Top 19 Best Poker Training Sites Online for 2019 – Be An Insider

Choosing from the best poker training sites online and finding what works is not an easy task. There are plenty of courses and poker training programs that you can pic – so how to choose the best option?

That is a common question, and if you want to find the most efficient way to improve your results, you are in the right place!

Over the years, I worked with top coaches and enrolled in most of available poker training courses, so I have a pretty good idea what works and what don't.

Some of the programs I have seen are quite bad and did not make a list. While others are incredibly valuable and you should be happy to have a chance to invest your money in these resources. It can drastically save your time and money by helping reach new levels much faster than before.

All in all, I will give you my opinion on the top 19 best poker training sites online, so that you could choose what works for you!

Essential poker training

Upswing Poker Lab – build vital foundations!

A majority of poker training courses out there focuses on a particular segment of the game, be it cash games, tournaments, or live play in general. Rarely do we see a course that comes equipped with a kind of knowledge that covers everything in one place.

This could be both advantage and disadvantage at the same time, but if you are starting in the game and want to build solid foundations, this is an excellent way to do that. Upswing Poker Lab is probably the most complete Texas Holdem course online where you will find all the essential knowledge.

upswing poker lab modules and topics

Some of the game best provide different segments of this poker training so that you can gain invaluable insights from the Lab.

Since everything is neatly organized, you can take one segment at the time and focus on improving that particular area. All in all, it has a lot of content, and if you are ready to study, you will quickly get your money back and likely much more on top!

A-Game Poker by Elliot Roe – learn the winning approach! 

These days, everyone who takes poker seriously is constantly working on their skills, utilizing different coaching options and taking advantage of the best poker training sites online. Thus, being the winner is no longer as easy as learning a few new strategies and implementing them into your game-plan.

In fact, those striving to compete at the highest level, have to deal with all the challenges that are guaranteed to come your way.

The term “mental game” is not a new one, but for those playing against the best or looking to become the best, it has a very different meaning. And the latest Elliot Roe’s course on Run It Once focuses entirely on these other aspects that you can’t find in charts or poker solvers.

a game masterclass elliot roe

Taught by Elliot Roe, one of the leading mindset coaches in the poker industry, this course is designed to help set players on the path of success.

To be honest, this is an area where I have worked a lot even before watching the course. However, I was amazed by all the practical examples and actionable tips I got.

I am more than sure that anyone who is struggling with tilting, emotion control, lack of focus, or have other mental blocks, will significantly benefit from this course.

a game poker master class

elliot roe poker master class banner

The Hand Reading Lab – master the most important skill!

The ability to read the hands of other players is one of the most important skills that every poker player needs, but very few have. The fact of the matter is, reading hands has little to do with guessing and is based on an almost scientific process of building hand ranges.

Luckily, this course aims to teach you exactly that and does a pretty good job.

hand reading lab split suit

Those interested in how exactly this process works, The Hand Reading Lab by James ‘SplitSuit’ Sweeney offers all the answers.

This comprehensive course devoted to hand reading explains the process of constructing and assigning ranges to your opponents based on various factors and is much better explained compared to what you can find in other poker training sites online.

the hand reading lab desktop banner

hand reading lab splitsuit join now

The One Percent – play math based poker!

Poker’s 1% offers an approach that is primarily based on hand ranges and betting frequencies in different spots.

Taking Miller’s book as the foundation for his course, James ‘SplitSuit’ Sweeney created the series of 10 videos, offering more profound analysis and explanations for some of the essential concepts in poker.

The One Percent - SplitSuit poker training course

Inside you will find 70% model, which can make your life much easier when making decisions and you surely be able to fix some of the flaws in your strategy. Even though it looked a bit outdated in some areas, math is math and there is not much you can add here.

With plenty of examples and explanations, this poker training program will help you understand frequencies and build a math-based approach for the game.

the one percent banner

Cash game poker training

Run It Once Training – the best coaches you can find!

There are many good coaches in the world, but there aren't many places where you can see top players share their knowledge, explain strategies, and show you relevant, up to date information.

Players like Phil Galfond, Jason Koon, Ben Sulsky, Elliot Roe, and many more are ready to help you out on your journey, so you should check this site.

run it once poker training site - the best coaches

If you join Elite membership, you will find videos on every possible spot – opening, 3-betting, 4-betting, c-betting, check/raising, bluffing, poker mindset, and many many more. Therefore, you will be able to take the area you want to improve and learn how the best players in the world deal with that situation, how great is that?

On top of that, there are plenty of play and explain videos so you can find everything in one place. I am convinced!

the one percent banner

the one percent banner

Cash Game Mastery – the most advanced approach!

While many poker training courses can help you to improve, not many of those digs as deep as this one. Andres “educa-p0ker” Artinano who is considered to be one of the best players in the world, and has made millions of dollars online, is ready to hand over his strategies to you.

He is doing that, because of a move from online poker, so you can be sure that he will not hold anything back and expose the very best strategies for you in this course.

elite cash games mastery poker training

You will find preflop videos and charts for any imaginable situation with clear explanations when and how to use it. Postflop part a well of knowledge and conveniently divided by different topics, so that you could study what you need the most.

With many play & explain videos and advanced topics discussions you can easily take a grasp on how the best players play and immediately use those strategies in your games.

Crush The Barron – scientific approach to poker stats!

In the world of high stakes poker, there is one name that all players and fans know all too well: OTB_RedBaron. He is one of the biggest winners in No-Limit Hold’em high stakes games, and continually puts his opponents to the test.

Wouldn't it be great to get inside the head of such a player to borrow some of the strategies that he uses to crush others? Now you can do it!

Another benefit is that this course is taught by Andreas ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano, another high stakes crusher.

crush the baron - best poker training sites

It is dedicated to analyzing OTB_RedBaron’s hands from his database to try and determine how the Baron approaches different important segments of the play, from preflop raises, over 3-bet pots and continuation betting, to playing in the blinds, and more.

The course gives you a chance to learn from one of the best as it dissects OTB_RedBaron’s play and Educa—p0ker is more than qualified to understand and explain the complex decision-making process behind every check, bet, and call.

crush the baron BANNER

Poker Formula For Success – a step-by-step guide for building poker career!

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with many top-notch players and best coaches in the world, which helped me see what a winning strategy really needs to have.

After trying to transfer that experience to my students, I saw that this process can easily by systemized to make information about professional players strategies more accessible to everyone. This is how my best poker training course “Formula for poker success” was born.

My Poker Coaching Formula For Success

In this course, you will find strategies for most essential parts of the game, such as preflop ranges and adjustments, blinds play, 3-bet pots, c-betting, bluffing and bluff catching, bet sizing and much more.

On top of that, you will also get a step-by-step guide on how to use all of that information at the tables in the most effective way.

You will not only have the strategies WHAT to do but also an actionable guide on HOW to do it!

More information about Poker Formula for Success!

Poker tournament training

Winning Poker Tournaments – the best all around course!

Poker tournaments are different from cash games in many of their aspects but, most importantly, in terms of the stack size, which constantly fluctuates with every pot won or lost and always increasing blinds and antes.

In this course, named Winning Poker Tournaments, Nick Petrangelo addresses many of these and other intricacies, laying out a detailed plan on how to create a winning MTT strategy.

winning poker tournaments - best mtt poker training courses

Petrangelo’s tournament results speak for themselves. Having cashed for well over $20,000,000 during his career so far, with two WSOP bracelets to his name, and various other achievements, he is certainly in a position to provide the kind of information you could be looking for.

Before we proceed with this Winning Poker Tournaments review, it must be said that it is a really serious course in terms of contents you’ll find inside.

Heavily focusing on numbers, stats, and decision trees, Nick Petrangelo approaches the game from a mathematical, scientific standpoint. So if you want value for your money, you’ll need to focus and take in the information presented in the videos.

High Stakes Sessions – proven strategies from the best players in the field!

If you are just starting out playing tournaments, this course could be a bit too complicated for you. It is dedicated to serious MTT players who are looking to take their game even further.

If you are such player,  High Stakes Sessions will help you maximize EV by making advanced adjustments to your strategy. Possibly in a way, you have not even considered before.

high stakes sessions - mtt hand reviews nick petrangelo

Nick reveals all his hands and decision-making process from his $2,100 buy-in and $1,050 buy-in High Roller tournament during the 2019 SCOOP, victories. So you can be sure that the information is as fresh as it could possibly be.

On top of that, you will get plenty of tips and explanations for different areas of the game, so that you could easily learn how the best players in the world make their decisions.

More info about High Stakes MTT Sessions!

Different formats and mixed games

Short Deck Holdem – the best way to learn the game!

Short Deck Holdem is gaining a lot of traction and is becoming one of the most promising games. If there was ever a time to get your foot in the door and learn a new poker format, it is now.

Games can once again feel like 10 years ago, with massive win rates available and many players spewing money at the table without understanding what they are doing. If you want to take advantage of this situation, I do not see a better way to master the game than joining this program!

top mixed games poker training site

In this course, you will learn much more than just Short Deck rules. You will build strong fundamentals and learn advanced strategies, see how to adjust your preflop and postflop play compared to Texas Holdem.On top of that, you will learn to avoid the most common mistakes and exploit weaker players by adjusting your strategy to counter their leaks. This is an in-depth course that will teach you everything you need to know about six-plus games so that you can easily beat your opponents.

six plus holdem course upswing

short deck course online mobile

Heads-Up Mastery – learn from the best player in the world!

Of all the different ways to play poker, most players tend to agree that heads up is the one segment where the skill is emphasized the most. The heads-up game is less about cards you’re dealt and much more about how you play those cards and how you adjust to your opponents.

This does not mean that we are talking only about HU games, quite contrary. In all Texas Holdem formats, you will end up playing most of your hands heads-up, be it MTTs or cash games.

Thus leaving yourself vulnerable in this spot is like shooting yourself in the foot – there is no way to be a winning poker player without mastering heads up poker strategy.

Even though it is probably the hardest format of the game, for those ready to put in the required work, this course offers everything you could possibly need to succeed – and more.

heads up mastery - doug polk poker training course

Tought by Doug Polk himself, the course provides a detailed breakdown of HU poker, going into (sometimes painful) detail on how to approach the HU play and what is required to make it in the competitive environment of today’s game.

As far as credentials are concerned, Polk has been one of the most successful nosebleeds heads-up players for years, battling it out with the likes of Sauce123 and Jungleman, and coming out on top.

An important thing to understand going into the Heads-up Master course, however, is that there is no magic formula for becoming a HU master overnight.

Although Polk offers all you’ll need to succeed, a lot of it will still depend on your willingness to put in the hours and work on your game, applying the newly acquired knowledge and bringing it to the table.

Mixed Games – play any game, at any time!

No Limit Texas Hold’em and PLO are known and played by many players. These days, with plenty of solvers and poker training courses dedicated to those, it becomes harder and harder to make significant amounts of money in these games.

However, there are many more poker variations, offering fresh opportunities for making money, but have a severe lack of useful information on how to build winning strategies. To be honest, the lack of information can be a huge advantage if you are seriously looking to improve.

Likely, other players will not be willing to invest their time or resources to study and will leave you many opportunities to make a ton of money. This is where the Mixed Games Mastery Course comes into play.

top mixed games poker training site

The course encompasses five limit (fixed) games usually found in the Mixed Games setup, namely Razz, Stud, Stud 8, Omaha 8 or Better, and Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.

After the introduction, the course is broken down into five sections, each of them containing videos covering one of the games in the mix. That way, players can approach it in any way they like and improve their knowledge in one or two specific games in a nice and organized fashion.

PLO Lab – the only pot limit omaha course you will ever need!

Although PLO strategy is similar to Texas Hold’em on the surface, it is actually a completely different game with its own math and strategy that you can’t expect to just know, even if you’re a very good Hold’em player.

Trying to play PLO applying Hold’em concepts to it can be a very dangerous (and expensive) mission.

That’s why PLO Lab represents an excellent resource for those looking to get started with the game and those who already know fundamental concepts but want to sharpen their strategies and learn new things.

plo lab - best pot limi omaha training site

Thought by Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger, a highly experienced and successful PLO professional player, the course is designed to introduce you to the world of Pot Limit Omaha strategy and transition even a complete beginner into a very solid player.

Crush Live Games – master live play differences and crush your opponents!

Live poker games are quite different from online counterparts, and if you want to reach longterm success, you have to make vital adjustments and learn how to read your opponents at the table.

Obviously, strategy, GTO concepts, and exploitative plays are also crucial – but all of this is covered in my Live Games MasterClass!

My Poker Coaching Live Poker Master Class big

Learn what is the best way to adjust to live poker games, how to read your opponents, and understand behavior, timing, and verbal tells to make better decisions every time when you play!

More info about Live Games MasterClass!

Straddle Poker Games – learn how to beat straddles and maximize your wins!

If you are playing straddle games and want to improve, you do not have many options.

Therefore, rather than consuming random content and trying to learn strategies that do not fit together into one picture, you can take your game to the next level with complete poker training program – Straddle Poker Games MasterClass!

straddle poker games master class

In this course, you will learn how to adjust your preflop strategy in three blinds(straddle) games, lay down strong foundations for post-flop play and make crucial adjustments for this format.

This way, you can stop wasting your time and money by making random guesses how you should play, and concentrate on maximizing your EV!

More info about Straddle Poker Games MasterClass!

Best poker training software

Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker – not only the trackers!

Tracking software is essential for anyone who is playing online. It not only gives you vital information on your opponent tendencies and playing style but can be a valuable learning tool as well.

Besides, you can be sure that almost all of your opponents are using it while playing or studying, so you should not be left behind.

My article on “Holdem Manager vs Poker Tracker” will help you choose which software is a better fit for your situation, but you should know that these apps are far more than just tracking software.


You can use it to identify and find mistakes in your play, as well as for poker training of specific areas.

What could be better than the ability to compare your stats to the best players in the world and see what they are doing differently?

Or to filter out hands of a specific spot where you are struggling at the moment to review your play and identify strategy mistakes?

All of this and much more could be done with trackers, so if you are not using one at the moment, grab a free trial and take advantage of it!

poker tracker 4 banner good


holdem manager 2 banner

Poker Snowie – learn from advanced AI engine!

Game strategy and poker training software have come a long way from the beginning, and Poker Snowie is a perfect example of that.

This solver is easily the most user-friendly GTO training software on the market. It actually delivers results and helps you learn GTO (game theory optimal) approach to poker.

poker snowie - best poker training software

It uses advanced artificial intelligence engine, that will give you precise solutions for basically any situation you can imagine. What is worth pointing out is that those solutions will be math-based and unexploitable.

You can use those strategies against any player you encounter and be doing very good against it. Obviously, you need to learn how to exploit weaker players, but the math-based approach should be your starting point, and PokerSnowie can give you exactly that.

It also has a number of different features that can help you learn faster:

  • Training – where you play against computer opponents, and software analyze your decisions
  • Real hand analyzes – as the name suggest you import your hands and Snowie shows your mistakes
  • Situations – you can set-up any scenario you want and analyze strategies for that area (my favorite part of this tool)

PokerSnowie Free Trial

PokerSnowie Free Trial

ICMIZER – a powerful tool for icm calculations and better decision making!

If you play MTTs or SNGs, you know that understanding when to PUSH or FOLD and how ICM influence your decisions in later stages of these tournaments is a must.

ICIMIZER is probably the best end-game solution calculator, with additional tools (more in this review) for training and mastering right strategies.

icmizer - top poker training software

It will help you improve your decision-making based on prize structure and chip stacks of your opponents.

This way, you will get an exact answer to every question you might have about the final stages of tournament play. As a result, you will be able to make math-based decisions and improve your win-rate almost at once.

–>>Try it out for FREE!<<–

PIO Solver – know all the answers!

PIO solver is one of the best poker training software available today for analyzing game theory optimal strategy in heads-up play.

As you can say from the first sentence, it only works for heads-up play, and there are no options to analyze multiway pots, which is not that great.

pio solver - advanced poker training software

Anyone who’s ever considered playing poker seriously has quickly realized that the only way to really move forward

However, it has huge advantages as well. You can assign ranges to your opponents to create more human-like scenarios and analyze real situations.

This tool will show you which hands to bet or check in any given situation, how often you should be doing that and what sizings are optimal. So basically, it can show you how to play in every area of the game.

But to run it, you need to have a lot of computing power that comes with extra cost. On top of that, it is not as user-friendly as alternatives so most players will benefit more from the previously mentioned app – PokerSnowie.

Get a FREE book!

my poker coaching - poker book formula for success
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Recent Posts

Advanced Poker Training – How Does It Look?

advanced poker training strategy

You can learn poker in many different ways, but if you really want to take your game to the next level, you need advanced poker training approach to succeed.

First of all, you need to realize that watching random videos, reading articles from time to time or even analyzing hands without any structure will not help you much. To reach success, you have to develop a clear system of what you need to do, and the easiest way to make it happen is to join one the best pokertrainign sites that you cna find online.

The Start of Advanced Poker Training Approach

Even before starting the games, you should be fully aware of a few things. The first step that many players miss is choosing the right poker format. To do that, you need to go all the way back to the beginning and think about the WHY of the game.

For many years, I was playing MTTs and making good money, but never really enjoyed it because the schedule was too much for me. I had to sleep at day and play at nights, which was exhausting and led to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, I was not able to perform at my best, until I realized that I am playing the wrong format and moved to cash games.

Do not repeat my mistakes and think about the format, which you want to play, and most importantly, which one would fit your needs the best. Only then, you will be able to develop as a player, and stop wasting time on irrelevant things.

When you know what you are going to play, it is easy to choose the best poker training for your situation and identify the most suitable poker tools that will help you on the way.

Poker Training Foundations in Your Game

When you know the game of your choice, where to play and have software ready at your fingertips, you should understand the main principles before you start building the strategy part.

Knowing that margins in today’s games are very small, you should take some serious consideration about mental strategy as well. If you can prevent yourself from tilting or just reduce that to the minimum, you will save a lot of money in the way and instantly increase your win rate.

Even though it requires a lot of focus and dedication, to identify your emotions and reasons for tilting, there are few simple things, you can do to give yourself an instant boost:

  • Spend a few minutes preparing for your games (turn on distractions and take care of your basic needs)
  • Warm-up before playing (review few hands or go over your stats in Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker)
  • Learn to reduce poker variance (identify good games and quit on time)
  • Never start playing when feeling bad (you will not be able to concentrate on making the right decisions)

These simple steps will help you control your emotions and keep your concentration longer, which leads to playing ar your best. You can much more actionalbe tips on “A” Game Course and increase in the results.

a game poker master class

elliot roe poker master class banner

GTO versus exploitative play

All profesional players know game theory optimal strategies quite well, and this is a topic you just have to put in your advanced poker training path.

However, very few understand the actual implementation of this topic. I wrote the full article about GTO poker strategy vs exploitative play, so make sure to check it out if you have a few minutes.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that game theory optimal play is only used as a starting point versus good players or unknowns. When you learn that part, you will make the most money from exploitative play and be punishing your opponents for their mistakes, instead of just trying to balance your ranges.

Many players take GTO too far and try to apply it in every possible situation, leaving a lot of money at the table. Thus, this alone will help you build much better strategies, so take advantage of this knowledge and maximize your EV.

Advanced Preflop Approach

When all previous work is done, you should spend some time mastering preflop strategy. Without understanding it, and most importantly, knowing how to adjust versus different players you will never win a lot of money. If you end up making mistakes preflop, it is close to impossible to play the right strategy later on so this part is essential.

It is like building a house if you lay down bad foundations, there is no way to create everything else, and even if you manage to do that, it will eventually fall. Same is if you make mistakes preflop, you will end up in many dangerous situations where you do not have enough value hands, your ranges are very unbalanced, or you simply end up not bluffing enough, which is bad in all cases.

I know that many players have a misconception about playing from charts and think that it is not a valid strategy so let me answer this once and for all and tell you the secret. Every single good poker player in the world plays from charts, be it printed ones or in his head. It does not matter. There is just no way around it.

I used to think that it is just another statement until I invested a lot of my time and money into actually figuring it out. I was amazed by how quickly I was able to improve my game after building the right ranges for all situations and understanding how to use it. Right now, I have a clear strategy how to play versus regulars, how to play versus unknowns, how to play versus recreational players, how to adjust my approach facing different bet sizing from my opponents and so on. I can quickly identify my opponent’s mistakes and punish them hard.

Therefore, building the best possible preflop strategy should be your top priority if you want to have success. For starters, you can get my FREE preflop poker cheat sheets and start your journey from there.

printable poker hands cheat sheet

Analyzing Your Game

There are few options for how you can go about it. The easiest one is to record your session using any of free screen recorders and then review how you played. I am sure that you will see things in a different light when watching your play form the side without being in the heat of the action.

Moreover, if you have poker playing friends, you can ask them to review your video and give feedback. But if you choose this option, you just have to be sure that your friend is a much better player and that he can give valuable advice in the first place.

However, the second option is much more reliable. You will need Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager for this task. Both programs have free trials so you can download and try it out.

It allows creating custom filters, reports and using mighty HUD to see all the information in one place. Thus, you should take advantage of the tools that are available at your disposal.

The good thing about this is that even without knowing what you are doing wrong or knowing what stats are good, you can compare your statistics with winning players. It will help you to identify, where you are deviating from the norm, and most likely, leaving money on the table.

I never had such a clear understanding of the game until I started analyzing mine and my opponent's stats. It was one of the breaking points of my career. I was able to identify, how the theory could be implemented in practice, and how it can help me reach better results. All that said, you just have to play around with these tools, and you will learn more than you think.

On top of that, you can find someone who already done that and learn from them, this is the way I recommend to do it!

crush the baron BANNER

The Crucial Parts of Poker Strategy

So finally, we reached the last part of this section, and I am more than happy to say, that if you cover these topics alone, you will be a better player than the vast majority of your opponents.

After working with hundreds of players, I was able to identify that most of them are struggling in the same areas as I struggled years ago, so I created advanced poker training program Formula For Poker Success for all of it:

  • When to c-bet and barrel multiple streets;
  • How to play from big blind when facing a c-bet and when your opponent checks back;
  • How to play postflop after calling 3-bets (when to playback, raise or float);
  • When to bluff, bluff catch and take advantage of players mistakes in these areas;
  • How to use bet sizing to manipulate your opponents play.

If you master only these 5 areas, you are almost guaranteed to make money in your games, and you will be on your way to success.

Moreover, when you learn not only WHAT to do, but understand the WHY part as well, you will know how to make decisions in every possible situation and will be ready to start printing money!

Final Thoughts on Advanced Poker Training

Days, when it was enough to raise, and c-bet are gone, and will never come back. Therefore, you have to develop a poker training strategy that works for you and keep continually improving your game.

It is the only way to go if you want long-term success and I highly recommend devoting some time thinking it through. I hope you will be able to take a few useful thought away from this article and see you at the tables!

If you want to dig deeper into advanced poker strategy, learn more about check-raising and other vital concepts, you can always check out my complete training program “Poker Formula For Success” and make your life even easier at the tables!

Formula for poker success BANNER