GGPoker vs PartyPoker: Which is Better for Players?

ggpoker vs partypoker

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Last Updated: April 18, 2024

GGPoker vs PartyPoker is a true battle of new school and old school online poker sites, as the two came up in different eras and differ in many important aspects.

While PartyPoker has been a major part of the online poker world since 2001, GGPoker is one of the newer platforms out there, but currently ranked number one in the world.

GGPoker may be all the rage these days, but PartyPoker is certainly still around and offering plenty of reasons to join and play in a significantly different poker environment than the one at GGPoker.

For all the players contemplating which of these two sites they should play at, we have gone out and compared them in all important areas for your benefit.

Keep reading and find out how GGPoker and PartyPoker compare and which site is best for the poker experience you are looking for.

GGPoker vs PartyPoker Bonuses

Welcome Bonus100% up to $600100% up to $600
Extra$100 in Free Rewards$30 in Tournament Tickets
Clearance Rate20%8.5%
Bonus Period90 Days90 Days
GGPoker vs PartyPoker Welcome Bonus

The first thing worth comparing in online poker sites is the welcome bonus they offer, as this is an area that makes all the difference for the players.

Both GGPoker and PartyPoker offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit, which means a deposit up to $600 will be doubled by the operators.

However, the clearance rate of the bonuses is quite different. The GGPoker bonus clears at a rate of $1 per $5 in rake and tournament fees paid, while the PartyPoker bonus clears at a rate of $1 per $12 in rake and tournament fees paid.

  • GGPoker offers a bonus clearance rate of 20%
  • PartyPoker offers a bonus clearance rate of 8.5%

Since other terms and conditions of the bonuses are the same, the GGPoker welcome bonus comes out on top as the more valuable for high volume players.

In addition to the deposit bonuses, both operators provide some free play for new players as well, with a minimal deposit requirement.

At GGPoker, you can claim $100 in free rewards (cash and tournament tickets), while PartyPoker offers $30 in tournament tickets for new players.

Verdict: GGPoker’s welcome bonus is superior for all sorts of players, as the higher clearance rate of the deposit bonus and the greater value of free rewards simply offers more value overall.

Player Reward Programs on GGPoker and PartyPoker

GGPoker and PartyPoker also offer player rewards programs, which are used to retain players past the welcome bonus.

Both programs will give you a chance to get some of the money you paid as rake back, but there are some differences.

The GGPoker rewards programs, called Fish Buffet, offers up to 60% rakeback, but these levels are only available for high stakes players who put in a lot of volume.

More realistically, you can expect to get between 15% and 30% rakeback, similar to PartyPoker’s program, which offers rewards of up to 32% for most players and up to 55% for the biggest players on the site.

Verdict: Both novice players and experienced players will get similar reward levels at GGPoker and PartyPoker across the stakes, with maximum rakeback levels reaching up to 60% and 55% respectively.

Game Selection: Who Has the Better Games, GGPoker or PartyPoker?

When it comes to game selection, this is the one area in which no one can really compete with GGPoker, the world’s largest online poker operator.

GGPoker offers more game diversity than any other online poker operator, and more volume than most of the other poker sites combined.

Whether you are looking to play online cash games or tournaments, GGPoker is the place to go for maximum volume and biggest prize pools.

That said, while the tournament prize pools may not be as big, and cash games may not be as populated, the games at PartyPoker are usually considered somewhat softer than those at GGPoker.

The way you go will probably depend on your preferences, but it is worth noting that having accounts with both these operators is probably a good idea for tournament grinders, as PartyPoker offers some very soft tournaments on the weekends with significant prize pools.

As for cash game players, playing at PartyPoker can provide some extra bb/100, but in terms of sheer volume no one can come close to GGPoker.

Cash GamesNLH $0.01/$0.02 to $5/$10, PLO $0.01/$0.02 to $10/$20NLH $0.01/$0.02 to $2/$5, PLO $0.01/$0.02 to $2/$5
MTTsRe-Entry, PKO, Mystery Bounty, PLO, Mixed Games, and MoreRe-Entry, PKO, Mystery Bounty, PLO,and More
SNGs  $0.25 to $200
Jackpot SNGsSpin & GoldSpins
Fast Fold PokerRush & CashZoom Poker
Mixed GamesOnly Omaha & 6+ Hold’emPLO, Short Deck, Stud
Special Game FormatsAll In or Fold, Battle Royale, Flip and GoSpins, Spins Overdrive
GGPoker vs PartyPoker Game Types

Verdict: GGPoker has more active players than PartyPoker at all times of day, along with bigger tournament prize pools. PartyPoker tables can be softer at some stakes, and some attractive tournaments can be found during the weekends.

Software & Mobile Support on GGPoker vs PartyPoker

When talking about GGPoker and PartyPoker, it is clear that both operators have been staple industry names for a long time, and it comes as no surprise that both provide a stable and high-quality gameplay platform.

When it comes to the desktop client, the GGPoker platform is somewhat more advanced, offering some gameplay and aesthetical features that make the overall experience more enjoyable.

That said, the PartyPoker client is also at a very high level and will provide you with a solid experience without any major downsides.

Both operators also provide mobile poker apps for all major mobile devices, which you can download from their respective websites.

In the mobile apps department, the two are not far apart either, as both apps are very intuitive, easy to use, and allow for multi-tabling across different game types and stakes.

Verdict: Both operators offer high-end gameplay platforms for mobile and desktop devices, with only major differences being of an aesthetical nature.

Final Verdict

While PartyPoker remains a relevant part of the online poker industry, GGPoker is king and has more to offer in most important areas.

  • GGPoker dominates the poker world and offers the biggest player pool and largest poker tournaments around. It also offers a better welcome bonus, and more player awards for most players.
  • PartyPoker has softer games at some stakes, but fails to compare to GGPoker in many important areas.

PartyPoker’s somewhat softer player pool is the only reason one would play there instead of GGPoker, as it makes it an ideal site for new players looking for games they can actually compete in.

The relative lack of volume, low clearance rate of the welcome bonus, and lesser game selection makes PartyPoker inferior to GGPoker in most areas.

If you are looking for a site to play maximum volume at and don’t mind finding occasional pros at your tables, then GGPoker is the poker site you should go with.

On the other hand, if you are just getting introduced to online poker, PartyPoker might be the perfect place to get started and take your first poker steps in a more friendly and less competitive environment.

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