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Texas Hold’em Poker Equity Calculator

If you were ever left wondering about the poker odds of any given spot, using our poker equity calculator will help you figure them out to an exact number and know just how lucky or unlucky you got.

Whether you play online poker or live games, our Texas Hold’em Poker odds calculator can be used to figure out the odds of the biggest hands you played and the likelihood of each scenario that could have transpired.

How Can the Poker Odds Calculator Help Me?

While some players may want to play poker based on feel or hunches, the truth is poker is a game of math, and odds reign supreme at the green felt.

If you know your equities, understand pot odds, implied odds, and other mathematical concepts, you will beat the opponents who don’t in the long run.

Knowing how equities work takes some studying, and our poker equity calculator is the perfect tool to get you started on this path.

Using the poker calculator together with our educational materials will help you understand how odds work in the game of Texas Hold’em and how to quickly calculate them while playing.

Using the Poker Equity Calculator

poker equity calculator

The poker odds calculator you can find on this page is quite a simple tool that has a very user-friendly interface and helps you figure out the equity of every hand in a given situation.

With the odds calculator, you will be able to find out what percentage of the time your hand was going to win before the flop, on the flop, and the turn, if you know the cards other players had.

If you play online poker, you can quickly look over your hand histories, insert the cards into the odds calculator, and our algorithm, will tell you what the odds were.

If you play live, make sure to remember or jot down the biggest hands you played and your opponents’ cards so you can run them through the calculator later on.

Here is exactly how to use the tool:

  • Input your hole cards into the calculator
  • Input the hole cards of each of your opponents
  • The calculator will show you the preflop odds of each hand
  • Input the three cards for the flop
  • The calculator will now display the odds of each hand winning the pot
  • Compare your hand to the field or to a particular player’s hand
  • Input the turn card to display the odds going to the river

So, you can use the poker equity calculator on this page to calculate preflop, flop, and turn odds of any Texas Hold’em Poker hand you have ever played.

Whether you had the best hand against a draw or were drawing against your opponents, you can find out exactly what your odds were in a matter of seconds.

Poker Calculator Example

poker calculator

Let’s run an example hand and walk you through what everything means.

You input AdKd as your hole cards and the TsTh as your first opponent’s cards. For this example, we will play a heads-up pot.

The calculator says that your hand has 45.92% equity while your opponent’s hand has 53.71% equity. This is the likelihood your hands had to win before the flop was dealt. Note that there is also a 0.36% chance of a split pot.

Even this is a teachable moment, as it demonstrates that what we commonly refer to as a “coin flip” is actually anything but, as the pocket Tens have an edge greater than that the casino has over the player in most casino games.

If you were to run pocket Tens against AKs a million times without further play, you would actually win quite a bit of money, as the hand is a reasonable favorite to win.

The poker odds calculator helped you figure out the preflop equity, so now let us go to the flop of Jd7d5c by inputting those three cards as the flop cards.

poker hand calculator

Immediately, you see the odds shift. Despite having no pair, the AdKd is now a slight favorite at 54.44% against 45.56%, as the overcards and the flush draw give it more equity.

Now that the flop is dealt out, you can also experiment by changing one of your cards to a lower diamond to see how your equity would look like then or adding another opponent with various hand combos into the mix.

In the next step, you can add the turn card, for example, the Qh. This card still doesn’t improve our AK, so we now have 36.36% equity, which is still significant given we have no pair.

This is just one of the many examples you can run for poker hand percentages and figure out how different poker hands stand in different poker scenarios.

Why Do Poker Odds Matter So Much?

If you are not a studies poker player, you may not realize just how important poker odds are and how they can help you make the best choices in the game.

Since you are technically not allowed to use the poker odds calculator while playing the game, you will need to learn how different hands stack up against other hands during your study sessions.

Knowing the equity your hand has against different hands your opponent might have in a given scenario will help you make educated decisions instead of simply gambling.

Combining your equity with pot odds, which you will also need to study up on, will let you know when to make a call when to go for a bluff, and when to fold your cards.

Since there are no limitations to our poker equity calculator, you can run anything from simple and common scenarios like the one we gave in the example above to the wildest and most uncommon situations in multiway pots, etc.

You can also compare the equities you get from the odds calculator to those you get from quick calculations made using the “rule of 2 and 4” and find out just how far off those equities are from the real numbers.

This way, the next time you need to calculate your odds quickly in-game, you will know exactly what to expect and how your quick calculation will differ from the real numbers offered by our algorithm.

Am I Allowed to Use a Poker Hand Calculator While Playing?

You may be wondering, am I allowed to use this tool while playing to figure out my potential equity while in a particular hand?

The rules on this are not universal either in live or online poker, but it is generally recommended not to use any odds calculators while playing.

In a live poker setting, you may not be allowed to be on your phone while in a hand, and you may get penalized if you use your phone while playing a hand.

At online poker sites, the use of odds calculators may be banned, depending on the site you play at, while some tools like this may be allowed at others.

You can find out whether or not a particular poker operator allows the use of poker odds calculators by reading through their terms and conditions in detail, but to be safe, it is best not to use them while playing online poker games.

If you are 100% sure that a particular poker site allows the use of a poker equity calculator, then feel free to use it while playing, but at your own risk.

In all other cases, the tool is better used while not in any actual games. Instead, use it between your sessions to go over the hands you played in your last game and find out the exact equities of the key hands you played.

Poker Odds Calculator FAQs

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