later, and the first female card dealer was hired in 1971, which marked the beginning of a new era in the gambling world.

In Conclusion

Land-based casinos used to be a man's world, but not anymore. Although there are still more male players than female players, there is a constant rise in the number of women who dare to venture into the gambling arena. They have the same poker tools as men and can easily gather experience, so there is no reason why women should not step into this venture.

With the rise of online gambling, women have even more chances to gamble to their heart’s desire whenever they feel like it, which balances the differences even further. Nowadays, women don’t stay glued to slot machines in fear of facing experienced card players at the tables because they get to practice anonymously online.

So watch out, boys! Soon enough, women will be as big a part of the industry as men, and gender equality will be a given fact instead of a dream.

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