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Pick The Best Online Blackjack Casinos

With Blackjack being one of the most popular table games out there, the number of blackjack casinos catering to players of all shapes and sizes is enormous.

With so many casinos offering real money Blackjack games, the biggest problem is deciding what sites to play on.

There are quite a few factors that come into play here, and this page is here to help you.

We cover everything you need to know about real money blackjack casinos and finding the best and most reliable sites to play. From general considerations to very specific aspects of blackjack gambling, this is an in-depth guide to the best online blackjack sites out there.

How to Pick Best Real Money Blackjack Casinos

best real money blackjack casinos

We will start at the top and try to answer some questions that you might have about finding the best casinos where you can play Blackjack for real money.

As explained, there are virtually endless options out there, so it can be hard to know what to look for.

The good news is we've put our knowledge and experience to work to give you a very hands-on guide. Follow these tips, and you can rest assured you'll always play at the best blackjack casinos and get the most for your money.

Real Money Blackjack Bonuses

real money blackjack bonuses

In this guide to blackjack casinos, we've mentioned that bonuses can be an important factor when deciding which online casino to join.

Although casino bonuses are a big part of online gambling in general, you should know that most of these aren’t particularly useful for blackjack players.

Many gambling sites won’t let you use your bonus funds on table games like Blackjack.

Those that do will usually count your wagering contributions at a much lower rate.

For example, a real money blackjack bet of $10 could count for only $1 or $2 towards wagering requirements.

The reason for this is quite simple. Unlike real money slots, which tend to have a house edge of at least a few percentage points, the casino advantage in Blackjack is under one percent.

Casinos don't like it when players use bonuses on low-risk games, as that improves your odds of beating the wagering and cashing out.

This may sound a bit unfair, but casinos are not in the business of giving away any money they don’t have to.

All this being said, there are some blackjack casinos that target blackjack players and will have reasonable bonus offers.

While maximum amounts are usually smaller than what you could get for slots, these casinos will let you take the bonus funds to a blackjack table and use them on the game you actually want to play.

The tricky part is that it’s not always easy to know if a bonus can be used for Blackjack.

To find out, you'll need to dig under the surface and read through the terms and conditions of a specific offer. The best online blackjack sites tend to explain things clearly, so you'll know exactly what you can and can't do and how hard it will be to turn your bonus into real money.

Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

live dealer blackjack casinos

If you’re not completely new to online gambling, you’re probably aware of the phenomenon that is live dealer casinos. In a nutshell, these allow players to experience gambling in a lifelike atmosphere via their electronic devices.

Popular casino games, such as Roulette or Blackjack, are streamed in real-time from special studios or actual brick-and-mortar casinos. Players can place their bets using phones and computers, but the dealers are real humans using real cards.

These live dealer games are very exciting for true fans of real money blackjack.

You can actually see the shoe with the cards on the table, and the dealer is dealing the cards out to the players’ seats. Just from the experience standpoint, this is far superior to RNG online blackjack games.

Beyond this, real blackjack games powered by real dealers remove any concerns about cheating. You get to see all the action as it happens instead of depending on an algorithm you know nothing about.

There is a decent selection of different blackjack variations on offer, too. In fact, you'll find some special versions that you could never try in a real-life casino.

For example, there is Lightning Blackjack powered by Evolution Gaming, where certain cards come with win multipliers, giving a serious boost to the maximum potential win.

Playing Real Money Blackjack: Basic Rules

real money blackjack basics

Blackjack is one of the simplest casino games to learn, at least as far as rules are concerned. The main goal is to get your card count as close as possible to 21 without going over.

As long as you don’t go over, your final count is compared to the dealer’s, and whoever has a total closest to 21 wins the hand.

All face cards are counted as 10, Aces can be 1 or 11, while all other cards keep their face values.

We will not go into too many details about the game rules here, but if you’re making your first steps into the world of online gambling, I suggest you check out our extensive blackjack rules pages.

Blackjack Casino Rules and Special Bets

blackjack casino rules and bets

Blackjack isn’t just one of the easiest games to learn. It’s also one of the most favorable table games in terms of the house edge.

When played correctly, blackjack casinos only have an edge of about 0.5% over the player.

However, this only holds true if you stick to the basic blackjack strategy and never deviate from it.

In a nutshell, the basic strategy is your blueprint for every single decision at a blackjack table.

Things can still get a bit confusing at times if you don't have a lot of experience playing Blackjack online, especially regarding non-standard options such as taking insurance or splitting your hand. So, we'll quickly cover those and provide you with the resources to learn more.

Insurance Bet

Some blackjack casinos will give you an option to take insurance when the dealer shows an ace as their up-card.

If you decide to take insurance, you’ll automatically forfeit your main bet, but you’ll win the side bet if the dealer turns over Blackjack.

In general, this is considered a “sucker's bet,” and you should pretty much never take insurance when playing Blackjack for real money. To find out more, check out our detailed guide on this topic.

Doubling Down

Different online blackjack variations have different rules for doubling down. In general, though, this is an option to double your bet and receive just one more card.

Unlike insurance, which is to be avoided in almost all situations, this bet can be quite profitable when used correctly. Check out our in-depth Blackjack double-down strategy guide to learn when and how to use this bet for the best results.


The surrender option is available at many online blackjack sites. After seeing your hand and the dealer’s up-card, you might be given the option to “surrender,” which means giving up on your hand without drawing any cards and receiving half of your bet back.

This is another dubious blackjack bet that most players believe should never be used, but some are of the opinion that it has its utility in certain specific situations.

We’ve covered all the important blackjack surrender rules and strategies, so if you want to know more, take a look at this extensive guide and have all your questions answered.

Side Bets

Many blackjack casinos feature game variations that offer special side bets that aren't part of original blackjack rules. These can be a lot of fun, but they also tend to have a very high house edge.

This means you'll always lose more money in the long run if you decide to try your luck with side bets.

We have a very detailed article covering all the different types of side bets in Blackjack. I suggest you read this first and only then decide if these are worth your money.

Different Types of Online Blackjack

online blackjack variations

If you enjoy blackjack gambling, you probably know there are many different variations of the game available online. Depending on your preferences and what exactly you're after, some of these may be a better pick than others.

American Blackjack

This is the most popular version of the game you'll find at blackjack casinos. In this version, the dealer takes one card face up and one card face down before the player makes any decisions.

European Blackjack

The main difference between American and European Blackjack is that the dealer only takes their second (face-down) card after the player makes their decisions in the European variation.

Blackjack Switch

Available at some real money blackjack sites, blackjack switch is an interesting and exciting variation, perfect for those looking for some extra action.

The player receives two hands instead of one, and they’re allowed to switch the second card they receive between the hands. This adds an interesting strategic element to the game and makes it even more engaging.

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs blackjack version doesn’t deviate from traditional Blackjack in its core rules. The main difference is that players can place a side bet on whether the first two cards they receive will be of the same value (form a pair).

Single Deck Blackjack

Some blackjack casinos will offer single-deck games at the live tables. As the name suggests, the game is played using only a single deck of cards. If you're keen to learn more about this particular variation, check out our single deck blackjack strategy guide.

Counting Cards at Online Blackjack Casinos: Is It Possible?

counting cards in online blackjack casinos

Every true blackjack fan knows that Blackjack can be a profitable proposition under the right circumstances, unlike many other games. For this to happen, though, you need to learn how to count cards and find a place that will let you do so.

There is no question if counting cards can turn the tables around and give you an edge over the casino.

It has been mathematically proven beyond any doubt that count carting can work.

So while card counting works at live venues, can it also be used at online blackjack casinos?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no – you can’t use card counting techniques to gain an edge over an online casino.

If we’re talking about electronic blackjack gambling tables, it’s quite clear why this is the case. Before every new hand, virtual cards are shuffled, so there is no point in trying to track results. The outcome of the most recent hand has absolutely no bearing on the one right after it.

But what about live dealer blackjack games? These use real cards and real blackjack shoes, so, in theory, card counting could work.

The problem is card decks used in these games are reshuffled far too often for you to gain any meaningful edge from counting.

The deck penetration is one of the most important aspects of this strategy, which means you can only use the information you have once a large portion of the shoe has been dealt out.

Unfortunately, you’ll never get this at an online blackjack site. At best, decks will be reshuffled about dealing out about half of the cards contained in the shoe, which is not enough for a card counter to gain an edge over the house.

Final Tips & Tricks for Real Money Blackjack

real money blackjack tips

We’ve covered everything you need to know about finding the best blackjack casinos and understanding the basics.

Of course, there is much more to learn about Blackjack, so make sure to explore the strategy guides we shared within this page and have some fun.

Having said that, we’ll leave you with a few useful tips to take away for the next time you decide to try your luck playing Blackjack for real money.

Always Stick to Basic Strategy

Whether you play Blackjack online or live, you should never deviate from basic strategy. While it won’t make you a winner, this strategy has been proven to reduce the house edge to the lowest possible percentage.

The good thing about playing online Blackjack is that you can always have basic strategy charts open on your screen. Feel free to resort to them as needed and make sure you always make the correct decision according to the chart.

Play for Fun, not Profit

As we’ve established in this blackjack casinos guide, there is no way to beat the game online in the long run. The casino will always have a small edge over you, no matter what.

With that in mind, you should only play for fun and within your means.

If you play correctly, you’ll undoubtedly have some really good sessions that might give you the feeling you could beat the game.

While this might be possible at some live casinos under the right circumstances, it will never be the case in an online environment.

Try Different Blackjack Variations

The best online blackjack sites host many different versions of the game. You’ll come across variations with different rules, all sorts of side bets, and more.

Feel free to explore and try as many of these as you can to see what sits best with you.

Of course, we always suggest doing some research on your own to ensure a particular version doesn't have a huge house edge. If you find yourself in a situation where you play Blackjack, and the casino has an advantage of 5%, you'll probably be better off playing roulette.

Take Advantage of Real Money Blackjack Bonuses

You may not come across many casino bonuses you can use on blackjack tables, but you should definitely take one of these when you find it.

Blackjack isn’t a horribly volatile game, so you can expect to quite often get through the wagering with a fair bit of bonus funds left over.

Before you take any bonus money to a blackjack table, make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the offer. This is vital and can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

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