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6 Ways a Data-Driven Approach Can Improve Your Game

888poker data driven approach

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There's no doubt that poker is a complex game. So, it's no surprise that many players rely on gut feelings and hunches when making decisions during a hand. In the early days of poker, most top players relied exclusively on their intuition when making decisions.

Getting reads and/or acting based on a hunch was the order of the day, and the best players typically had a lot of heart.

Fast forward to about 2010 and all this started to change:

  • Computer programs analyse reams of poker data and formulate decisions based solely on math and probability.
  • The top poker players wanted to discover the mathematically best decision in any given situation.
  • Enter GTO or game theory optimal decision-making.

To learn more about a data-driven approach to studying poker and how to take advantage of new tools at your disposal, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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