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How to Use Physical Exercise to Improve Your Mental Poker Game

888poker physical exercise and poker

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There are many strategies and techniques to get an edge over your opponents when improving your poker game. From studying game theory optimal (GTO) strategies to analysing opponent tendencies, you can focus on many aspects to help your technical game.

Everyone who plays with regularity also knows that poker requires the following skills:

  • A sharp mind
  • An unwavering concentration
  • An ability to read and react to your opponents in real time.

Mental toughness and emotional control are crucial overarching mental game traits for winning players.

Like the tactical side of the game, there are also many ways to strengthen your mental game. Many players focus solely on mental game training techniques, like visualisation or mindfulness.

But physical exercise can play a powerful role in improving a player's mental game. A growing body of research supports that physical activity can enhance cognitive function, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve decision-making abilities.

To learn more about the importance of physical exercise and how it can help you be a much better poker player, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

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