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Play Like, or Against a Poker Maniac by Building an Image

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One of the great things about poker is the many different ways to play the game. Every player develops his or her style.

Some like to mix it up with Any Two cards, while others prefer to sit back and wait for quality hands.

Different characteristics tend to get labelled into categories of playing styles. For instance, reserved and cautious players are called “tight” or “nits,” while those who rarely play a hand but do so with aggressively when they do are deemed “TAG”, which stands for “Tight Aggressive.”

There’s also “LAG”, which means “Loose Aggressive.” That’s applied to those players who not only play a lot of hands but also do so uncompromisingly.

Another term you may have heard – or possibly been called yourself – is a “poker maniac.” If you want to know more how to adjust your strategy when facing a “maniac” at the table, be sure to visit the 888poker Magazine to read the full article.

gg poker micro millions

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