Daniel Negreanu MasterClass


This training course includes:

  • Introduction to poker basics
  • Game theory and math breakdown
  • Preflop and postflop analysis of various situations
  • Cash game and tournament strategies
  • Essential live play tips and adjustments
  • Additional steps to boost your profit


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Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review – Is It For You?

If you’re just starting with poker, what is really the best course for you? Maybe you’ve just learned the rules of Hold’em and played a few games but don’t know where to go next.

Tournaments, cash games, live, online? There are so many options and so much to learn, but how do you decide?

If you’re facing this type of dilemma, then Daniel Negreanu MasterClass course is the answer. It’s quite different from most specialized poker training options since it doesn’t focus on a single aspect of the game but rather tries to provide an overview of Hold’em in its entirety.

daniel negreanu poker masterclass review

Taught by one of the game’s best and offering a total of 38 video lessons, each lasting between 10 and 30 minutes, Daniel Negreanu MasterClass might be the best introductory poker course one could ask for.

This MasterClass is affordable, it covers all the topics you need to know about, and it is presented in a very clear and engaging way.

Despite the name, this course won’t make you a poker master, though. It will provide you with a lot of fundamental knowledge of the game and offer a lot of insights, but this MasterClass is more like your first serious step into the poker world.

If Negreanu can’t make you hungry to go out and look for more information and keep working on your game, than you just might not be passionate about it enough.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass at a Glance

Although the course is structured as one series of poker lessons coming one after another, there are four large sections that can be identified for the purposes of this Daniel Negreanu MasterClass review.

  • Game fundamentals (positions, ranges, board textures, math)
  • Various situations (c-betting, check/raising, bet sizing, buffing, etc..)
  • Metagame (live tells, table image, MTT, and cash hame adjustments, etc..)
  • Final touches (tilt control, bankroll management, game selection, training, and so on…)

In the first two parts, Negreanu talks about some game fundamentals, which is pretty basic but very valuable for someone just starting.

daniel negreanu masterclass courses

It is the next two parts that help Daniel Negreanu MasterClass stand out from the rest. In these lessons, Daniel talks about things he really knows well, having spent years playing live poker at the highest level.

Finally, he takes time to talk about things that every person looking to play poker seriously should know. Stuff such as tilt control, bankroll management, and game selection has a significant impact on the bottom line. Figuring these out is just as important as learning your pot odds and EV.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review: Game Fundamentals

Every poker journey starts at the beginning. Once you learn the rules of Texas Hold'em and feel ready to start playing for real money, there are a few things you should know.

Negreanu offers a series of video lessons explaining these fundamental poker concepts combined with hand examples from famous TV shows like The Big Game and Shark Cage. It definitely adds value to the course and makes it even more entertaining to watch.

daniel negreanu master class review hands

Understanding Position

The first thing that Daniel decides to discuss in terms of poker theory is the importance of the position. To make the idea clearer for the beginners, he draws a parallel with blackjack, explaining how the house has the advantage exactly because the player always has to decide whether to hit or stand first.

Negreanu tries to keep it simple in his poker MasterClass, focusing on the main differences you need to know about when playing in and out of position.

He goes through some main ideas for the correct hand selection but also emphasizes that you always need to be aware of the table and adjust to other players.

Hand Ranges and Board Texture

Figuring out what your opponents may have and making correct decisions based on your conclusions is one of the essential poker skills.

Daniel Negreanu explains how the approach to hand reading has changed over the years, shifting from the exact hand to thinking more in terms of hand ranges, i.e., the spectrum of hands a player could be holding.

daniel negreanu masterclass review ranges

Putting your opponents on correct ranges is essential.

At the same time, you also want to avoid becoming predictable, and this is where Daniel Negreanu offers some ideas on how to balance your play to make it hard for your opponents to put you on an accurate range of cards.

He also touches on the topic of the range advantage, the concept that suggests that certain boards favor certain players. Understanding this idea is very important as it will help you to decide whether to bet and what sizing to use in many situations later in the hand.

Now it’s all about ranges, my range vs. your range, and Daniel does a good job explaining this vital concept.

Game Theory and Math

The final video in this first section deals with game theory (GTO poker) and math. In this Daniel Negreanu Masterclass, you will find two different approaches to the game.

The first one is based purely on math and making sure your opponents can’t take advantage of you. The second one is more player-focused.

Which one is better, though?

In this section, Daniel explains fundamental concepts, such as pot odds and folding frequency. For those utterly new to the game, these are very valuable bits, but repeating some fundamentals can only be a good thing even for more experienced players.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review: Betting Basics

After covering some of the fundamental mathematical principles of the game, Negreanu turns to the other significant segment of poker – betting.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass strategy

Knowing when to bet, when to fold, and how to size your bets properly is very important, and the lessons in this segment do an excellent job of explaining some of the fundamental principles of betting.


Continuation betting or c-betting has long been one of the most-used bets in poker. If you’re the original raiser, you’ll want to continue the aggression once the flop is out to give yourself the best chance to win the pot.

However, c-betting just for the sake of it isn’t an answer.

Daniel goes through some of the most important things to consider when deciding whether to c-bet or not in a particular situation.

He looks at different board types, discusses the importance of the number of players involved in the hand, and how you should always think ahead and consider different turn and river scenarios.


Although check-raising is the kind of play that beginners often avoid, it is a powerful weapon in your arsenal. It stops opponents from running over you and helps keep them on their toes.

Having a check-raise range prevents your opponents from betting every time you check.

But how do you structure your check-raising range properly?

You can’t have just strong hands in it, but you can’t have too many weak hands, either. In this part of Daniel Negreanu MasterClass, he explains some finer points of Texas Holdem strategy and provides good fundamentals to help you understand how you should be thinking about check-raising.


Three-betting and dealing with 3-bets can be tricky. Daniel Negreanu Master Course won’t give you all the answers you need about this topic, but it will provide a solid guidance system for these spots.

Daniel explains all the essential things to look in 3-bet pots, such as:

  • your position
  • effective stack depth
  • your opponents’ tendencies and more

daniel negreanu masterclass review 3betting

Putting all these segments together will help you play much better in these scenarios.

Detecting and Executing a Bluff

Bluffing is an essential part of poker, and every good player uses this move from time to time. Likewise, you’ll have to deal with some bluffs in almost every game you find yourself in.

In this video, Daniel Negreanu explains the basics of a good bluff, comparing it to a story or a lie.

In order for it to be successful, the bluff needs to make sense from the beginning to the end. You have to stay alert and adjust to the situation as new cards that come up should influence your decisions.

Daniel also talks about the value of blockers in poker when trying to execute a bluff, capped ranges, and other vital things to think about whether you’re the one doing the bluffing or are trying to figure out if you’re up against a bluff.

daniel negreanu masterclass review blockers in poker

The video is followed by several examples of hands you might have already seen on TV. However, Negreanu looks at these hands in the light of the information that has just been discussed, showing you how some of these things can be helpful in real-life scenarios.

Bet Sizing & Overbetting

The ability to size your bets properly in different situations is essential to your long-term poker success.

Ideally, you want to make the most money with your big hands and risk the least amount of chips when you’re bluffing.

But, how do you figure out the correct numbers?

In these two lessons, Negreanu looks at different aspects, such as the board texture, your opponents’ tendencies, and more. He also discusses the overbetting strategy, which has become popular in recent years.

Making big bets can be fun, but you need to have a very good reason to do it. Otherwise, you’ll just be spewing your chips away.

Multi-Way Dynamics

Although many pots in Hold’em go heads-up, this isn’t always the case. Often, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll be in hand with two, three, or even eight other players.

When this happens, you need to make essential adjustments to your strategy as these pots are much different from heads up situations.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass teaches you fundamental rules for multi-way scenarios.

You’ll learn some dos and don’ts in these situations. Adopting these poker tips will help you save a lot of money in the long run and open your eyes to new possibilities that don’t necessarily exist in one-on-one scenarios.

Mixed Strategy

If there is one thing that you want to avoid as a poker player that’s becoming too predictable.

This means that you can’t afford to play the same hand the same way every single time. Instead, you need to adhere to a mixed strategy.

daniel negreanu masterclass tips

Daniels Master Class provides some excellent tips on how to execute this mixed strategy and keep your opponents on their toes at all times.

The less they know about your game and tendencies, the better, so there is hardly ever a reason to give them any information about your hands when you don’t have to.

Pre and Post-flop Mistakes

Wrapping up this segment of the course is a video covering some of the most common mistakes that beginners but even some of the more experienced players make.

Daniel discusses pre-flop and post-flop scenarios alike and talks about things such as limping instead of raising, falling victim to reverse implied odds, getting overly attached to pre-flop premiums, etc. Something that every player should understand.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review: Tournaments Play and More

One of the reasons why Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is such a valuable resource for beginners is because it is presented by the player who has achieved success in almost all types of poker.

Daniel is not a one-trick-pony.

He is proficient in cash games and tournaments alike. Several videos in his Master Class deal with the fundamental tournament strategy and will be quite valuable if that’s what you’re interested in.

daniel negreanu masterclass review mtt tournaments

Tournament Strategy: Early and Middle Stages

Starting at the top, Negreanu discusses early and middles stages of a multi-table tournament. He emphasizes the importance of being able to adapt to new situations as things change all the time in MTTs.

Blinds go up, stack sizes change, and you have to keep up with all of it if you want to be successful.

daniel negreanu masterclass tournaments strategy

Although there are different approaches to the early stages of an MTT, Daniel suggests you’re best off playing conservatively and trying to survive.

You can’t win the tournament during the first few levels, but you certainly can bust.

As things move to the middle stage, you’ll need to adjust your strategy and be mindful of dwindling stacks at your table.

Daniel offers some great tips you should keep in mind when playing tournaments. Although he doesn’t go into detail about what exact hands to play from what position, he offers an excellent general overview of everything you need to pay attention to during initial levels of an MTT.

If you want to learn which hands to play from which position, you can always grab my poker cheat sheet.

poker cheat sheet NEW

On the Bubble

The bubble is one of the most important stages of any tournament. Once everyone is about to make money, it is crucial to understand how your strategy needs to change depending on your current position, stack size, and the table makeup.

This is where the Independent Chip Model (ICM) also starts to come into play, and Daniel does a great job explaining the fundamentals of ICM.

You won’t get in-depth explanations with complex numbers and formulas, but if you’re new to this concept, you’ll get a pretty good grasp of what it is and why it is so useful in tournament poker.

Late Stages & Final Table

As the tournament moves past the bubble and enters its final stages, your strategy needs to change once again.

Once you’ve made the money, you need to start thinking about building your stack for the final table.

This means taking some risks and going for it.

Negreanu also talks about the final table play. This is where all big money is in most tournaments, and you need to be aware of all the intricacies that come into play.

What is the pay jumps like? How’s your stack compared to other stacks at the table? What is your best play in a particular situation given all this information combined with the cards you’re dealt?

Universal Tournament Strategy

To wrap up the tournament play discussion, Negreanu offers a video talking about universal tournament strategy. In this video, he emphasizes some crucial things about MTTs in general and talks about the inherent variance that comes with this format.

If you want to play tournaments, you need to understand that you’ll need to get lucky in some spots to win.

He also discusses what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on during a tournament. For example, instead of thinking about the average stack size, you should be much more focused on whether the stack you have in front of you is big enough to offer some playability.

Make sure you maintain your fold equity, stay sharp, and look for opportunities to steal pots.

Cash Games

If tournaments aren’t your cup of tea and you’d rather play cash games, Daniel Negreanu Master Class offers some insights about this variation as well.

The good thing about cash games is that they don’t involve so much variance and provide a much more stable income.

Daniel offers some excellent ground rules for those looking to succeed in cash games pertaining to what you should and shouldn’t do, what players you can take advantage of, what to avoid, etc.

Cash games are all about taking every possible edge in poker hands you can find, no matter how small, while staying disciplined and not spewing away your own money.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review: Metagame

As you probably know, there is more to poker than just math and numbers. Often, you can make correct decisions based on something the other player does.

Tells, table talk, and similar things are often dubbed the metagame, and becoming competent in this particular segment can be huge for your success.

As someone who’s spent years on the live scene and has always focused on this particular segment more than many other great players, Negreanu is just the person you want to explain some of these intricacies.

daniel negreanu master class review

Thus, this segment of Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is particularly interesting and quite enjoyable to watch.

Masking & Spotting Tells

There are all sorts of physical tells players display at the tables. Learning what these are, how to spot them, and how to hide them takes some work and experience, but it is definitely worth it in the long run if you want to play live poker.

Negreanu goes through some of the most common poker tells you’ll likely encounter in live games and talks about the reasons behind it.

Everything can be a tell – from the way you look at your cards, how you sit, and how you chew your gum to how you bet.

daniel negreanu master class strategy

Negreanu does make sure to make it a point that there are no absolutes, though. The value of the tell depends on your particular experience with a player. Not everyone has the same tells, and not every player behaves exactly the same.

Table Talk

If there is one thing that Negreanu has perfected over the years, that’s table talk. There is hardly a professional player that talks more at the table. But Daniel isn’t just talking for the sake of talking, this is all part of his strategy.

One thing that is unique in Daniel Negreanu Masterclass is that he teaches you some of his strategies and the things he looks for when talking to other players.

Gathering the information about your opponents can help you make a sort of baseline for what to expect. Stereotyping may not be a good thing in real life, but at the table, it can be a precious tool, especially when you’re up against the players you have never played against.

How to Think at a Poker Table

While figuring out other players is important, it’s equally as important how you think at a poker table.

Negreanu emphasizes that you must never let your emotions take over and take precedence over logic.

You need to be able to think clearly at all times and stick to math. You’ll have urges to gamble and try to get lucky. However, you need to fight these off and continue to play fundamentally sound and solid poker.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review: The Poker Player Life

The final segment of Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is primarily aimed at those who may be thinking about taking poker more seriously.

If you want to become a professional player or have poker as an important source of income, there are other things you’ll need to think about even away from the tables.

daniel negreanu masterclass professional players

Managing and Exploiting Tilt

Talent alone isn’t enough to succeed in poker. You’ll need a great amount of discipline and the ability to take the good and the bad.

Tilt is a natural phenomenon, and no poker player is immune to it, but it is how you deal with a tilt that will define your success.

As a player with a tremendous amount of experience, Daniel Negreanu offers useful insights about the underlying causes of tilt and the best strategies to deal with it. He also talks about recognizing tilt in other players and finding ways to turn this to your advantage.

Table Image & Metagame

It is essential to be aware of what kind of opinion other players have about you. What is their perception of your play based on the information they have?

daniel negreanu masterclass review table image

Building and maintaining your table image is a complex process, and in his poker MasterClass Daniel talks about various elements that come into play here.

Your table image is changing all the time, and you need to be aware of these changes. How other players perceive you will heavily influence their decisions later in the game.

Player Profiling

As a poker player, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where you’re playing against the group of people you don’t know much about.

In these scenarios, it is vital to be able to figure out who you’re up against and put them in certain broad groups, to begin with.

You can do it by:

  • Paying attention to everything that’s happening at the table and make mental notes
  • Staying alert even when you’re not involved in a hand
  • Watching other players and see what you can deduce about their game

The more you know, the better your idea of their tendencies will be, which will become quite useful later on when you find yourself in a pot against them. This way, you will learn how to play poker against different opponents and will be able to make profitable adjustments.

Game Selection

If you’re playing poker seriously and making money is one of the primary goals, you need to find games where you can actually make money.

Game selection is an important skill that every professional and semi-professional poker player needs to have.

First of all, you need to be honest with yourself and not play in the games where you’re a clear underdog. Beyond that, Negreanu offers many great tips that should help you find good games no matter where you play.

Bankroll Management & Off-felt Training

The idea of poker bankroll management is nothing new. Every serious player needs to have proper bankroll management to ensure they don’t go bust.

Daniel explains why this is so important and also offers some guidelines as to how to manage your bankroll correctly.

daniel negreanu masterclass review bankroll training

But, if you want to succeed, you’ll also need to put in the work away from the tables. In this day and age, there are many great poker tools to help you improve your play.

While your poker skills are essential, you’ll also need to take care of your physical and mental health at the same time as playing long sessions can take a toll on your body.

Life as a Poker Player

The final video in this Daniel Negreanu MasterClass review is an excellent conclusion for the whole course.

It wraps things up with an important question: what it is that you want from poker?

If you want to become a successful player and make a career out of it, you will need to put in a lot of work, effort, and dedication.

In this final video, Daniel offers some great tips on how you should be thinking about poker if you want to become a pro.

This is your business, and you have to always look for opportunities to make more money out of it, using all the strategies at your disposal. It is a rough path with a lot of swings, so you need to be prepared if you want to take this journey.

Conclusion: Is Daniel Negreanu MasterClass For You?

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is definitely different from most other poker training courses out there. While it isn’t nearly as intense or as focused as some of the other options, it is a good overview of all things poker that offers great insights into the game.

So, who is this course for?

I’d say Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is the most beneficial to players who are starting out in poker.

After watching these video lessons, you’ll have a much better idea of poker fundamentals across the board, from math and strategy to tells and bankroll management.

As for the more advanced players, this course can still be valuable if you’re making a transition from online to live play or want to improve your reading abilities.

For this low price you will get:

  • Insights from one of the game bests
  • Strategy fundamentals
  • Useful tips for reading other players
  • Useful workbook with information form this course
  • On-demand videos that will let you access it whenever you want
  • Other courses on MasterClass for the same price

To join Daniel Negreanu MasterClass now, click here.

So, even if you don’t think there is anything new for you to learn here in terms of strategy, having one of the game’s legends share some of his secrets and talk about his career is quite entertaining. And, no matter how good you are, there is always something you can pick up along the way.

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