WSOP 2019: Make The Most Out of Your Time in Vegas

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WSOP 2019, which is sponsored by 888poker is just around the corner. Although the World Series of Poker is a big deal every year, this summer will be special as WSOP is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

From a players’ point of view, this is particularly important because of all the extra value that will be added to the mix. If you’re planning to be there as it is, you’ll want to take full advantage of this added value.

The Big 50 – An Event You Must Play

If you have a decent-sized bankroll, an event with a $500 buy-in and a $5,000,000 guarantee may not seem all that appealing. A huge field and several days of play all leading up to one unlucky hand to see you bust before the final table, making very little profit (in terms of money) certainly doesn’t seem like a dream scenario.

However, this is a completely rake-free event, meaning every single dollar from the buy-ins is added to the prize pool, which is really a bunch of extra value you won’t find in any other tournament. On top of this, the Big 50 is almost guaranteed to have thousands of bad players who’ll be splashing left and right, giving solid players a tremendous edge.

So, while it is definitely a bit of a challenge, the amount of pure value in this tournament is just too big to pass on.

Get Involved with Juicy Side Games

Even if tournaments are your bread and butter, cash game action in Vegas during summer is too good to pass. With people coming from all over the world itching to play poker, cash tables will be filled with recreational players just begging for you to take their money. They’ll even hand it over with a smile on their face as they primarily care about having fun.

If you don’t feel like you know enough about cash games, take some time before you leave to learn some basic strategies. If you’re a good tournament player and already familiar with fundamental game concepts, you’ll have no problems learning about differences and adjusting your play versus different opponents. It’s not like you’ll be up against top cash game professionals when you sit down – there are so many soft games during the Series that fundamentally sound poker is all you need to make a profit.

But if you still feel a need to improve, you can take a looks at some poker courses or read Upswing poker review to see if that would be a good fit.

Stay Away from Slots and Table Games

Although this doesn’t have much to do with poker, it isn’t hard to lose your plot in Vegas and transfer your winnings from a poker session to a roulette table or feed nearby slots with them. Gambling opportunities abound and although we all know deep down these are losing propositions sometimes the temptation can be too much.

The best advice here is to walk out once you’re done playing poker as fast as you can. Don’t stand around to see what’s happening, don’t idle for one or two roulette spins. If you want to protect your poker winnings and keep your bankroll going in the right direction, you simply can’t afford to flirt with slots or table games – not even a little bit.

Play as Much as You Possibly Can

While you’re in Vegas, you should spend as much time as possible grinding away at the tables. Keep in mind you’re primarily there to play poker (unless you are not, but then this article isn’t for you) and everything else is a distraction. And Las Vegas is full of distractions.

Keep your eye on the ball and try to play as many hours as possible playing. Whether it is tournaments or cash games, if you’re a good, winning player, every minute spent grinding has some sort of monetary value attached to it. Also, the more you play, the less likely you are to suffer from the consequences of short-term variance.

If you’ll be spending a long time in the desert, you can organize your schedule in such a way as to have a few completely free days during your stay. Use this time to relax, gather your strength, and recharge your batteries. Once you go back, you should once again fully focus on the games and disregard everything else.

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