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Last Updated: November 14, 2022

how we make money at is a poker affiliate site covering poker sites, software, training resources and even online casinos. Therefore, we make money from these sites and can offer you all the resources and content entirely for free.

If you click a link on our site, we might make a commission if you purchase or use offered products.  That said, the most important thing is that you would like a particular poker site and keep using it regularly.

This is why we do not believe in tricking players since that only leads to a poor experience, and no one is happy at the end of the day. Even if you go to a site and register, we are still just halfway there, so we are only happy when you are happy and actually use the site.

We want to create useful resources to help you pick the best sites to play, better understand the games, and make educated decisions.

This way, you are more likely to have a better experience and enjoy poker, and we are more likely to get paid in the process if you are satisfied with our offers. While affiliate commissions are the main way we monetize our website, we also offer direct advertising in the form of sponsored content, banners and listings which do not show our endorsement of any such sites.

You can support us by using our affiliate links and enjoying and sharing the content with your friends.

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

If we direct you to a fishy poker site that does not offer an excellent experience, you will simply not use it, and we won’t make any money. Therefore, we always review sites in detail and only promote ones we believe offer exceptional quality in everything they do.

Our goal is to make you happy so that you stick to our recommendations and trust us the next time you want to try something new.

This is the biggest compliment we can get and is why we never publish misleading content. Our dedicated writers with decades of experience in the gambling industry always share pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Some sites are clearly better than others, and we are happy to recommend you the best of the best, so we partner with the biggest and most trusted online poker sites. They have proven to deliver a top-notch experience to the players and retain them as loyal customers, which says a lot on its own.

Because of this, we never publish fake reviews or recommend unworthy websites. While many sites push unregulated or fraudulent tools, we are here for the long haul and will go for quality instead of anything else.

Of course, this does not mean that we can’t make any mistakes, but we do our best to fix anything as soon as we notice these errors and keep the information up to date if we miss something initially.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you so that the next time you think about where to play, you will jump to rather than anywhere else.

Even though we get paid by poker sites, they never influence our reviews or recommendations. We believe in honesty and transparency, and all our content follows these values. If you want to learn more about this process, check our editorial guidelines to see how we manage to deliver top-notch content.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts with decades of experience, so you know you can trust them. No industry veteran would risk their name promoting something they do not believe in, and this is where we stand above the crowd.

We have tens of writers working on the content daily, and key team members ensuring the quality of it and double-checking information before we click the “publish” button.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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