Misconceptions of Tilt: The Five Lies We Tell Ourselves


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Last Updated: February 10, 2022

Tilt gets a bad rap.

Hear me out—there’s no doubt that tilt is problematic. However, because of the stigma surrounding it, it’s hard to have open, high-level discussions about it in the professional community and beyond. It’s viewed as the hallmark of a mentally-weak player, a bad player, someone who doesn’t take the game seriously.

When I started playing poker, tilt was something to be embarrassed about. Tilt was a weakness. A good player never tilts. But, after weathering the trials and tribulations of poker for over a decade, I’ve learned that every single player tilts—but most aren’t honest with themselves about it.

So why the stigma surrounding a challenge every player in the game will face at one point or another? Why is tilt so hard to talk about? And why is it so incredibly difficult to overcome?

It boils down to a series of misconceptions—lies that we tell ourselves, often without knowing it, that hold us back from improving our mental games.

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