Win a Share of $300k in 888poker’s Royal Premiere Promotion

888poker Royal Premiere

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Last Updated: June 4, 2024

888poker continues to offer captivating promotions for low stakes poker players, and the new Royal Premiere promotion gives everyone a chance to build up a bankroll from next to nothing.

Over the next three months, 888poker will run a series of freeroll tournaments as part of the Royal Premiere, awarding a grand total of $300,000 in cash prizes throughout the period.

Freeroll events will be on the schedule each and every day, with prize pools ranging from just $500 for the daily Red Carpet Freerolls, to $20,000 for the monthly Golden Era Freerolls.

Earning a seat in all of these games will be possible for players across all stakes and in all game types, as 888poker offers a set of challenges you can complete at the tables to earn your seat in each freeroll.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how you can earn your tickets to the Royal Premiere events, or head over to 888poker right away to get into the action and start earning the tickets at real money tables today.

Easy Access to Daily $500 Red Carpet Freerolls

The lowest of the three ranks of freerolls in the Royal Premiere promotion is the Red Carpet Freeroll, an event that will run three times a day between now and August 18, with the exception of Sundays.

Each day at 6:30, 8:30, and 10:30 BST, a Red Carpet Freeroll will run at 888poker with a prize pool of $500. All players with a ticket will get a chance to play if they choose to register.

You can earn up to three Red Carpet Freeroll tickets each day by completing the following challenges:

  • Play poker tournaments with a total buyin of $5
  • Place $2 on any sports bet with odds of 1.50 or higher
  • Bet $2 in total on casino games
  • Win a single cash game hand with any royal card (minimum stakes $0.01/0.02)

As you can see, both tournament and cash game players can easily come by Red Carpet Freeroll tickets, and you can get yours within minutes of logging into your 888poker account and playing your favorite game.

If you play regularly at 888poker, chances are you will get a ton of Red Carpet Freeroll tickets without even trying, and you can use those to play any of the freerolls available while you grind your regular games.

$4,000 Up for Grabs in Weekly Silver Screen Freerolls

The daily freerolls are a great way to practice and gradually grow your bankroll, but each Sunday 888poker will be offering an opportunity for slightly larger payouts in the $4,000 Silver Screen Freeroll.

The Silver Screen Freeroll will start at 7:00 BST every Sunday and offer a $4,000 prize pool. Entry to this one will be slightly more difficult, but hard from impossible.

In fact, the same challenges you need to complete to play in the daily freerolls are your entry ticket to the weekly one as well. The only difference is you will need to complete at least nine challenges within a calendar week to claim your Silver Screen Freeroll ticket.

So, if you play cash games, simply win a hand with a royal card at the cash game tables every day of the week, and you will already have seven challenges ticked off.

Placing a daily $2 sports bet or wagering just $2 at the casino will also count for a challenge, and playing tournaments worth $5 in buyins will complete another one.

You get to choose how you get to your nine challenges in a single week, and as soon as you are done, a Silver Screen Freeroll ticket will be added to your account.

Big Prizes in Monthly $20,000 Golden Era Freerolls

Over the next three months, 888poker will organize three Golden Era Freerolls, each of them awarding $20,000 in cash prizes, and accepting up to 18,000 players in total.

Unlike the daily and weekly freerolls, the monthly Golden Era Freerolls will require you to complete slightly different challenges through the course of the month.

However, these challenges are arguably even easier to complete as you have a full month to take care of them, and as soon as you complete one, you will receive your ticket.

Here is a quick look at the challenges you can complete to get your Golden Era Freeroll ticket:

  • Place in the money in three poker tournaments (no BLAST or Freerolls)
  • Win five hands of Blackjack holding a Jack
  • Win five cash game hands holding KK (minimum stakes $0.01/0.02)

Whether you are a cash game, tournament, or casino player, acquiring your Golden Era Freeroll ticket each month should not be too difficult, and this is one you should definitely not miss.

The three Golden Era Freerolls, which will pay out $60,000 in total, will happen on June 22, July 13, and August 17, and each will start at 5:00 BST.

If you want to compete for the big bucks, make sure not to miss the three Golden Era Freerolls and take your chance at a four figure payout each month.

Join 888poker Today

The Royal Premiere promotion is now live, with three $500 freerolls running each and every day and the big $4,000 and $20,000 freerolls all on the schedule on Sundays.

On top of that, 888poker is offering one of the most valuable welcome bonus packages worth over $1,000 to all new players who sign up, along with a number of other player rewards and promotions you can take advantage of.

Join 888poker today to make use of all the promotions and special offers the operator has in store for you and play against one of the most player-friendly player pools in all of online poker.

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