From Skins to Real Money: How to Bet on CS:GO

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Last Updated: May 11, 2023

The eSport has achieved a tremendous global influence. Its audience has reached almost three billion players and the number is growing exponentially.

The development of the gaming world has led to a creation of an e-market, where all the participants could exchange, sell, or buy the gaming attributes.

The most popular element of trade is skin, which has increased the overall market value to ten billion dollars, and induced the rise of numerous third-party websites, which navigate the players through the betting experience.

Since the leader of the gaming and gambling industry is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO), we will look into the ins and outs of CS: GO skin betting, to make you aware of the essentials.

Skins and Their Purpose

CSGO crossed the line of being a simple game a long time ago. The in-game life resembles real life as well, where people are free to show their true selves.

Just like in life, where people change their clothes and accessories as elements of self-expression, in-game society changes skins.

Skins are considered an element of visual customization. They have no influence on the game flow, but make a part of an image.

skins betting in csgo

Types of skins are trendsetters on the market. The price depends on their value, rarity (color), exterior quality, and stickers. Some of them reached a million-dollar point.

Skins come in weapon cases and can be obtained within the game. Each case requires a key, which should also be bought.

Skins Betting Market

Skins are traded or used as currency when betting on the eSport results of tournaments or matches. They can strictly be used within the game world, or taken out to the skin market to make a better profit.

When in-game, the top price for an item may be $1800, depending on its value. However, the CS: GO marketplace will bring significantly better profit.

The marketplace, which is represented by the third-party website, doesn’t trade the skins directly from the user’s catalog but provides the players with virtual currency. Some even offer crypto, in exchange for skins.

Betting Procedure

At the dawn of skin betting, all the players followed a simple route:

The chosen types of skins were used to bet on a certain CS: GO team. Upon the results, the bettor received the skins back with the share of those players who lost the bet.

Nowadays, as direct skin betting isn’t allowed, the players deposit their skins in exchange for the website's virtual currency.

Upon winning, the player can withdraw the winning points and turn them back into skins, or proceed further and exchange the virtual currency for real money.

1. Choose the tried-and-trusted skin betting website, using your Steam account.

Given the fact that this particular type of gambling industry is not regulated, finding a reliable mediator is quite a challenge.

We have scanned through a variety of options available on the market, filtering the ones that combine the best CSGO betting odds and guaranteed withdrawals: PLG.BET, CSGOEmpire, CSGO500 Casino, CSGOPositive, CSGOFast, Bet365, and

2. Share the Steam Trade URL and Steam API.

Although a lot of players are reluctant to share their API, it’s totally safe, as it works as a connector between the account and the website database, yet doesn't share your personal information.

3. Exchange the chosen skins for virtual currency.

4. Place the bet.

5. Wait for the results.

6. Upon winning, withdraw money (cryptocurrency, card, Steam wallet).

Advantages and Disadvantages of CS: GO Skin Betting

+ Initially, skin betting doesn’t involve real money, and thus, offers lower risk levels. As you are constantly in the game, why not combine business and pleasure?

+ You don’t need to do anything specific to obtain skins; just enjoy the game and get the awards along the way.

Lack of sufficient regulation means there is always a possibility of fraudster and exploitation of underage players, who are not able to control their emotions.

If the betting site isn’t reliable, it may be suspended, and the money will disappear as well.

CS: GO skin gambling is a great option for players as it offers to combine the thrill of a gaming experience with the financial profit.

Depending on the type of skins in question, the monetary reward can exceed all expectations. When starting the CS: GO gambling career, it is crucial to choose reliable platforms, to make sure all your points are safe and secured.

Successful betting requires a decent knowledge of the CS: GO environment. Apart from just earning skins yourself, you need to be updated on the teams’ performances, individual results, and overall statistics.

Besides, come up with a strategy and stick to it. Gambling requires consistency and control over your emotions.

The best approach is to be rational. CS: GO is a game of strategy and logic. Hence, just use the same approach to CS: GO betting.

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