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If you’re looking to play online casino real money games, you’ve come to the right place.

This page covers everything you need to know about real money casinos and provides you with the information required to find the best, safest, and most reliable sites out there.

Finding the Best Online Casinos for Real Money

online casinos for real money

How do you know what sites you can trust and who will provide you with the best service and the best experience for your money? These questions aren’t easy to answer, even if you’re a seasoned gambler, let alone someone just starting with real money casino games.

The biggest challenge players face in the modern online gambling arena is finding the best real money casinos. There are so many sites to choose from, and if you ask them, they are all the best.

Every casino will market itself as safe, generous, and player-friendly, so it takes some digging under the surface to uncover the real truth.

The best way to approach this problem is by following a few simple steps before signing up. As long as you stick to this routine, you can rest assured that your chosen real money casino is one of the best.

⭐ Licensing as the starting point

It's not by accident that top real money casinos flaunt their licensing information and list every single license they have. These prove that the operator runs a serious and legal business that aligns with modern laws and legislation.

So, before anything else, you should always look for the licensing info and see if the operator has a license from one of the big honchos like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Isle of Man, or Curacao.
Any local licenses, such as the one from the UK Gambling Commission, are always good to see, even if you're not a UK player. A UK license, in particular, is hard to get, so if a site has one, you can be pretty sure they're legit.

You should probably stay away if you can’t find clear licensing info about a real money online casino. There might be some decent ones without a license for one reason or another, but this is simply too big of a gamble.

⭐ Overall casino design & functionality

There are many different approaches to building a gambling site, and there is no right or wrong answer here. So, when talking about design, we're not talking about the choice of colors or size of the buttons.

Rather, it’s the overall feel you get from visiting a site, and as strange as it may seem, that first impression is rarely wrong.

Real money sites that don’t offer a functional and player-friendly interface will usually fail your expectations in other areas.

Again, there might be some exceptions here, but with so many good online casinos offering amazing platforms for both desktop and mobile devices, why settle for less?

⭐ Quality bonuses matter a lot

It’s no secret that the house always wins in the long run. That’s the nature of the real money online casino business, and we’re fine with it.

It’s the price you pay for entertainment and occasional big wins when luck tips the odds in your favor.
However, how much you’ll lose in the long run depends on many different factors, and casino bonuses play a huge role in this.

Quality bonuses and promotions will effectively increase the return to player percentage across the board, at least for as long as the bonus is active. Even if the difference is just 1% or 2%, it’s still huge, as the game with an RTP of 97% can be effectively paying 99% when that bonus is active.

How to find quality bonuses is another matter entirely. Given this is such an important topic, we cover it later in this real money casino guide in much more depth.

⭐ Check your gaming options

Most operators will let you check out their real money games library without even signing up. You should always go through the list to see what available games and providers are featured on the site.

As a player, you probably have your preferences for real money gambling. Some players prefer slots, some are more into table games, while others love video poker, so it makes sense to ensure that the casino has your favorite games.

More than this, experienced gamblers have their favorite game providers.

Before you sign up with a site and make a deposit, you should take some time to see if they have what you’re looking for. This will be one of the biggest things defining your overall experience at the end of the day.

⭐ Always test customer support

A good practice to adopt when signing up with a new casino is to always reach out to customer support and have a chat with them. This can tell you a lot about the site.

You’ll see how fast they are to respond and how helpful and forthcoming they are.

Keep in mind that real money casinos provide a service you’re paying for. So, just like in any other business, you want to work with those companies that care about their customers and will go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

A casino with a slow support department or one whose support agents aren’t willing to answer your questions doesn’t deserve your money. It's a simple truth.

Real Money Online Casinos – The Importance Of Bonuses

best real money online casinos

Bonuses and other promotions matter a lot at real money casino sites. Whether you play purely recreationally or are more serious about it, these promotions will go a long way to ensure your money goes further.

Some of the common offers you’ll find across the best real money casinos include:

  • No deposit bonuses – mostly for new players
  • Welcome bonuses – only to new players
  • Reload bonuses – available to existing customers
  • Free spins – mostly for new players but sometimes to existing ones as well
  • Cashback offers – for new and existing players alike
  • Tournaments and leaderboards – for new and existing players

No Deposit Bonuses

online casino real money bonuses

Some online casinos for real money extend no deposit bonuses to their players. Usually, these bonuses are given to new customers, although loyal players get them every now and again.

As the name suggests, this is free money you get without needing to risk any money of your own.

Thus, these are probably the best type of real money casino bonuses there are.

The money is added to your account, and you can use it to play your favorite real money games. For the most part, no deposit bonuses are quite small ($10 – $20), but some high-rollers might receive special offers in hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Welcome & Reload Casino Bonuses

welcome and reload real money casino bonuses

Real money casino bonuses all follow the same pattern, although numbers can differ. When you deposit, the casino will give you a certain amount of bonus cash to use and play with. The amount you get is expressed as the percentage of the deposit.

For example, a 100% bonus up to $500 means that the casino will double any deposit you make up to $500.

If you deposit $200, you’ll have $400 to play with.

Attached to these bonuses are what’s known as wagering requirements. These dictate the number of times you need to turn over the money before you’re allowed to cash out.

For example, if the above bonus had 25x wagering on the full amount, you’d need to stake a total of $10,000 (25x$400) before you’re allowed to withdraw.

Ideally, you want to look for bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements, i.e., 25x-30x on the entire amount or something like 40x – 50x on the bonus amount.

When numbers get higher than this, you're not really getting much value from the bonus, even though you'll get more playtime.

Free Spins

free spins online casino real money

Free spins are very popular with players, so casinos often include them in their promotions. Sometimes you'll get them as a part of a deposit bonus package and sometimes as a standalone offer.

Either way, the mechanic is always the same. You get a certain number of free spins to use on select slots. Every spin has a nominal value that is used to calculate the wins.

Winnings resulting from free spins have added either straight to your cash balance or the bonus balance, and you need to wager them before you can cash them out.

Cashback Offers

best real money online casinos cashback offers

Those used to online gambling for real money at higher stakes love cashback offers. As you might guess from the name, these offers provide a certain percentage of your losses back, giving you a bit of a safety net.

For example, a real money casino could offer 20% cashback on all blackjack losses over the weekend up to $1000.

So, with this promotion, if you go and play blackjack and lose $500, there will be $100 coming back your way. In most cases, these promotions don’t have wagering requirements, as you have to play and lose first to qualify for them.

Various Leaderboards & Tournaments

real money online gambling leaderboards

Real money casinos try to keep things fresh and interesting in the competitive online gambling industry, offering all sorts of competitions for their players, giving them a chance to win some extra money or free spins.

There are no exact rules for these promotions, as every operator is free to do whatever they like.

For the most part, you’ll need to play a particular game or a group of games and achieve better results than other players.

The way the points are calculated can differ a lot.

Sometimes, it’s based on the total number of spins or hands played. Sometimes, it’s all about the total amount of money staked. Some competitions focus on the largest wins.

All the rules are usually listed clearly, so make sure to read them before you jump into the action.

Popular Real Money Casino Games

Real money online casinos have come a long way from their humble beginnings in the early 90s.

These days, you can find all sorts of games featured on these sites, from classic slots to live dealer tables.

If you’re new to online gambling, we’re bringing you an overview of the different types of games on offer and some basic info you should have before playing.

Slots – Most Popular Real Money Game

real money online casino slots

Slots are by far the most popular type of game at online casinos worldwide. From casual players to hardcore high-rollers, everyone loves real money slots.

Unlike land-based casinos that are often limited by floor space, the best online casinos offer thousands of video slots in one place.

Stakes vary from just a few cents per spin to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Online slots are also hugely popular because they feature a variety of themes.

You’ll find slots based on popular movies, books, historical events, fantasy, fairytales, and anything else that comes to mind.

These games also offer a wide scope of potential winnings, from games featuring the max win of just a few hundred times your bet to those with the potential to produce hits of 50,000+ times the base stake.

There are also progressive jackpot slots featuring potential wins in millions of dollars for the lucky few if this isn't enough.

Blackjack – Enjoyed By Real Money Players Worldwide 

online gambling real money blackjack

One table game that never goes out of style, blackjack, enjoys huge popularity at real money online casinos.

You can choose from many different variations of the game and play across different stakes.

If you prefer a more lifelike experience, the best blackjack casino sites also feature live dealer blackjack tables.

These are handled by flesh and blood dealers and use real cards, so live blackjack games are a great alternative if you don’t trust computers to determine your luck.

Roulette – Simple But Enjoyable Real Money Game

casino online real money roulette

Just like blackjack, roulette has found its place at numerous online casinos for real money, and players continue to flock to roulette games.

If you’re looking for electronic versions, you’ll find dozens of options, from traditional ones (American, European) to special games featuring more numbers on the wheel, bonus fields, and more.

Then, there are also live dealer roulette games featuring a physical wheel and a real person handling the ball.

Thanks to modern developments, there are also some exciting live dealer variations if traditional games aren't enough for you.

Games like Lightning Roulette and Double Ball Roulette spice things up, offering massive potential winnings, giving this old game a new flare!

Casino-hosted Poker Games – Multiple Variations Of Standard Poker 

best real money casinos poker games

Many real money online casino sites also feature a variety of casino poker tables in both electronic and live versions. The selection varies from one site to another, so if these are your go-to games, check what's available before signing up.

You’ll generally come across games like:

Video Poker – One of The Oldest Real Money Online Games

casino online real money video poker

Video poker may not be as popular as it once was, but many players still enjoy it. Looking to cater to different tastes, real money casinos are offering all the popular versions of the game, such as:

Many casinos also offer versions where you can play more hands simultaneously – even as many as 100.

So, if you don’t have the patience and are looking for fast-paced action, these are a great way to enjoy the old games in a new way.

Advantages of Online Casino Real Money Sites

advantages of online casino real money sites

If you enjoy gambling for real money, you have the option to do so at a land-based casino, or you can do it on a real money casino site. When choosing between the two, what are the advantages of online casinos?


The first and most obvious advantage of real money online casinos is convenience. You can play whenever you feel like it, for as long as you want, and quit whenever.

This isn’t the case with land-based casinos, as you actually have to plan an entire evening out to go there.

Furthermore, if you go to a brick-and-mortar casino and lose the amount of money you planned on losing too quickly, you might be tempted to spend more since you’re already there.

With real money online casinos, you know you can always get back in action in a matter of seconds without any special preparations.

No Additional Costs

Most people don't have a casino across the street. So, when they want to gamble, they have to pay for transportation or gas to get there.

You might also have additional expenses, like paying for drinks and food.

Some venues will comp your drinks, but this isn’t always the case.

There are no such costs with online casinos, as you can play from the convenience of your living room. Any food or beverages you need, you can get at your local supermarket without paying a huge premium for the pleasure.

Bonuses & Promotions

A land-based casino may give you free drinks and an occasional free play coupon, but these promos are not as valuable as you can get online.

Real money online casinos offer much better and more valuable bonuses, and that’s just the fact.

This isn't necessarily because brick-and-mortar venues are cheap. Their cost of running a business is simply higher, so they can't afford to be as generous.

That being said, from the player’s perspective, you’re simply better off playing online, as your money will go much further.

Better Selection of Games

Even the largest land-based casinos can't compare with medium-sized gambling sites when it comes to the number of real money casino games on offer.

If you’re looking for versatility and want to try some new games, you’ll always have a better experience playing online.

Not only are online libraries much bigger, but they're updated with new titles much more frequently.

It’s much easier for online casinos to add new games to their portfolios and keep things fresh.

Better Return to Player

All online casino games, especially slots, have a much higher return to player rates. Almost all online slots have an RTP of 95%+, with many of the latest titles going over 96%.

Very few slots go over 92% in land-based establishments, and many games are around 90% or below.

Once again, this has to do with the expenses connected to running a land-based casino, which are simply much higher, so the games can’t be as generous.

All that being said, you'll have much more fun playing online as slots will play better, and you'll have more chances to win. This may not matter much if you only play a few times a year, but these numbers can add up quickly if you gamble regularly.

Final Tips for Real Money Online Casino Players

online casino real money tips

Having read through this detailed guide on real money online casinos, you have all the information you need to get the best value for your money and enjoy the best experience you can get.

There isn’t much we can add at this point, so we’ll just leave you with a few final tips for your online experience.

Avoid Shady Casinos at All Costs

No matter how big of a bonus they offer or what promises they make, you should always steer clear of shady and unlicensed casinos.

In the grand scheme of things, even if some of these sites come through on their promises, this is the kind of hassle you don’t need in your life. Stick to safe and reputable real money casinos.

Take the Time to Read All Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every time you take a real money casino bonus, take a few minutes to read through all the terms and conditions. This is very important, as breaking one of these can cost you all your winnings.

Things to pay attention to include wagering requirements, the maximum bet you're allowed to make while wagering, and restricted games (i.e., what games you're not allowed to play with bonus funds).

Look for Games with High RTPs

Since you have so many games to choose from, you should look for the ones that offer the best value. The easiest way to determine this is by checking out the RTP information.

When talking about slots, you should stick to games with at least 96%.

You’ll find countless options offering these returns, so there is really no need to settle for less.

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